Saturday, May 20, 2017


(Editor’s note:  Because of the extensive length, this article will be posted in 2-3 parts, if necessary.  Part one will cover the day of the 2016 Presidential Election forward to the current status of this Presidency. (I’m certain there’s much left out, and I reserve the privilege to insert “other material” or links as needed, and will note the edits at the bottom of each post).  In part two, I will attempt to expand on how much today’s all-out assault on this President completely differs from the resignation of President Nixon, where there are far more "players" than just Woodward and Bernstein. And, there is no cover-up of a criminal action.  There is, however a strong possibility that this whole Trump/Russian/Collusion Conspiracy was created by "Hillary's men". Part three will cover the ramifications and the responsibilities that will be placed on the offending party, “if” and when the truth comes to light that Hillary Clinton’s loss did indeed produce a WITCH-HUNT, not witnessed in modern times, by the Democratic Party, the Washington Establishment, and the Mainstream Liberal Media in an attempt to discharge a sitting U.S. President.)


In one of the most stunning upsets in U.S. Presidential Elections, (especially to the Democratic Party and the Liberal Media), Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President on November 8th, 2016.  From that day forward, the left has yet to come to terms with the election results by 1) calling for numerous election recounts, and attempting to literally invalidate/steal electoral college votes---all that proved futile, and 2) founded/created a boogeyman to explain their candidate’s loss.  It must be noted that President Trump defeated candidate Clinton in the Electoral College 304-227.  Out of 3,141 counties in the U.S., Trump won 3,084 to Clinton's 57.  Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote, (including the illegal votes, which will not be covered in this story)

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

In total shock of the election results, (and, the so-called Russian interference/meddling in the process), the Democrats, the D.C. Establishment, and their complicit Media, have mounted a campaign to remove a sitting, and duly-elected President.  At the premise of their campaign---Donald Trump and the Russian Government Colluded to defeat Hillary Clinton.  Not to be left out of this equation/campaign, on December 9th, outgoing President Barack Obama ordered the Intelligence Community to open a full investigation into the Russian’s involvement.  Later, Obama would revise an intelligence sharing method by an executive order. 

The United States Intelligence Community, a federation of 16 separate United States government agencies that work separately and together to conduct intelligence activities is headed by the Director of National Intelligence, DNI, who, at the time was James Clapper. (John Brennan was also involved as the Director of the CIA)

On January 6th Clapper and the Intelligence Community released a declassified version of their report/findings that confirmed Russian interference, but no actual compromise of voting machines or the election process/results.  The IC’s report also indicated the Russian Government “developed a preference” for Trump:

“We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump,” the report said. 

With this “new information”, the Democrats, the D.C. Establishment, and their complicit Media believed they had their “smoking gun”, stretching out the report to conclude/surmise that the favoritism towards Mr. Trump MUST MEAN COLLUSION.  How the hell they arrived at this assumption or the validity of it, is at the very heart of their conspiracy theory---interference, collusion, and now the big one, a cover-up.

Under further pressure from the left, (and the full weight of the Democrats, the D.C. Establishment, and their complicit Media---which, from this point on, I will refer to as the “ATOM”: Anti-Trump Opposition/Media---the Republican-controlled House & Senate have opened investigation committees to look into the extent of the Russian involvement in an American election, including “if” the Trump Campaign directly colluded with the Russian Government to facilitate Trump’s victory.

It must be noted, that shortly following the release of the DNI report, CIA Director James Clapper said in an on-camera interview and in testimony before a Senate Select Committee, that, to date, he found NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION between the Trump campaign and the Russian Government. On May 8th, the Washington Examiner released this report:  

"James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, told a Senate Judiciary subcommittee on Monday that he still has not seen any evidence of any kind of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian foreign nationals.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-N.C., asked if Clapper's prior statement was correct, when he said on NBC that there was "no evidence' of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. When asked if that is still accurate, Clapper said Monday, "it is."

On NBC weeks earlier, Clapper said, "We did not include any evidence in our report, and I say, 'our,' that's NSA, FBI and CIA, with my office, the Director of National Intelligence, that had anything, that had any reflection of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians. There was no evidence of that included in our report."

Yet on May 13th, CNN posted this alternative/fake news story:

"James Clapper on collusion between Russia, Trump aides: There could be evidence"

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions prematurely recusing himself, (under pressure from the left, because Sessions had actively campaigned with Mr. Trump), the Department of Justice essentially hand-cuffed themselves, but the FBI and the NSA were fully involved.

Around the 20th of March, during testimony at a congressional hearing FBI Director James Comey confirmed there was an ongoing investigation into Russian interference, but did not, and would not specify or confirm there was an investigation on President Trump.

During the final days of the Obama administration, Barack Obama issued an executive order that expanded the powers of the NSA---the sharing of intelligence information among the other 16 intelligence agencies:

"The new rules were issued under section 2.3 of Executive Order 12333 after approval by two Obama Administration officials: Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Director of National Intelligence Director, James Clapper." (link)

The ensuing dissemination of "intelligence" unleashed an unprecedented volley of leaks within the Obama administration, and continues unabated to this day.

On the 9th of May, President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey for a plethora of reasons, (the least of which is his constitutional right to do), and the ATOM goes bizzerk. Despite the hypocrisy of the Democrat's call for Comey's removal shortly after Clinton's loss, suddenly, the narrative changes to "how dare this President perform his executive right while under investigation", (an accusation that to date, has yet to be confirmed or substantiated).  The faux outrage that ensued was wall to wall indignation, and the leaks poured out of the Trump White House like a worn out dam.

Enter, The Washington Post & The New York Times, aka the anti-Trump opposition Media…………  

Though a series of leaks, (much of it both classified and illegally transferred), the Washington Post and the New York Times began publishing stories in the vain of Watergate---complete with unverified and unsourced material---accusing the President of everything from obstruction of justice to high crimes and misdemeanors.  The "stories" became so intense, some in the Democratic Party were calling for impeachment with still NO EVIDENCE:

No Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion... James Clapper (DNI)

No Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion... James Comey (FBI)

No Definitive Proof Of Any Trump-Russia Connection... Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)

No Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion... Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

No Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion... Senator Chris Murphy (D-FL)

No Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion... Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)

In an extensive editorial opinion, (written by the Wall Street Journal and titled: Comey’s Deserved Dismissal), the WSJ lays out the many reasons for Comey's dismissal:

"President Trump fired James Comey late Tuesday, and better now than never. These columns opposed Mr. Comey’s nomination by Barack Obama, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director has committed more than enough mistakes in the last year to be dismissed for cause.

Mr. Trump sacked Mr. Comey on the advice of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a former U.S. Attorney with a straight-up-the-middle reputation who was only recently confirmed by the Senate. In a memo to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Mr. Rosenstein cited Mr. Comey’s multiple breaches of Justice Department protocol in his criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified material.

The FBI isn’t supposed even to confirm or deny ongoing investigations, but in July 2016 Mr. Comey publicly exonerated Mrs. Clinton in the probe of her private email server on his own legal judgment and political afflatus. That should have been the AG’s responsibility, and Loretta Lynch had never recused herself."

“It is not the function of the Director to make such an announcement,” Mr. Rosenstein wrote. “The Director now defends his decision by asserting that he believed Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a conflict. But the FBI Director is never empowered to supplant federal prosecutors and assume command of the Justice Department.”

Mr. Rosenstein added that at his July 5 press appearance Mr. Comey “laid out his version of the facts for the news media as if it were a closing argument, but without a trial. It is a textbook example of what federal prosecutors and agents are taught not to do. (all emphasis mine)

With the firing of James Comey, and the unsubstantiated, (sources that may never be revealed) reports that the President "told Comey to back off on investigating General Flynn", Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein makes the move to appoint a Special Counsel to take over the investigation of Russian influence in the Presidential Election.  

From The Hill:

"The Justice Department has appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate Russia's involvement in the U.S. election, a momentous step that darkens the legal cloud hanging over President Trump’s White House.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the appointment of Mueller, a former prosecutor who served 12 years at the helm of the FBI and is respected on both sides of the aisle.

"My decision is not a finding that crimes have been committed or that any prosecution is warranted. I have made no such determination. What I have determined is that based upon the unique circumstances, the public interest requires me to place this investigation under the authority of a person who exercises a degree of independence from the normal chain of command."  (link) (again, all emphasis's are mine)

While the Hill’s Katie Bo Williams contends, (fictitiously), that the appointment "darkens a legal cloud" over this White House, it can, and will be debated among the pundits if the appointment brings about a positive and focused investigation that could benefit the President, or produces nightmares, if the investigation stretches beyond the scope of Mueller's directives stated above.

Currently, it is all understood perfectly where Mr. Trump stands on this issue:

Saturday, May 6, 2017


In the non-stop attempt to delegitimize President Trump with fabricated stories, or refusing to report actual facts, the Opposition Anti-Trump Media has decided to not air Mr. Trump's first campaign ad since his victory over Hillary Clinton.  It appears the Democrat's "owned media" doesn't care to be labeled FAKE NEWS:

How did the Mainstream Liberal Media react to this ad? Sadly, to get at the heart of the story, one has to read an overseas online media:

"Donald Trump's ongoing feud with TV networks not named 'Fox News' has clicked into a new gear as ABC, CBS and NBC have all joined CNN in refusing to run an ad from the president's re-election campaign committee.

The ad shows hosts from all four networks under a banner that reads 'FAKE NEWS.'

It's the Trump campaign's first commercial since winning the White House, and although it is three years out from the next election, it declares the nation has 'rarely seen such success.'

The ad blasts the 'fake news' media for failing to see things that way – and includes CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Also included are MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell, CBS's Scott Pelley and ABC's George Stephanopoulos in its rogues gallery."

Via AOL:

"Apparently, the mainstream media are champions of the First Amendment only when it serves their own political views," Lara Trump, the president's daughter-in-law and campaign consultant, said in a statement Friday.

"Faced with an ad that doesn't fit their biased narrative, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC have now all chosen to block our ad. This is an unprecedented act of censorship in America that should concern every freedom-loving citizen," she added.

In statement on Tuesday, CNN said it had no problem airing the ad if the network agrees to remove the offending graphic. "CNN requested that the advertiser remove the false graphic that the mainstream media is 'fake news,'" the cable channel said. "The mainstream media is not fake news, and therefore the ad is false and per policy will be accepted only if that graphic is deleted."

NBC issued its own statement saying that,"Consistent with our policies, we have agreed to accept the ad if the inaccurate graphic — which refers to journalists as 'fake news' — is corrected."

Got that folks?  It's a "false graphic" and must be corrected, revised, or otherwise EDITED to be considered for airing on these fake news outlets.

Never mind that since the early morning hours of November 9th, these "protectors of the first amendment" have mounted a FALSE CAMPAIGN of their own with the non-stop accusation that the Trump Campaign Colluded with the Russian Government to defeat Hillary.

CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post---all extreme left-wing news media outlets---still can't come to the conclusion there was no collusion.  Case in point is this live interview between CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Diane Feinstein:

"After months of accusations about President Donald Trump colluding with Russian officials in the run up to the 2016 election, leading Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Wednesday there is no evidence to support the claim.

Appearing on CNN, the California lawmaker was asked by Wolf Blitzer if Democrats have evidence that there was in fact collusion between Trump campaign officials and Russia during the campaign and without hesitating, Feinstein said they do not.

“Not at this time,” Feinstein said.

The bluntness of her answer prompted  Blitzer to reply, “Well, that’s a pretty precise answer.”

Precisely Mr. Blitzer---THERE IS NO EVIDENCE---because the entire "story" was made up in the minds of a liberal media still in complete denial that Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States.

You want to lose the label of FAKE NEWS? Start by not reporting FAKE NEWS.

Friday, May 5, 2017

House Passes ObamaCare Replacement Bill

In a fourth quarter comeback, of sorts, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act on a 217-213 vote.  As expected, not one Democrat voted for the bill as 20 nervous moderate Republicans joined the Democrats in voting no.  Just six weeks earlier the bill was pulled from the floor for lack of support, but several revisions/amendments to cover people with pre-existing conditions moved just enough Republicans into the "yes" column to get the bill into the end zone and on to the Senate

President Trump, along with VP Pence, and Speaker Paul Ryan, addressed a cheerful crowd of Republicans in the Rose Garden, saying “And this is, make no mistake, this is a repeal and replace of Obamacare.”

The Death of a Federally Mandated Tax

As the Democrats in the House frog-marched their representatives to the floor attacking the Republican plan, not one would admit that ObamaCare was a complete failure.  Indeed, the claim that ACA "was not a tax" on Americans proved to be a fabrication as Supreme Court Justice Roberts did his own revision on the "deemed policy", officially claiming it was a tax, and not a mandate, that could have over-turned the bill.

Not to be outdone, (in providing fabrications/lies), the Democrats and the Liberal Media immediately began their campaign of "winners and losers", regurgitating the CBO score from the original bill, claiming 24 million would lose their coverage, (by 2026)---14 million next year alone.

What the idiots failed to explain to their audience was the fact that most of the provisions in AHCA won't take effect until 2019, meaning 14 million will lose their coverage UNDER OBAMACARE.

The possible end/repeal of ObamaCare has ONLY passed its first phase, with the Senate now taking up the policy, and then onto the Conference Committee, long before it gets to Mr. Trump's desk.  But, make no mistake, the Democrats and their complicit anti-Trump Liberal Media will spread their lies far a wide on what the final legislation will look like.

Yet, one of the many lies made by Mr. Obama himself, may be coming to an end:

$2,500 savings per family and keeping your doctor? This is not a tax?  Your premiums will go down? Not under the nightmare of ObamaCare.

Repeal and replace?  We shall see.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Noticeable Memes & Narratives from the Opposition Media

Have you noticed how the liberal media is cheering that ObamaCare has not (yet) been repealed & replaced because it’s a “loss” for Trump, not because O’Care is in an irreversible death spiral as premiums deductibles continue to skyrocket leaving O’Care unaffordable?

Have you noticed how the liberal media insist Trump’s tax plan must be “revenue neutral”, as if they cared about debts and deficits during Obama’s 8-trillion rein of debt?

Have you noticed how “quickly” the liberal media took the name of Neil Gorsuch out of the news cycle after the newest Supreme Court justice was sworn into office?  Or, how much the name of Harry Reid was invoked, (by Republicans), as a reminder that elections do indeed have consequences?  

Have you noticed how the liberal media hates the term “Pocahontas”, (falsely claiming it’s racist), while NEVER reporting how the fraud Elizabeth Warren achieved her stature by falsely claiming she was an American Indian?

Have you noticed how the liberal media submits that President Trump has signed little “significant” legislation, (28 bills actually signed), while NEVER reporting that Democrats---in both the House and Senate---have refused to participate in the legislative process, except when they can stall or hold up Trump appointments to his administration?

Have you noticed how the liberal media’s “still unsubstantiated” narrative/accusation [that the Trump Campaign Colluded with the Russian Government to elect our President], has fallen off the front pages since it’s becoming apparent that 1), the Obama administration “may have” been surveilling Trump and his campaign operatives as early as June of 2016, and 2), since the “love affair” with Putin disappeared, (along with Syrian planes), when 59 Tomahawks, (a racist name for a bomb), reined down on the region?

Have you noticed how the liberal media’s reporting of Trump’s low approval numbers was minimized when their own polling ALSO showed 1) that 96% of Trump voters would vote for him again, and 2), that if the election was held today, Trump would win both the electoral and popular vote---destroying the liberal’s narrative that Hillary belongs in the White House?

Have you noticed how the liberal media reacts to any and all things conservative as either racist, sexist, or hateful as if the words could never be applied to their audience or the alt-left protesters, or that this was the exclusive, (and failed), campaign message for Hillary and the Democrats throughout the 2016 campaign season?

Finally, (for now), have you noticed how the liberal media is fervently going after/demonizing General Flynn for accepting money, ($35,000), from foreign governments, (or their subsidiaries), while NEVER/RARELY reporting---or completely ignoring---the millions “collected” from these entities by the Clinton Foundation, (Hillary & Bill Clinton, esquires), or, how the Russians gained ownership of 20% of U.S. uranium reserves while Bill Clinton received, (from the Russians) a $500,000 payment for a 30-minute speech while another 2.5 million was funneled into the Foundation?

Now, substitute the “liberal media” with Democrats, since there’s clearly no difference between the two.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The State of the Democrats & Their Complicit Media, Firmly United in All Things Anti-Trump, Anti-Republican: (Part One)

(Editors note: This post will be a series of explanations and observations to the state of the Democratic Party, their fully backed and complicit Media, and the many factions of the liberal left, working  in concert, (both out front and in the shadows), to facilitate in the total obstruction of the party currently in control of our government.  Part One basically explains/frames who the immediate Opposition is, Democrats, and their unique relationship with an obsessed media resolved to resist and reject all things presented by this new government.  Parts 2 & 3 will delve further into the parties’ involvement, part and partial of the left’s movement, who are working in the clandescent shadows to thwart the direction in which the country is moving, including the Establishment D.C. “government”---both Democrats and Republicans---who prefer to maintain the status quo in Washington.  With advent of the new media, the battle of the minds and ideologies has never been so exposed to the pundits and political junkies of the Democratic Left, who enjoyed a majority of the Media’s output for decades---virtually unopposed.  Those days are over.)  

Have you noticed, (not unexpectedly), that since Hillary Clinton lost the election, the Democrats, and her fawning liberal media has an instant negative retort or derogatory statement “pre-prepared” for any and all propositions put forth by our Republican-run government?

Why doesn’t CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the anti-Trump Liberal Media just come out of the closet and admit they’re just another wing of the liberal-left resistance party?  

Politically, the Democrats are boxed into their own demagoguery.  For eight years, all you heard from Democrats, (and by extension, their mouthpiece media), was how Republicans refused work with President Obama, or his policies, as he attempted to swing the nation further to the left.  Fast forward to today, and it’s a complete reversal.  The voting base of the Democratic Party are insisting, no demanding, that every Democrat MUST RESIST with every bone in their frail bodies.  Any form, or appearance of compromise, (by any Democrat), is met with the threat of immediate expulsion from the party.

The mantra of the Democratic Left is, “we must resist---at all cost”.

This, [attitude], leaves the Democratic leadership, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, in the position of an opposition party resolved to reject any and all legislation presented to the body.  The consideration that a new law might benefit a majority of Americans does not matter with the left---it must be rejected outright because, well, we’re Democrats---end of story?

Well, not quite.  The complicit, (and hypocritical), Liberal Media stands firmly behind the Democrats’ every move.  Gleefully and with sheer delight of their liberal-left readership/viewers, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, the Alphabet Networks, (and the list goes on and on), joins in the cascade of opposition to all things Trump and the Republican Party.  The Liberal Media sees no irony in their own 8-year argument that a party opposed to a liberal socialist ideology might have a credible voice, instead of becoming vilified in every publication as the enemy of the state, bordering on sedition, and deserving of their, [the Media’s], ire and admonition---toleration, civil debates and discussion be damned.  Today, the Liberal Media almost condones the actions of the far left’s “right” to violently protest, destroy public property, and most importantly, put an end to the First Amendment when it does not agree with the left’s ideology.

And make no mistake, just like the Democrats, this medium is still clearly in a state of shock that Hillary Clinton is not in the White House.  Three-plus months after Trump’s inauguration, this entire body are still in the denial and anger stage---with the acceptance of reality basically unattainable in the foreseeable future.  To expect the Democrats or their Liberal Media to act in a rational, analytical, intelligent, (forget logical or objective), way to advance societies’ needs, ambitions, and dreams of prosperity and independence, is a delusional aberration of their intentions, and secondary to their mission, which is to control all lives under the direction of a central and socialist-minded government. 

Democrats, and the established Liberal Media see themselves as the guardians of this perverted and twisted ideology---soundly rejected by the people of this nation since the advent of ObamaCare, the federally mandated instruction that the people must buy a product or face exhaustible and debilitating financial retribution.

Since the day ObamaCare was shoved down the throats of the American public, both the Democrats, and their complicit media have failed miserably to understand the veracity of an angered electorate, who have refused to comply with this sick ideology that only a central federal government knows what’s best for its people.  Given the results of a series of elections, 2010, 2014, and 2016, one would think they would “get the message”.  Clearly, they do not.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Caltrans: 101 will not be re-opened this weekend

LEGGETT, Calif. - Highway 101 will not be reopened this weekend and there are no local detours available, according to Caltrans District 1.

Officials say travel plans should include detouring over onto Interstate 5 via Highway 20, Highway 36, or Highway 299 to loop back towards Highway 101 on the other side of the closure. These detours could take upwards of seven hours.  

According to Caltrans District 1, work is progressing at both ends of the slide north of Leggett in Mendocino County this morning. 

Caltrans is evaluating whether the north end of the slide is stable enough to begin work safely through the night. 

If the slide is stable enough for work at night this would allow Caltrans contractor to work around the clock to get the highway reopened. 

Specialized equipment to help in removing debris will be airlifted next week, according to officials.

Caltrans District 1's best estimate in the reopening of Highway 101 to one way traffic control is sometime mid-to-late next week. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


As the Liberal-"we hate Trump"-mainstream media mysteriously became silent after months of "Trump's Team Colluded With the Russians", (an accusation the U.S. Senate, the House, and the Media's top investigators can't find a single hint of), political pundits wondered, why the sudden silence?

For a two solid weeks after Trump's infamous Saturday morning tweet stating "Obama "wiretapped" Trump Tower", the media went wall to wall with headlines that the newly elected President had absolutely no proof or evidence of such an outrageous statement.  And, they, [the anti-Trump Media], demanded evidence.

Yet, when House intelligence chairman Devin Nunes actually found credible evidence, released it to the press, and then passed it on to Trump administrators, the media immediately attacked Nunes for compromising the House investigation, and demanded he recuse himself from his job.  How could Nunes possibly do his job, objectively, if he shared facts with our President?  Never mind that his counter-part, Adam Schiff was conducting his own partisan witch-hunt, supplying and releasing unsubstantiated media provided garbage to the public.  Not long after, Schiff, the Democrats, and most importantly, the mainstream media fell silent.

Enough with the Suspense!

Fast forward to yesterday, March 17th, and John Nolte at the Daily Wire exposes the whole truth about who was "wiretapping" Donald Trump, and for how long:

BOMBSHELL Report: Entire Western World Helped Obama WIRETAP Trump

"If you are wondering why our national media has pretty much dropped the whole Trump-Is-A-Russian-Manchurian-Candidate thing, it is because the naked truth about the Obama administration's chilling spying -- something the media has covered up for months -- is finally coming to light. Last week, both The Washington Post and The New York Times quietly reported that the Obama administration had "wiretapped" (their word, not mine) a Trump staffer.

The Trump-hating Guardian then dropped another bombshell, the news that pretty much every Western intelligence agency in the world was aiding and abetting the Obama administration's unbelievable and unprecedented (Nixon only wanted to do this) abuse of power against a political opponent":
Over the next six months, until summer 2016, a number of western agencies shared further information on contacts between Trump’s inner circle and Russians, sources said. 
The European countries that passed on electronic intelligence – known as sigint – included Germany, Estonia and Poland. 
Australia, a member of the “Five Eyes*” spying alliance that also includes the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, also relayed material, one source said. 
Another source suggested the Dutch and the French spy agency, the General Directorate for External Security or DGSE, were contributors.
Nolte goes on to explain in detail how these alliances worked together, why Judge Napolitano was suspended, then quickly back on the network, and how the news media, (the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the U.K. Guardian), supplied/revealed how and why, (with all this worldly intelligence searching for collusion), never found one scintilla of evidence of collusion, but did reveal who was spying on Trump:

“In other words, the whole world was spying on Trump, not just the Obama administration, and even with all of these resources the Democrats and their media got exactly squat. There is no evidence of any wrongdoing between Team Trump and Russia. There is, however, a growing pile of evidence that Team Barry needs to be investigated by Congress and the Justice Department.”

Read the rest of Nolte's report here, because you won't find it in the mainstream news.  They're "quietly" working behind the scenes to find another distracting headline to take the public's minds off the fact that some one, (or many), should be looking for indictments coming in the mail---very soon.

* For more on the Five Eyes, this link provides details on the longstanding alliance, (that may have colluded with Obama and the Democrats to ensure a Trump defeat in the Election and his financial demise).

Monday, April 10, 2017

President Trump's Strike on Syria Met with Consensus Approval---Liberal Media Befuddled

Just days after the Trump administration sends a clear message---to the world---that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated, the American Alt-Left Anti-Trump Liberal Media begins their traditional attacks on the President.

Let’s be clear, NOTHING President Trump does--in the eyes of CNN, MSNBC, THE NY SLIMES, THE WASHINGTON COMPOST, and others---can be reported as a positive action, or in the best interest of this nation.  NOTHING.  As for advising the President on National Security measures, the ALT-LEFT MEDIA will be the first to offer their own authoritative opinions on foreign policies. 


Politically, this “single action” was met with overwhelming support  from Congress, (with the exception of Hillary’s VP, Senator Tim Kaine and Republican Rand Paul), both who questioned the President’s constitutional authority on the military strike.

Further, since politicians follow national polling, (before taking any kind of stand, negative or positive), the 57% approval of Mr. Trump’s strike, muted many of Trump’s political adversaries---for the time being.  Add to this approval, the support from U.S. Allies around the world, Democrats and the anti-Trump Media are at an impasse.

The current consensus among many of the politicians is, this strike was o.k., but do it again, and we’ll need to “approve it” first.


The Sun reported that a joint command centre in Syria said: ‘What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.’

Got that?  From “now on”, we’ll respond to any interference in our private civil war, where we’ve invited Russia and Iran to help decimate our opposition population---by any means necessary.

I would submit that since Putin had a two-hour notice that the Tomahawks were inbound, (and did nothing to stop them), he must have decided Trump's measured response was inevitable, and even perhaps, reasonable, given the entire world had witnessed the gassings, and were demanding a response.

At this point, the alt-left anti-Trump Media will have an extremely hard time keeping their false narrative alive that Putin put Trump in office, ie, "they collectively colluded" to defeat Hillary, when President Trump has thrown a monkey wrench into Putin's, (and the Iranian's), plans to keep Assad in power.

Currently, no one in the Trump Administration has insinuated any form of escalation of U.S. military forces in Syria. Nikki Haley at the U.N. has warned, appropriately, there "could be" more strikes on Assad's government "if" chemical weapons are deployed again.

The Russians, Iranians, Assad's Government, and our own biased Liberal Media will have to deal with Trump's ultimatums.  The possibilities are endless on how they will respond, while the entire world is watching to see who blinks first.

Chess anyone? 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Wednesday, March 29th, 2017.……… and the Democrats are still Losers

Little Chucky Schumer says Neil Gorsuch didn’t meet his liberal progressive standards for a Supreme Court nominee, so he’s urging all of his Democrat[ic] colleagues to vote against President Trump’s selection.  The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote next Monday, with the full Senate vote expected later in the same week.

Yet, these Senate Democrats seem to have “selectively-short” memories.  

In 2006, Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals without a single dissenting vote.  Among those who approved Mr. Gorsuch, (in a voice vote, with not one objection), includes Little Chucky himself, then Senators Barack Obama & Joe Biden, and current Senators Dianne Feinstein, (ranking member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary), Minority Whip Dicky Durbin, Senior Senator Patrick Leahy, Debbie Stabenow, Robert Menendez, and Ron Wyden among others.  The full list of current Senate Democrats who voted FOR Gorsuch in 2006 is at this link

Oh, and did I mention, then Senator Hillary Clinton was also present at this voice-vote without an objection?

All in all, the butt-hurt Democrats are still pissed off because 1), their queen lost, 2), Obama’s selection of Merrick Garland was not considered, (referred by Democrats as “a stolen seat”, despite the hypocrites ignoring the “Biden Rule“), and 3), thanks to now departed Dirty Harry Reid, the explosive device known as the nuclear option leaves the Democrats virtually powerless going into the vote next week.

Never has the phrase “elections have consequences” carried so much weight.  Next week, those consequences will come to fruition no matter which path the Democrats choose----to filibuster or not.

One of the reasons Donald J. Trump is in the White House was because Republican voters saw the seriousness of this SC selection, (and future selections), to prevent the Court from to turning into Liberal Activist Arm for the Progressives.

Democrats entered this battle unarmed and unprepared because the pollsters and the Media told them there was nothing to worry about---Mrs. Clinton had this election “in the bag”.  I can’t help but wonder how unhinged the left will become by the end of next week, when “the losers” lose…………..again. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Purging of Obama's Government----A Transition of Power

President Trump was well aware that the "peaceful transition of power", (that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton only once claimed "it must happen in our democratic Republic"), would be a bit more difficult to complete with a shell-shocked Democrat Party and the liberal left media yet to accept reality.

Despite NO EVIDENCE, the Opposition Media, aka, the radical alt-left media is still driving their fake news mantra, insisting Mr. Trump's Campaign and the Russians defeated Hillary.  The Opposition Media's obsession could be described as a chronic schizophrenia as they continue to embarrass their profession.  Leading the way is the New York Times, the Washington Post, followed religiously by NBC and their far left cable net MSNBC, and CNN---the epitome of an obsessive "news outlet" yearning for the title of the king of propaganda news.

Meanwhile, the Schumer and Pelosi-lead Democrats are making no bones about participating in a functioning government---THEY WILL NOT.  The Party of Obstruction and disruption will not contribute to the well being of this nation or its people, and the voters will remember this fact when they go to the polls next year, proving once again they've learned nothing from the last few election cycles.

President Trump, (while putting up this opposition), has his own set of troubles still within his transitioning government. Classified material leaks coming from inside his government should be a serious concern by most Americans, but the alt-left media and most Democrats seem to relish on the borderline seditious actions.

On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked the remaining 46 U.S. attorneys, (Obama political appointees), to resign, (a purge completely typical and uniform of all incoming Presidents), yet the alt-left opposition media, specifically the New York Times, found this action "abruptly irritating". 

"Trump Abruptly Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors to Resign"

Throughout the article, the Times obsessively uses the term abruptly, as if the move was some how out of the norm of transition governments.  It took the author 17 paragraphs to allow their readers to understand this normal procedure:

"It is not unusual for a new president to replace United States attorneys appointed by a predecessor, especially when there has been a change in which party controls the White House."

CNN jumped in on the fray with this headline and a few quotes from the indignant:

Anger mounts over handling of US attorney firings

“It is common for administrations to ask holdovers to step down, but what is less common is the abruptness of Friday's announcement.”

"The law enforcement source said it is understood that it's customary for a new administration to ask for resignations, but "you don't tell them to clean out their desks the same day effective midnight tonight. There are people traveling on official business -- are they supposed to turn into their cell phones today? Can they come into their office tomorrow to check email?" (CNN link not provided purposely)

Well shucks, most Americans and political junkies knew this "abrupt undertaking" was going to take place, but, in the minds of the Opposition Media, everything Mr. Trump does is sensationalized and "unusual".

As to the comment from CNN's "law enforcement source", yes, all government property must be turned in, no, you may not check the mail tomorrow, and yes, YOU'RE FIRED.

Trump and Sessions should also have every room these people occupied swept for bugging devices as this abrupt transition continues to purge the stench of Obama's leftovers.  

At this point, there should be nothing "peaceful" considered. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017



It only took four Trump Tweets, (early, Saturday morning of March 4th, 2017), to erupt into a firestorm across the media airwaves and the internet, when President Trump flat out accused the Obama Administration of wiretapping the Trump Towers during a Presidential Election: 

With the revelation that a sitting President---of an opposing Party---could employ the powers within his administration to investigate any Presidential Candidate reeks of the "McCarthyism", as Mr. Trump has implied.  Where, and how this "action" came about, remains to be seen.  For the record, an Obama spokesman, Kevin Lewis, said: “President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen.”

The favorite line from the Liberal Opposition Media all day Saturday and early Sunday morning has been, "NO EVIDENCE FOUND", three words not written in the annals of this same media throughout the weeks of fabricated stories promoting the idea that the Trump campaign directly colluded with Russian Government operatives to defeat Hillary Clinton.

In a methodical and systematic process, (the day after Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States), the suddenly out-of-power Democratic Party, the Washington D.C. Establishment apparatus, and a willingly complicit Alt-Left Media have mounted an unprecedented campaign to literally destroy all facets of an American Presidential Election.

The only thing that is painfully obvious is that the PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER, (a sacred tradition of this Democratic Republic), is now in serious jeopardy of breaking down.

At the conservative website The Sparta Report, writer Patrick Pulatie lays out the similarities of the potential illegal actions of the Obama Administration and the Watergate Nixon Era.

“It would appear that history is repeating itself with Wiregate. Essentially the same general parties are involved, just operating in different roles. And another Constitutional Crisis is the coming impact of Wiregate, just like with Watergate.

As the attack on President Trump continues, I expect that we will be seeing more and more similarities to Watergate. The only hope of the Democratic Party is to continue the attacks upon the President, hoping that they can damage him and force a resignation. The problem for the Democrats is that every action that they take, it generates a stronger and much more devastating response from both Trump and his supporters and that results in further loss of ground for the Dems.”  (link)

Reports of this bombshell attack can also be found at Powerline here & here.  And, the Conservative Treehouse supplies an excellent timeline of Obama's Shadow Government.

And, of course, the Obama folks are denying any and all of Trump's accusations.  (I'll provide links to their denial-denials soon). 

In the light of this "WireGate" scandal---and the search for the "burglars"---I'm reminded (by a colleague), of this certain fact: The NSA is the White House.

Much more ahead............

Update: It appears the Trump administration is going to let this "pot of stew" simmering:

Friday, March 3, 2017

Pictures and Videos-----Worth a Thousand Words

As the Democrats continue their all out assault against the Trump administration, let us all take delight in the recordings from the internet.  Here are your Democrat "leaders" from the Senate and the House chumming it up with Russians.

Listen to the awkward silence after Pelosi asked if she’s ever met with Russians (via The American Mirror)

And then, this little peach of a "don't you just love them Russians" below.

Photo contradicts Pelosi's statement about not meeting Kislyak

Update: And Trump has had enough of this crap:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

President Trump Addresses the Nation----Democrats Sit

Democrats Don’t Rise in Applause to defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism, Iranian Nuclear Missiles, or Supporting Israel.  Don’t rise for making health insurance policies accessible across state lines----reforming the disaster of ObamaCare.  Democrats don’t rise for school choice, or eliminating violence in our inner cities.  Democrats reluctantly rise in supporting our law enforcement agencies.  Democrats don’t rise on preventing illegal criminal aliens who murdered American citizens, or our police forces who protect all Americans.  Democrats reluctantly rise in increasing military spending and supporting our Armed Forces.  Despite a tribute to a fallen hero, (that got the longest ovation of the evening), Democrats had a hard time standing and applauding Ryan, a man who died in defense of our nation.  Democrats could not rise to hope for a better life, a better future for our children, and a stronger safer America.  They couldn’t wait to exit the chamber in haste.  And they do not represent the spirit of this great nation.

United, they sat.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The State of the Union---One Big Mess, Thanks to the Democrats, the Washington Bureaucrats and the Media

President Trump, (two words the Democrats and their complicit Media has yet to come to terms with), will address a Joint Session of Congress tonight in his first State of the Union.

Make no mistake, both the Democrats and the Mainstream Liberal Media are intent on insuring Mr. Trump fails in promoting his agenda through false narratives, conspiracy theories, and outright lies.

As I write this, (3:22 am, pacific time), CNN's Chris Cuomo is still pushing the theory that the Russians "elected" President Trump though a series of connections during his campaign.  Despite yesterday's press conference by the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, (Devin Nunes), stating that there is NO EVIDENCE of contact between Russia and the Trump campaign, Jeff Zucker's puppet, [Cuomo] is still in search of a lie that will produce a narrative to the contrary.

From the Washington Times:

“We still don’t have any evidence of them talking to Russians,” Mr. Nunes said as he briefed reporters. “As of right now, the initial inquiries I’ve made to the appropriate agencies, I don’t have any evidence.”

He said he’s interested in evidence, but it doesn’t appear the investigative agencies have it.

"I want to be very careful; we can't just go on a witch hunt against Americans because they appear in a news story," said Nunes (R-Tulare). "We still don't have any evidence of them talking to Russia."

The New York Times, citing anonymous U.S. officials, reported earlier this month that Trump campaign aides had “repeated” contacts with Russian intelligence, based on “phone records and intercepted calls.”

But, enough with the lamestream liberal media's bullshit lies. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and others, have their agenda, (to defame Mr. Trump).  It's not working. The Liberal Media's digging their own grave, while literally imploding right before the public's eyes.  And, the delusional Democrats are already talking about impeachment.

The reality is, Donald J. Trump is this nation's President.  (Let that sink in Liberals)  He's moving boldly forward from a position of strength, leadership, and a resolve to make this country great again.  The Democrats, and their Media are scared stiff that Mr. Trump will indeed be successful---putting Americans first---ahead of the politics, and embarrassing lies from the Media.

We, the people, understand perfectly what is the agenda of the Democrats and Their Media.  And it's not in the best interest of the Nation.  Their divisive tactics of lies, (including the false racism accusations), and bogus yellow journalism by our American Media, is the direct effect of a liberal society that refuses to accept the results of a national election.  It's time for the "children" to grow up.

Friday, February 24, 2017


CNN, the New York Times, Politico, (and a few others who pretend to be a news media source*), were not invited to a Sean Spicer press gaggle after President Trump's blistering speech at CPAC, once again blasting the #fakenewsmedia.

Wolf Blitzer called it "a shocking development".

Since November 9th, the day Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, [of America]**, the liberal media has been on a full-fledged attack against the President.  Their biggest argument---he's not a legitimate president, because the Russians installed him.

The Mainstream Liberal Media wants us to forget that this media has regurgitated every Democrat talking point throughout the campaign, before and during the inauguration, and 24/7 since Mr. Trump officially took office.  Adding insult to injury, the Senate Democrats have deliberately obstructed, (and delayed) every Trump appointment to his cabinet.

There is no mistake or misunderstanding---the Democrats and their complicit Liberal Media are at war.

I might add that the far-left liberal wing of the Democrat Party has pushed even the moderates to accept their decision to not work with, or compromise with the Republican Congress’s & Trump’s agenda.

They have collectively decided to obstruct & oppose any and all legislation, appointments, or Trump directives by utilizing the lower Obama courts, ie suing for redress, (aka tying up all laws and legislation passed by a duly elected Congress).

Both the Democrats and their opposition media should be called out on the carpet by President Trump and a United Republican Front AND THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED OUR PRESIDENT in a single collective voice.

Only in a United Front----a complete coalition dedicated to Trump’s agenda---can and will defeat the Democrat’s decision of total obstruction in thwarting the will of the people.  Draw the lines. Make the distinction of which side is working in the interest of ALL AMERICANS, versus the liberal left’s activist destructive tactics---the Sanders/Warren/Ellison wing of their party---who have stretched the patience of the people beyond the reasonable boundaries of civility or measured discourse.

Point out that it is the Democrat Party, (and their media) that’s advocating & promoting anarchy and unrest while not accepting the results of an American Election.  Enough is enough!

The tireless adage that “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” has never been more important to the life of this nation and its new direction.

We have staved off the liberal progressive socialist agenda and the Obama Transformation---by the skin of our teeth---but the fight has just begun.

You want to see a "real shocking development" Mr. Blitzer?  Keep telling lies.

* Buzzfeed, and the L.A. Times were also not invited.

** I highlighted this because that last time I checked, this was America, covered by primarily an American Media.  The dishonest liberal media providing discourse, division, and literally joining the Democrat Party as the opposition to Republicans and this President is not an American value, nor does it meet the journalistic standards of the 4th Estate.