Monday, May 30, 2016

The Last Gasp of the Anti-Trumpers

Absolutely hilarious listening to the morons on CNN and MSNBC praying for a third-party Republican candidate while "their" candidate is about to lose another primary race in California and possibly get indicted.  

What most of us know, and the media, (or the loony Bill Kristol’s of the right haven’t even considered), is the fact that 1) the Republican Primary process is coming to an end with a candidate “the people” have chosen, not what this idiot Kristol and certainly not the lamestream media, left or right, believe they can produce out of thin air.  

2), placing any other name on a general election ballot---in every state---is just about virtually impossible at this point in the election cycle, and for good reason.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans have seen in the past how their “established process” has been disrupted or waylaid by “nomads” within their respective parties, and made the ability to insert some one other that their selected candidate into the process almost impossible.  Each individual state has written into their ballot processes rigorous rules for qualifying, including petitions and a required percentage of valid signatures.  And, it takes an organization & advertising dollars to produce those signatures.  In 2007 it was estimated that an independent candidate would have to gather 700,000 signatures nation-wide, and spend 150 million in advertising just to get those names.

Donald Trump has seen, (and studied), how the media controlled the narratives that destroyed the campaigns of McCain and Romney, and, like Reagan did, realizes the populist movement of the people, and for the people WILL strategically limit the power of the media.  He’s also well aware of the “Kristolized” establishment Republican’s asinine attempt to derail Trump’s EARNED run for President of the Republican Party. 

The GOP should be reminded that Donald Trump signed their stupid pledge to support the eventual nominee of the party, and he expects the GOP to reciprocate.  The warning he tweeted out to the party leaders: (“Bill Kristol has been wrong for 2yrs-an embarrassed loser, but if the GOP can't control their own, then they are not a party. Be tough, R's!”), brings out the question of whether “the party” can be trusted to maintain the will of the people, or, if they’re still hatching sinister plans to elect Hillary Clinton and allow a majority of the party to become a political laughing stock.  

Reince Priebus has the responsibility and the ability to put an end to this nonsense, and he needs to speak out forcefully that this party must be unified in defeating Hillary Clinton.  There is no other plausible alternative---NONE---unless he's on board with the rest of these lunatics.  The choice is simple, either you're in favor of putting Donald Trump in the White House or Hillary.  If you're not supporting the presumptive presidential nominee, then you ARE supporting Hillary.  Period.

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