Thursday, May 5, 2016

Suffering with Withdrawals, Republicans May Need to Take a Deep Breath

In the wake of the tsunami that just hit the American political landfall Tuesday night, it's a difficult task to sort out the reactions from voters across the fruited plains.  Many, on all sides of the political spectrum are still in a shell-shocked mood by the historic events that took place, starting with Donald Trump winning the State of Indiana---in another landslide---followed by Cruz's campaign suspension, and then John Kasich doing the same. 

Relax.  Take a deep breath.  The ground is not going to swallow you up, and the world, (as you know it), is NOT coming to an end.  

Further, for those of you who are writing obituaries about the death of the Republican Party, let me quote Mark Twain: "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."  So too, has the Republican Party.  

Writing his own playbook---uncharted, unpublished, and unprecedented---and, during the process "playing by his own set of rules", no one surmised that the businessman could possibly mount a serious campaign against a field of professional politicians who had already gained the experience of being elected. They already knew the game, and the process of eliminating their competition.

Or, did they?  Well, no, not this time around.

Instead, like it or not, the Republican voters have chosen an outsider while the political insiders are completely aghast at how such an outcome could happen. The political historians and journalist will be attempting to write about this chapter in politics for years to come, even while one final chapter is forthcoming---the elimination of the Clinton Dynasty, and the retirement of a failed liberal progressive ideology, fraught with socialism, a nation of apologist for being successful, individual, or even expressing the simple right of saying God Bless America without the fear of politically correct repercussions. 

According to our dear liberal friends, (and many conservatives presently in the NotDonald circles), there's a bully who wants the chair in the White House.  He has earned the right to call himself the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party by the virtue of his ability to eliminate every challenger.  And yes, I will vote for this outsider turned politician, because, if you think about it seriously, at this point, there is no other alternative---Hillary Clinton MUST BE DEFEATED for the good of this nation.  This Nation can not afford 4-8 years of an Obama 2.0 or the policy directions of another liberal institution.  Or a generation of a full blown liberal Supreme Court that will certainly eat away at our God-given liberties.

I simply cannot believe Republicans would sit at home, (pouting that their candidate didn't win), while playing a part in handing Clinton the keys to the White House.  As many of the NeverTrumpers have been spouting for over a year----YOU CAN'T BE THAT STUPID!


(Note: this post was edited by the author---didn't like it)

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