Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Potential Republican Tsunami

Larry Sabato wrote an article in Politico on Wednesday asking the question: "How Big a Wave---Will we see a GOP ripple....or a Tsunami?"

"Last week, Republican primary voters passed their first Senate test, producing a North Carolina nominee, Thom Tillis, who is merely imperfect, not catastrophic.
          After the disasters of recent years, national Republicans will happily take it.
The North Carolina result did nothing to change the expectation among most observers that the Republicans have a 50-50 or better shot at taking the Senate majority. It might even have enhanced those odds. The conventional wisdom is reasonable: We know that the president is unpopular, the president’s party typically performs poorly in midterms and the Democrats are overextended on this year’s Senate map. One of the ways the Republicans could hurt their chances is by running bad candidates in some of these races. Tillis might turn out to be that kind of candidate, but he was clearly the most credible nominee in the primary field.
So where is the Senate right now? Hypothetically, there’s still a wide range of potential outcomes – and all the likeliest ones involve at least some kind of Republican wave, perhaps delivering the magic six-seat gain that would dethrone Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid."

Sabato provides charts and graphs, and breaks down the contended Senate races coming up in November, as Harry Reid's control appears to be in jeopardy.  Here's what your's truly posted in comments at the site:

"It could be said that the far-left big government social experiment is all but over.  Look for many of the Democratic Senate candidates to "attempt" to campaign as moderates, or even "conservative-leaning".  They'll preach fiscal responsibility, respect for laws, (both morally and constitutionally), tax reform---instead of raising taxes on an over-burdened middle class---and finally, they'll talk about protecting individual rights vs. the big-government intrusions, (dictates from the ruling class in Washington DC).  Some Democrats might even stake their claims that our 1st & 2nd amendment rights are in serious jeopardy and need to be protected.  You might even hear a few speeches about how the powers of the federal government are constitutionally limited, and all other powers are specifically RESERVED to the states, and the people! (read the 10th amendment). 

Oh, wait!  Aren't these the principle tenants of the Tea Party?

Bottom line?  Most of these Senate Democrats will run, no, sprint to the center and do their best to not sound totally hypocritical to their sworn liberal ideologies of the Obama-style form of government.  And despite all the phony narratives from the White House and the liberal media, ObamaCare is NOT suddenly a popular program because 8 million people have signed up to this FEDERAL MANDATE.  The state exchanges are falling apart to the tune of millions of wasted tax-payer dollars, and will have to transition to the federal site.  Premiums are predicted, (by the same insurance companies that backed this train wreck) to go through the roof long before November, and the federal government will have to ask the people to pick up the tab in higher taxes to provide subsidies---guaranteed to the insurance companies!

How big will the wave be for Republicans?  Current polling shows a potential tidal wave of discontent with the people, (and a huge contingent of independents---the swing voters that make the difference), who have had enough of this big government social experiment and the power-brokers in Washington with their one-size fits all mentality.

Democrats know their “Titanic” form of government is sinking, and there’s not enough life-boats to save them all.  And the far-left liberal progressives can only re-arrange the deck chairs at this point, since moving to the middle of the ship is pointless."

~ Rovin