Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Few Reasons for Why Donald Trump

The scare tactics of the Cruz SuperPacs will try to tell you Mr. Trump will appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court, won't support the Bill of Rights, (including the 1st & 2nd Amendments).  Then, they'll tell you, "He can't/won't beat Hillary", which should lead you to question how does Trump do all these terrible things when he loses to Hillary?

The facts are, they're all lies.  They're all scare tactics designed to prevent Mr. Trump from achieving the 1,237 delegates state after state is awarding him.

Ted Cruz and his SuperPacs, (special interest billionaires who have run the Establishment Cartel in Washington D.C. for decades---depositing their money to both Republicans and Democrats who will toe the line), are in
a desperate mode.  They see their control over the political process slipping away, and they will lie, cheat, and steal to maintain their most prized possession, control over YOU, THE PEOPLE.

As the sign says at the top, "If no party likes you, you're probably doing something right".  It's time to tell the Washington politicians we've had enough.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for real change.  No one, (or special interest/puppet-masters), will control the White House, which is what the Establishment fears the most.  Don't listen to the lies and deceit from both the left and the right.  Take your country back, and you will "Make America Great Again".

And, make no mistake---Donald Trump Will Defeat Hillary! 

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