Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Wednesday, March 29th, 2017.……… and the Democrats are still Losers

Little Chucky Schumer says Neil Gorsuch didn’t meet his liberal progressive standards for a Supreme Court nominee, so he’s urging all of his Democrat[ic] colleagues to vote against President Trump’s selection.  The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote next Monday, with the full Senate vote expected later in the same week.

Yet, these Senate Democrats seem to have “selectively-short” memories.  

In 2006, Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals without a single dissenting vote.  Among those who approved Mr. Gorsuch, (in a voice vote, with not one objection), includes Little Chucky himself, then Senators Barack Obama & Joe Biden, and current Senators Dianne Feinstein, (ranking member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary), Minority Whip Dicky Durbin, Senior Senator Patrick Leahy, Debbie Stabenow, Robert Menendez, and Ron Wyden among others.  The full list of current Senate Democrats who voted FOR Gorsuch in 2006 is at this link

Oh, and did I mention, then Senator Hillary Clinton was also present at this voice-vote without an objection?

All in all, the butt-hurt Democrats are still pissed off because 1), their queen lost, 2), Obama’s selection of Merrick Garland was not considered, (referred by Democrats as “a stolen seat”, despite the hypocrites ignoring the “Biden Rule“), and 3), thanks to now departed Dirty Harry Reid, the explosive device known as the nuclear option leaves the Democrats virtually powerless going into the vote next week.

Never has the phrase “elections have consequences” carried so much weight.  Next week, those consequences will come to fruition no matter which path the Democrats choose----to filibuster or not.

One of the reasons Donald J. Trump is in the White House was because Republican voters saw the seriousness of this SC selection, (and future selections), to prevent the Court from to turning into Liberal Activist Arm for the Progressives.

Democrats entered this battle unarmed and unprepared because the pollsters and the Media told them there was nothing to worry about---Mrs. Clinton had this election “in the bag”.  I can’t help but wonder how unhinged the left will become by the end of next week, when “the losers” lose…………..again. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Purging of Obama's Government----A Transition of Power

President Trump was well aware that the "peaceful transition of power", (that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton only once claimed "it must happen in our democratic Republic"), would be a bit more difficult to complete with a shell-shocked Democrat Party and the liberal left media yet to accept reality.

Despite NO EVIDENCE, the Opposition Media, aka, the radical alt-left media is still driving their fake news mantra, insisting Mr. Trump's Campaign and the Russians defeated Hillary.  The Opposition Media's obsession could be described as a chronic schizophrenia as they continue to embarrass their profession.  Leading the way is the New York Times, the Washington Post, followed religiously by NBC and their far left cable net MSNBC, and CNN---the epitome of an obsessive "news outlet" yearning for the title of the king of propaganda news.

Meanwhile, the Schumer and Pelosi-lead Democrats are making no bones about participating in a functioning government---THEY WILL NOT.  The Party of Obstruction and disruption will not contribute to the well being of this nation or its people, and the voters will remember this fact when they go to the polls next year, proving once again they've learned nothing from the last few election cycles.

President Trump, (while putting up this opposition), has his own set of troubles still within his transitioning government. Classified material leaks coming from inside his government should be a serious concern by most Americans, but the alt-left media and most Democrats seem to relish on the borderline seditious actions.

On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked the remaining 46 U.S. attorneys, (Obama political appointees), to resign, (a purge completely typical and uniform of all incoming Presidents), yet the alt-left opposition media, specifically the New York Times, found this action "abruptly irritating". 

"Trump Abruptly Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors to Resign"

Throughout the article, the Times obsessively uses the term abruptly, as if the move was some how out of the norm of transition governments.  It took the author 17 paragraphs to allow their readers to understand this normal procedure:

"It is not unusual for a new president to replace United States attorneys appointed by a predecessor, especially when there has been a change in which party controls the White House."

CNN jumped in on the fray with this headline and a few quotes from the indignant:

Anger mounts over handling of US attorney firings

“It is common for administrations to ask holdovers to step down, but what is less common is the abruptness of Friday's announcement.”

"The law enforcement source said it is understood that it's customary for a new administration to ask for resignations, but "you don't tell them to clean out their desks the same day effective midnight tonight. There are people traveling on official business -- are they supposed to turn into their cell phones today? Can they come into their office tomorrow to check email?" (CNN link not provided purposely)

Well shucks, most Americans and political junkies knew this "abrupt undertaking" was going to take place, but, in the minds of the Opposition Media, everything Mr. Trump does is sensationalized and "unusual".

As to the comment from CNN's "law enforcement source", yes, all government property must be turned in, no, you may not check the mail tomorrow, and yes, YOU'RE FIRED.

Trump and Sessions should also have every room these people occupied swept for bugging devices as this abrupt transition continues to purge the stench of Obama's leftovers.  

At this point, there should be nothing "peaceful" considered. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017



It only took four Trump Tweets, (early, Saturday morning of March 4th, 2017), to erupt into a firestorm across the media airwaves and the internet, when President Trump flat out accused the Obama Administration of wiretapping the Trump Towers during a Presidential Election: 

With the revelation that a sitting President---of an opposing Party---could employ the powers within his administration to investigate any Presidential Candidate reeks of the "McCarthyism", as Mr. Trump has implied.  Where, and how this "action" came about, remains to be seen.  For the record, an Obama spokesman, Kevin Lewis, said: “President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen.”

The favorite line from the Liberal Opposition Media all day Saturday and early Sunday morning has been, "NO EVIDENCE FOUND", three words not written in the annals of this same media throughout the weeks of fabricated stories promoting the idea that the Trump campaign directly colluded with Russian Government operatives to defeat Hillary Clinton.

In a methodical and systematic process, (the day after Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States), the suddenly out-of-power Democratic Party, the Washington D.C. Establishment apparatus, and a willingly complicit Alt-Left Media have mounted an unprecedented campaign to literally destroy all facets of an American Presidential Election.

The only thing that is painfully obvious is that the PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER, (a sacred tradition of this Democratic Republic), is now in serious jeopardy of breaking down.

At the conservative website The Sparta Report, writer Patrick Pulatie lays out the similarities of the potential illegal actions of the Obama Administration and the Watergate Nixon Era.

“It would appear that history is repeating itself with Wiregate. Essentially the same general parties are involved, just operating in different roles. And another Constitutional Crisis is the coming impact of Wiregate, just like with Watergate.

As the attack on President Trump continues, I expect that we will be seeing more and more similarities to Watergate. The only hope of the Democratic Party is to continue the attacks upon the President, hoping that they can damage him and force a resignation. The problem for the Democrats is that every action that they take, it generates a stronger and much more devastating response from both Trump and his supporters and that results in further loss of ground for the Dems.”  (link)

Reports of this bombshell attack can also be found at Powerline here & here.  And, the Conservative Treehouse supplies an excellent timeline of Obama's Shadow Government.

And, of course, the Obama folks are denying any and all of Trump's accusations.  (I'll provide links to their denial-denials soon). 

In the light of this "WireGate" scandal---and the search for the "burglars"---I'm reminded (by a colleague), of this certain fact: The NSA is the White House.

Much more ahead............

Update: It appears the Trump administration is going to let this "pot of stew" simmering:

Friday, March 3, 2017

Pictures and Videos-----Worth a Thousand Words

As the Democrats continue their all out assault against the Trump administration, let us all take delight in the recordings from the internet.  Here are your Democrat "leaders" from the Senate and the House chumming it up with Russians.

Listen to the awkward silence after Pelosi asked if she’s ever met with Russians (via The American Mirror)

And then, this little peach of a "don't you just love them Russians" below.

Photo contradicts Pelosi's statement about not meeting Kislyak

Update: And Trump has had enough of this crap:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

President Trump Addresses the Nation----Democrats Sit

Democrats Don’t Rise in Applause to defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism, Iranian Nuclear Missiles, or Supporting Israel.  Don’t rise for making health insurance policies accessible across state lines----reforming the disaster of ObamaCare.  Democrats don’t rise for school choice, or eliminating violence in our inner cities.  Democrats reluctantly rise in supporting our law enforcement agencies.  Democrats don’t rise on preventing illegal criminal aliens who murdered American citizens, or our police forces who protect all Americans.  Democrats reluctantly rise in increasing military spending and supporting our Armed Forces.  Despite a tribute to a fallen hero, (that got the longest ovation of the evening), Democrats had a hard time standing and applauding Ryan, a man who died in defense of our nation.  Democrats could not rise to hope for a better life, a better future for our children, and a stronger safer America.  They couldn’t wait to exit the chamber in haste.  And they do not represent the spirit of this great nation.

United, they sat.