Tuesday, May 31, 2016


If you listen to the lamestream media long enough, they'll come up with something to get under Donald's skin.  After a writer for the Washington Post accused Trump of not distributing money he raised for the Veterans, the "story" began to "get legs", and Trump had had enough of the bullshit.  One has to wonder if Mr. Trump doesn't just let these "controversies" build up just enough steam, before he calls a press conference and lets the press have it----right between the eyes.

What Trump did this, [Tuesday], morning was what Trump fans, and much of the general public absolutely adored---a good ol' fashioned butt-whipping, basically telling the press what most of them are---a bunch of self-aggrandizing blowhards that think they're running this man and his election.

The video here below is the full 57-plus minutes, but you can skip to about the 21-minute mark to start watching "the show".

The bottom line, Trump produced a full list of fundraiser money he'd collected for the Vets, to the tune of 5-1/2 million dollars, (one million out of his own pocket), and explained to the morons that a vetting procedure takes time, more money was still coming in, and, he not only put the press in their place, he got a healthy stab at Hillary, asking the press to find out how much she had raised for the Vets.

The rest of the press conference, Trump took a ton of questions, called one reporter from ABC "a sleaze", put the idiot Bill Kristol in his place, and throughout reminded the press, including the "political press" that they were all a bunch of idiots if they think they're going to get away with writing fabrications about him.

The whole morning was a good time had by all..........except the press.

Even Rush Limbaugh loved it!

"The Press Conference Republican Voters Have Wanted to See for Years"

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Last Gasp of the Anti-Trumpers

Absolutely hilarious listening to the morons on CNN and MSNBC praying for a third-party Republican candidate while "their" candidate is about to lose another primary race in California and possibly get indicted.  

What most of us know, and the media, (or the loony Bill Kristol’s of the right haven’t even considered), is the fact that 1) the Republican Primary process is coming to an end with a candidate “the people” have chosen, not what this idiot Kristol and certainly not the lamestream media, left or right, believe they can produce out of thin air.  

2), placing any other name on a general election ballot---in every state---is just about virtually impossible at this point in the election cycle, and for good reason.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans have seen in the past how their “established process” has been disrupted or waylaid by “nomads” within their respective parties, and made the ability to insert some one other that their selected candidate into the process almost impossible.  Each individual state has written into their ballot processes rigorous rules for qualifying, including petitions and a required percentage of valid signatures.  And, it takes an organization & advertising dollars to produce those signatures.  In 2007 it was estimated that an independent candidate would have to gather 700,000 signatures nation-wide, and spend 150 million in advertising just to get those names.

Donald Trump has seen, (and studied), how the media controlled the narratives that destroyed the campaigns of McCain and Romney, and, like Reagan did, realizes the populist movement of the people, and for the people WILL strategically limit the power of the media.  He’s also well aware of the “Kristolized” establishment Republican’s asinine attempt to derail Trump’s EARNED run for President of the Republican Party. 

The GOP should be reminded that Donald Trump signed their stupid pledge to support the eventual nominee of the party, and he expects the GOP to reciprocate.  The warning he tweeted out to the party leaders: (“Bill Kristol has been wrong for 2yrs-an embarrassed loser, but if the GOP can't control their own, then they are not a party. Be tough, R's!”), brings out the question of whether “the party” can be trusted to maintain the will of the people, or, if they’re still hatching sinister plans to elect Hillary Clinton and allow a majority of the party to become a political laughing stock.  

Reince Priebus has the responsibility and the ability to put an end to this nonsense, and he needs to speak out forcefully that this party must be unified in defeating Hillary Clinton.  There is no other plausible alternative---NONE---unless he's on board with the rest of these lunatics.  The choice is simple, either you're in favor of putting Donald Trump in the White House or Hillary.  If you're not supporting the presumptive presidential nominee, then you ARE supporting Hillary.  Period.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Purging the NeverTrumpers---A Political Process

In the wake of Donald Trump's latest victory in Washington State, (leaving the GOP candidate just 41 delegates short of reaching the 1,237 nomination---on the first ballot), I feel it's time for me to part ways with the so-called NeverTrumpers.

Long after the campaign suspensions of Ted Cruz and John Kasich, I have purposely remained a "follower" on Twitter of Republicans who were in support of some one other than Mr. Trump.  I have respected your voice and your choice, because I thought it was prudent to let all Republicans voice their opinions in this process, while giving their support to their candidate.

For the record, I was originally a Trump supporter at the start of this nomination process, and for a few short weeks, (because of a dispute), had moved into the Cruz corner.  Shortly after, I buried my single issue dispute with Mr. Trump and decided give my complete support for a man who is not a politician.  In this nation, we all have the privilege/right to change our minds in the course of an American election process.  There are several reasons I am in full support of Donald Trump, but the primary reason is obvious---to never allow Hillary & Bill Clinton the keys to our White House.

Respecting the views of fellow Republicans, (many who were in support of other candidates), I've "allowed" others to call me, indirectly, every name in the book for supporting THE CANDIDATE OF MY CHOICE.  While I allowed for my fellow Republicans to voice their opinions without the personal insults or ridicule, I did not receive the same comparable treatment, yet have remained silent.

With the now obvious and apparent GOP nomination of Donald Trump, the silence is over.  Because it is MY TWITTER ACCOUNT, I will no longer tolerate or put up with the insanity of the NeverTrumpers.  Your favorite candidate has lost in this political process and Mr. Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party.

Deal with that reality.

For those of you who insist on writing in a candidate, staying home and not voting, or supporting a third party candidate, YOU are effectively promoting the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Period.  Make no mistake, this nation cannot afford to have a liberal Democrat in the White House---for even four years---who WILL appoint at least three liberal Supreme Court justices, which WILL not only threaten YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, (for a generation, not just an election cycle), but WILL insure this country moves even farther to the LEFT.

Therefore, my patient tolerance for my NeverTrumper "friends" has come to an end, and I will begin in earnest to purge all who can't/won't get behind stopping Hillary.  To quote many of the NeverTrumpers:  "YOU CAN'T BE THAT STUPID"!!!


Note: Feel free, (it's still a free country, for now), to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.  Please, don't waste your time and energy to claim Mr. Trump is a liberal.  What ever his political philosophy, he is NOT Hillary Clinton, who we all know IS A LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE, leaning towards socialism, and already committed to following the policies of Barack Obama.  If you keep your comments civil, I will even debate your objections/ideas.  But, if you're not on the same page with the prime objective to defeat Hillary Clinton, then, you are wasting my time---and yours. 

Monday, May 23, 2016


If, during an American Presidential race, a poll was conducted that showed the Republican presumptive nominee leading---FOR THE FIRST TIME---over his Democratic rival, wouldn't that be a newsworthy headline?  Apparently not if you're the Washington Post.

In a glaring and liberally-biased fashion, the Post' editors decided to bury the lead their own poll, (219 words into their story), that showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton among registered voters, 46 percent to 44 percent.

But, the spin didn't stop there:
"At this point, the two candidates are in a statistical dead heat among registered voters, with Trump favored by 46 percent and Clinton favored by 44 percent. That represents an 11-point shift toward the presumptive Republican nominee since March. Among all adults, Clinton holds a six-point lead (48 percent to 42 percent), down from 18 points in March."   (link)
The Post just had to provide something that appeared positive for Mrs. Clinton, (the whopping six-point lead among "all adults"), but losing 12 points in a two-month span is hardly seen by most readers as a "positive" note.

Ironically, the Washington Examiner, who posted this "begrudging story", spent the rest of their own time providing/boasting about Mr. Trump's unfavorables, compared to Hillarys.  They even finished off their anti-Trump screed by encouraging a third party candidate, including Mr. Excitement, Gary Johnson.

But, "it's still the economy, stupid", and in almost every poll, more voters believe/trust Donald Trump on the economy than Hillary.  Further, the economy ranks highest among American's concerns by a huge margin---39%---with the next issue, national security, at 14%.

Yet, the Mainstream Media, (yes, including the folks at Fox News), are currently obsessed with the "unfavorables", even though Mr. Trump's have gone down, while Hillary's is climbing.

But, you won't find any of this kind of "information" in the Washington Post.  Mr. Bezos has another agenda.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


GOP Presidential Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump received a valuable endorsement from the NRA on Friday.  Trump called it a "fantastic honor".

Chris Cox, who heads up the NRA’s legislative-lobbying arm, made the announcement in his introduction of Mr. Trump at the NRA-ILA’s “Leadership Forum,” which is part of the gun-rights group’s annual meetings in Louisville. 
“We have to unite, and we have to unite right now,” Mr. Cox said. “So on behalf of the thousands of patriots in this room and the 5 million NRA members across this country and the tens of millions who support us, I’m officially announcing the NRA’s endorsement of Donald Trump for president.” 
Mr. Cox then introduced Mr. Trump as “the next president of the United States,” which was greeted with resounding applause and cheering from the crowd at the Kentucky Exposition Center.  Link
Mr. Trump was not shy on pointing out his Democratic rival's position on gun rights, saying "Hillary wants to abolish the Second Amendment".  

The NRA's endorsement of Trump comes on the heals of California's sweeping anti-gun legislation passed by the Senate on Thursday and heading to the Assembly.  Even the liberal LA Times seemed to sound indignant at the measures moving forward:

Lawmakers approved 11 bills including measures mandating background checks for Californians buying ammunition and outlawing the manufacture and sale of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines. 
The bills, which next go to the Assembly for consideration, represent the most ambitious effort at gun control in decades in California, which already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. 
Gun bills have traditionally had a harder time in the Assembly, but Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said this week he is committed to pushing them through. The bills also must pass muster with Gov. Jerry Brown, who has vetoed some gun control measures in the past that he felt were overreaching.
 "Naturally", the California Democrats, (who have a massively controlled count in the state's legislative body), are playing their anti-2nd Amendment cards, praying on the emotions of the tragedies in San Bernardino last December, but there are Californians who are speaking out:

Jim Yost, a retiree in his 70s from Red Bluff, California, said Democrats’ iron grip on his state government — which the party has used to try to strengthen California’s already-tough gun laws — has gotten out of hand. 
“Quite frankly, we vote Democratic occasionally, but right now it’s just crazy,” said Mr. Yost, who was with his wife, Judy Oswald. 
“We aren’t radical people. We’re very middle-of-the-road,” he said. “Quit laying all these crazy laws on us. It just doesn’t make any sense [because] it doesn’t do anybody in the country any good.”

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said this week he is committed to pushing these new bills through, (which, in my humble opinion is nothing short of tracking legal gun owners transactions, with the fear of state-run repercussions and more restrictions to follow).

It certainly appears like Hillary Clinton and the California Democrats are well on their way in their all-out assault on 2nd Amendment---another perfect reason to put Mr. Trump in the White House, to select conservative Supreme Court justices, who will put an end to this Stalinistic nonsense.  Make no mistake, the Liberal Democrats are coming after your weapons---one piece of legislation at a time. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Trump and Ryan Meeting: Uniting for One Common Goal---Defeating Hillary

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan had only met one time before yesterday's 45 minute sit-down.  This time, however, the entire world's press corps were on hand to find out if the two leaders can find common ground to build on.  Make no mistake, the Liberal Media would prefer an all out fight to keep the Party divided, (and they were quick to report that Ryan did not endorse Mr. Trump, and I've got a theory on why, that makes perfect sense*), but what you probably won't see from the media is the joint statement put out by the two---so, I'll post it here:

(Note: you can left-click on the small print to enlarge)

Note to the doubters and NeverTrumpers: Read the first line---carefully---and be sure to let us all know if there's something there that you don't/can't comprehend.  Other key words; unite, unify, common ground, few differences, and totally committed to the single goal, which is to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

Now, I'm quite certain there are many of you who are saying, who the hell does Paul Ryan think he is?  And, Mr. Ryan's certainly got his own questionably "conservative" baggage neatly packed into his agenda, several issues that Republican's have found to be "enabling" to the Obama administration, (specifically capitulating to the ridiculous Omnibus spending bill both he and Mitch McConnell graciously handed to the President).  For many of the hard right, and Tea Party conservatives, this was a tough pill to swallow, given that promises were made by House Conservatives to rein in the big government spending practices---by both parties---and the Ryan wing of the party failed miserably.

Yet, of the "common ground" issues agreed upon yesterday by the two Republican power-brokers, one stood out, (in my humble opinion), that can be the foundation going forward:  Pro-life.  Donald Trump, who was once a pro-choice advocate, is maintaining he will support the pro-life movement, including appointing Supreme Court justices who are also pro-life.  It is my belief that this single Conservative value, (held by a strong majority of the Party), can be a building block towards unifying the Party.

And, there are certainly other issues that can be agreed upon between Mr. Trump and House Republicans, specifically putting Americans back to work, and re-building a national defense that Mr. Obama has shredded to pieces. 


And, despite the Obama administration, (and his fawning liberal media), glossing over the plight of the middle class, stagnant wages, 96 million out of the work force, and the pathetic 2% annual growth, Hillary Clinton has pledged to continue Obama's policies, (including the total decimation of the fossil fuel industry---"we will put the coal miners out of work").  For the sake of this nation, this simply must not happen.

Surprisingly, Mr. Bill O'Reilly summed up the current situation America is in, in his talking points memo:

The Real Story of Donald Trump Meeting Republican Leaders Today
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 12, 2016

"In politics, what you see and hear is not always reality.

Spin dominates. That's why this program was created.  The ‘No Spin Zone’ cuts through all that.

Today, Donald Trump met with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan - the two men trying to find common ground on which to defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency in November.

It is really impossible to say what both men are truly thinking, but they do have a common interest - and that is winning.

Simply put, if President Obama's economic policies are continued for four more years under President Hillary Clinton, the country may fracture.

A Wall Street Journal column today by Daniel Henninger nails it - America cannot prosper on two percent growth a year.  It's simply impossible.

And that's what we have gotten under President Obama no matter how the Democrats spin it.

The weak economic growth has caused deep anger among Americans in both parties, which is why Trump has won and Bernie Sanders is so competitive.

American workers understand their lives are not secure, wages are stagnant, job growth paltry.

If you've got three kids, a mortgage and want to live a basic life, you have to earn substantial money.

Again, two percent growth will not provide the upward mobility that workers need.

While there are a number of issues dividing Republicans and Democrats, the economy is the biggest.

Trump has a big advantage here because he is running as a successful businessperson who will apply his acumen to improving the economy.

Hillary Clinton pretty much says she'll do what President Obama has done.

The problem for Trump is that some Republicans do not trust him.

But now there is no other alternative.  It's either gamble with Trump or live under economic policies that put government regulation and high taxes over growth.

To be fair to Hillary Clinton, she could moderate once she's the official nominee. But right now it's entitlements everywhere and big government expansion.

The classic tax-and-spend progressive platform.

Again, how has that worked over the past eight years?

So Talking Points fully expects the Republican Party to rally around Donald Trump.


Because there is no other option for them.

And that's the memo."

Bill's got it right---there's no other option.

(for the record, I asked for permission to post Mr. O'Reilly's talking points memo in its entirety, and have yet to receive any acknowledgement.  Given that permission was not granted, I may have to take this down without notice)

* Lastly, (for now), it's my belief that, (under the Trump playbook), there's no reason to hurry along a full blown endorsement from Paul Ryan and the rest of the Party.  Why would Trump let the media "off the hook" so soon, when after every announcement of another meeting, the media will again pay attention to what they're dreaming of---a full blown conflict/division.  Who needs a "divorce" when a long strung out potential hate/love affair makes for better theater?  Mr. Trump's played the media like a finely tuned fiddle, and he's not about to let them control their destructive narratives/practices they've endured in the past---with the "goats" ending up like McCain and Romney.

This IS the time to Make America Great Again.  And send Bill and Hillary into permanent retirement.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 Presidential Election Map

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

This is the latest electoral map based on current polling, (and I added Florida into Trump's win column).  Given the latest Reuters polling putting Trump almost even with Clinton across the country, the map could change---turn more RED----very soon.

Updates to follow........

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Why Most Republicans Don't Care What Mitt Romney Has to Say

In response to the "Weakly" Standard's Bill Kristol insisting the Republican Party mount a third-party campaign against Mr. Trump, I'd like to remind the voters of a few interesting historical facts.

Tweeted out (by your's truly) a few days ago:

Mitt Romney lost FL, OH, PA, & VA = 80 electoral votes that would have given him the WH. 332-206 (-/+ 80) = 252-286 Get it Kristol?

The tweet I sent out received 38 retweets and 37 likes, huge responses given my small amount of followers, but, I believe the point was received---Romney LOST four states that Donald Trump can certainly win.

Mitt Romney couldn't even win a debate against Candy Crowley, and we're supposed to think this man carries any weight in this election cycle?

As for Bill Kristol, (and the pompous ass's at the Standard), their phony quest for "a more conservative candidate" rings fairly hollow, considering they're at the heart of the D.C. Cartel that would prefer Hillary Clinton over Mr. Trump.

Sidenote: Not surprising, the idiots over at DeadAir---the anti-Trump society that purged 90% of their once dedicated followers "to achieve a more diverse audience", couldn't wait to run with this story.  The theory, (posted by the faux-liberal Allahpundit), is that some how a third party candidate can get into the race and collect enough electoral votes to keep both Clinton and Trump from the 270 count, sending the election to the House of Representatives.

Also note that this writer will never link back to this site. The post garnered a whopping 42 comments---you reap what you sow.

Update: Also included in the "We Don't Care What You Have to Say" department, it appears Mr. Ryan's reluctance to support Mr. Trump is backfiring, as a recent poll indicates he's loosing his own race to hold his seat in Congress.

People like Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, and Mitt Romney are about to get run over by the Trump Train.  They tied themselves to the establishment tracks, and, judging from the polling of the remaining primary races, the Train's not slowing down.  In fact, it's speeding up as Trump has hit 50% in California.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Suffering with Withdrawals, Republicans May Need to Take a Deep Breath

In the wake of the tsunami that just hit the American political landfall Tuesday night, it's a difficult task to sort out the reactions from voters across the fruited plains.  Many, on all sides of the political spectrum are still in a shell-shocked mood by the historic events that took place, starting with Donald Trump winning the State of Indiana---in another landslide---followed by Cruz's campaign suspension, and then John Kasich doing the same. 

Relax.  Take a deep breath.  The ground is not going to swallow you up, and the world, (as you know it), is NOT coming to an end.  

Further, for those of you who are writing obituaries about the death of the Republican Party, let me quote Mark Twain: "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."  So too, has the Republican Party.  

Writing his own playbook---uncharted, unpublished, and unprecedented---and, during the process "playing by his own set of rules", no one surmised that the businessman could possibly mount a serious campaign against a field of professional politicians who had already gained the experience of being elected. They already knew the game, and the process of eliminating their competition.

Or, did they?  Well, no, not this time around.

Instead, like it or not, the Republican voters have chosen an outsider while the political insiders are completely aghast at how such an outcome could happen. The political historians and journalist will be attempting to write about this chapter in politics for years to come, even while one final chapter is forthcoming---the elimination of the Clinton Dynasty, and the retirement of a failed liberal progressive ideology, fraught with socialism, a nation of apologist for being successful, individual, or even expressing the simple right of saying God Bless America without the fear of politically correct repercussions. 

According to our dear liberal friends, (and many conservatives presently in the NotDonald circles), there's a bully who wants the chair in the White House.  He has earned the right to call himself the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party by the virtue of his ability to eliminate every challenger.  And yes, I will vote for this outsider turned politician, because, if you think about it seriously, at this point, there is no other alternative---Hillary Clinton MUST BE DEFEATED for the good of this nation.  This Nation can not afford 4-8 years of an Obama 2.0 or the policy directions of another liberal institution.  Or a generation of a full blown liberal Supreme Court that will certainly eat away at our God-given liberties.

I simply cannot believe Republicans would sit at home, (pouting that their candidate didn't win), while playing a part in handing Clinton the keys to the White House.  As many of the NeverTrumpers have been spouting for over a year----YOU CAN'T BE THAT STUPID!


(Note: this post was edited by the author---didn't like it)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


For the first time in American history, a New York businessman-turned politician has defeated sixteen other competitors to become the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.  In a stunning and unprecedented fashion Donald Trump took his final competitor to the woodshed last night with a convincing victory in Indiana, defeating Senator Ted Cruz 53.3% to 36.6%.  The results led Cruz to suspend his campaign, saying, "our path has been foreclosed".

In his victory speech, Trump was quick to pay Cruz a hardy compliment, saying “Ted Cruz — I don’t know if he likes me or he doesn’t like me — but he is one hell of a competitor,  He is a tough, smart guy--and he has got an amazing future. He's got an amazing future, so I want to congratulate Ted." Shortly after, the real estate mogul turned his attention directly to Hillary Clinton, (who had actually lost the night to Bernie Sanders in an almost expected upset), saying it was time for the Party to unite in a common cause to defeat Hillary.

Welcoming the news of Trump's victory, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus tweeted out: .@realDonaldTrump will be presumtive @GOP nominee, we all need to unite and focus on defeating @HillaryClinton #NeverClinton

(On a short sidenote, and for the record, it was only six minutes after Trump's historic victory was declared on the cable nets before every one of them, (in an almost collaborative effort), began their vile and disgusting anti-Trump screeds. This writer will not dignify their remarks [in this post] with ANY of their infantile and indignant indiscretions or tactless gaucheries.  The desecration of what used to be called "journalism" can be self-identified by their own treacherous and cantankerous undertakings without my help.)

With Cruz's departure, Trump can now concentrate on finishing up his conquest of collecting the required 1,237 delegates, (silencing the political pundits' "he can't get there", or the perpetual conversation of a contested convention once and for all), and then focus his complete attention on the "presumptive Democratic nominee", Mrs. "I hate the coal industry" Clinton.

Later today, I'll put up a list of the folks who have either been put on suicide watch, (sarcastically speaking), or have begun developing their "travel plans" outside of the U.S. boundaries.  Frankly, a mass exodus of anti-American progressive liberals, (who've been infecting this Nation for several decades), will be a welcomed sight.


Update: For the record, Cruz's VP candidate, Carly Fiorina had literally dropped out of the race in a slightly less than dignified fashion.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Indiana Thread----Turn out the lights, the Party's Over?

On the eve (morning) of the Indiana Primary, this blogger must admit, it's a bit amusing at how much both the political pundits, and the anti/never Trump factions are still in denial of what's becoming inevitable.

Trump: "If we win Indiana, it's over."

Current RCP Polling has Trump up over Mr. Cruz by as much as 15-17 points despite the all-out effort by the #StopTrump folks---to the tune of millions in anti-Trump advertising.  Yet, the "Trump can't win" narratives keep falling by the wayside, specifically, he won't get to the 1,237, and he can't beat Hillary.

1), Not counting tonight's results in Indy, Mr. Trump is on a path to exceed the 1,237, and 2), just as important, a most recent Rassmussen Poll put Trump over Clinton by two points.

(Note: A simple google inquirery by typing in "Trump on path to exceed 1237" nets a 90+ % of results that provides all the reasons why he can't do it.  In a virtual reversal of "explanations", google-ing "Clinton's path to nomination, results in an overwhelming majority of positive stories how Clinton achieves the nomination, including "Bernie has no chance".  How the hell GOOGLE determines what stories make the first page MUST BE configured to enjoy their biased narratives with a "built-in excuse" formatting.) 

But, back to the 1,237.  It took a "little searching", but the website FiveThirtyEight provided a story, (written by political guru Nate Silver) which was the most comprehensive, (and honest), explanation of Mr. Trump's path to an outright majority on April 27th, (just after Trump's NorthEast victories/shellackings over his competitors):

It’s Trump’s Nomination To Lose*

Clarification: It is this writer's opinion that even while Mr. Silver provides some pertinent information on Trump's path, he still spends much of the article on the preconceived road blocks Mr. Trump may still incur on his road to Cleveland. Given the current polling just six days later, much of Silver's "projections" would be in serious need of editing.

So, in the spirit of this "Silver-esk"-like narration, I will make my own bold projections:

#1) Donald Trump will hit 50%, (again), in Indiana tonight and receives all 57 delegates.

#2) Given the speed/momentum of this run-away TrumpTrain, (and the correct results of #1), Trump may not even need California on June 7th.

#3) After tonight, only the die-hard #NeverTrumpers will remain on the social networks, and I expect, (from this group), the vitriolic disdain for Mr. Trump to reach its crescendo---to the point of absurdity.  Remember, to this contingent, we are all stupid Republicans.

#4) The poorly misguided folks in #3 (like hundreds of political & Establishment Pundits), STILL DON'T GET IT because of #5.   


Let #5 sink in folks, then feel free to express your (controlled and civil) opinions in the comments below this post.

#6) Be sure to catch all the great highlights of the day over at HotGas.net, the fastest growing conservative site on the internet. 

#7 Last one out, turn out the lights..........

Monday, May 2, 2016

North Dakota State Convention Delegates Wavering.....Back Towards Trump

From the anti-Trump site, The National Review, (of all places), comes a story of unbound delegates who are actually listening to the will of the people, and considering keeping with the Republican Party's main goal---to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

With Trump's resounding victories in the Northeast last Tuesday, (where he broke the 50% barrier in all five states), North Dakota delegates are having second thoughts:
"Until Donald Trump’s romp through the Northeast last Tuesday abruptly changed the subject, the political world was captivated — and Trump supporters were infuriated — by the Cruz campaign’s successful effort to elect large blocs of friendly delegates at a series of state-party conventions...... 
.......Those delegates are vital to Cruz’s quest to deny his rival the 1,237 delegates he’ll need on the first ballot in Cleveland. But as they’ve watched Cruz struggle to tread water in a primary increasingly dominated by Trump, many of them, wary of a bitter convention battle that could rend the party at its seams, are rethinking their commitment to the Texas senator."
Terms like, "firmly uncommitted" and "reconsidering options" jump out in the article, as the state's delegates begin to realize they might be playing a part in tearing the Republican Party apart on the convention floor's first ballot in July, (18th-21st), when they'd rather play a part in uniting the Party's real fight, which is sending Bill & Hillary into permanent retirement.
"Right now, many unbound delegates would rather present a united front against the Democrats in November than work to stop Trump in July. “No matter what happens in Cleveland, I am in the ‘anybody-but-Hillary’ camp,” says [Jim] Poolman. “The most important objective is to get a nominee and unite the party.”
With the most recent RCP polling in Indiana showing Trump's numbers rising to +9 and +15 points, the Trump-Train momentum just might be the "last straw" that breaks the backs of the NeverTrumpers this Tuesday, as the Party begins to heal itself and refocus on the prime directive---uniting to defeat the Clintons. 

George Will, (and the National Review Editorial Board) were purposely not reached for a comment.