Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words-----Part Two

Missing in action is the lady who would be coronated, Hillary Clinton, who couldn't make it back from a commercial break in time for the live coverage. The official excuse from the Clinton campaign was there was only one bathroom for the ladies, and some one had beaten her to the room, (despite her political operatives foreseeing the potential debacle and saving her place in line).  An "over-caffeinated" staffer of Presidential candidate Martin O'Malley had some how jumped ahead of line.

Also during this "debate", Mrs. Clinton made up another "video whopper story", claiming ISIS is showing Donald Trump videos for recruiting purposes.  Fact-checkers the following day searched in vain for the video, (even the Liberal News Network CNN disputed Clinton's contention), but all they could find is an old Mohammad video blamed for the "spontaneous demonstration" that caused the death of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.  Factcheckers were not necessary in Mrs. Clinton's Benghazi whopper---a non-terrorist attack---because her President, and then National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, both backed her story up claiming there was no pre-planned terrorist attack on the consulate.

As many will remember, Mr. Obama was working on his re-election bid, and the campaign was claiming "al Qaeda was on the run, and Bin Laden was dead". 

Patching this narrative together with Obama's complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq, (to stake the claim that he'd ended a war), an actual terrorist attack murdering an American Ambassador would have destroyed the President's claim that his foreign policy leadership was working perfectly.  With just two weeks before the election, and Susan Rice's blitz of lies, (and both Obama and Clinton blaming the attack on a video-maker) an ever complicit liberal media rubber-stamped this false narrative, and Obama went on to win his second term.

It should also be mentioned that this "debate" took place on a Saturday evening the same time as the much of the national audience were viewing a Jets/Cowboys football game.  The next Democratic Debate is scheduled for a Sunday, when not one, but two NFL playoff games are to be nationally televised.  It's obvious to almost everyone that the DNC intends to keep Mrs. Clinton from as little exposure as possible in this pre-determined Coronation.

One could guess keeping Mrs. Clinton off the stage might have been a little over-kill.  But then, Mr. Obama's tardiness to the podium, (during most of his press conferences), keeps Mrs. Clinton joined at the hip---in both policies and appearances---with the current occupant in the White House.  Coupling this with the whoppers both seem to tell on a regular basis, an American electorate can look forward to what the weatherman* says, "there will be no change".

* (I threw in this politically incorrect term purposely to point out we should all remain gender-neutral during this campaign period---a reminder Mrs. Clinton should remember---on her way to the lady's room.)   


Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Picture Worth a Thousand Words.....

"When all of this is over -- I mean, the argument's over, when all the points have been made -- there's still a picture. It's Chuck Schumer and the Gang of Eight with Marco Rubio in the picture, and nowhere is Ted Cruz ."  ~ Rush Limbaugh 

Make no mistake, Rubio's Gang of Eight bill was a fast-track path to citizenship for millions who chose not to wait in the line of legal immigration.  Donald Trump is a threat to those profiteers seeking only cheap labor, (subsidized by the federal government and the welfare programs), and designed to line the pockets of all who will support a perpetual class of dependents.  

"Democrats want unlimited illegal immigration because they believe it will help permanently cement them in power. On the other hand, many Republican politicians also want unlimited illegal immigration because they're getting huge campaign contributions from businesses that want to profit from illegals while passing the costs on to the American people."  ~ John Hawkins 

Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are a threat to these status quo politicians who depend on the money flowing into their campaign accounts, feeding the beast of illegal immigration and, by extension, wage control for all Americans. 

It's a racket.  And Marco Rubio got in bed with the racketeers.  All the political spin in the world won't change this fact.

Update: If there's any confusion that Ted Cruz was attempting to kill the Schumer/Rubio gang of eight bill, let's go to one of the horse's mouth:

Friday, December 11, 2015

2016 Republican Presidential Race-----Trump vs. The Establishment

Just 51 days from the Iowa Caucuses, (countdown clock), the race for the Republican Presidential nomination is beginning to look ugly.  

Donald Trump leading the pack of candidates, (13 still officially running), with a Real Clear Politics average of 30.4%, +14.8 over runner-up Ted Cruz, at 15.6%. Ben Carson and Marco Rubio follow up with identical 13.6% numbers, and then the rest of the candidates fall far back----Jeb Bush, 3.6%, Christie, Paul, Kasich, and Fiorina ranging from 2.6% to 2.2%, and the "final four", Huckabee, Santorum, Pataki, and Graham, garnering a total of 2.0%.

As long as this total field of candidates remain in this race, the Establishment Republican Cartel, (aka GOPe, aka Washington Power-brokers, aka the Anti-Trump coalition), are nervously figuring out that Mr. Trump could run the table on the Party's race to the Convention in July.  Since the middle of July this year, Donald Trump has moved from a contender to the front-runner by a huge margin, (with a temporary lead held by Ben Carson before fading over the past few months).  

What was once considered a race between Governors Scott Walker and Jeb Bush at the first of the year, one is gone, and Bush is in serious trouble of becoming another "also-ran".  It was reported recently that Bush's Super-Pac has spent more than half their reserves, ($50 million), in ineffective advertising---to, in part, attack his opponents, and to keep his campaign from virtually fading into the sunset.  Bush maintains he's confident that in the long run, he'll be there at the finish line, but political pundits and prognosticators have expressed their doubts. Between his lackluster performances in debates and the rise of Rubio's numbers, Bush might not make it to the SEC primaries in March.

But, enough of Bush's troubles.  The REAL FIGHT is just beginning.

The current dilemma that the power-brokers in the Republican Establishment Cartel, (herein referred to as the REC), is the realization that they might have to choose between two candidates considered "out-siders" in either Donald Trump or the surging Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz.  The Political Pundits on the Hill believe it's down to a three-way race:

"Three candidates for the Republican nomination have broken away from the rest of the pack, and two of them — businessman Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — give the GOP establishment nightmares. 
That leaves the third member of the trio, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, potentially well placed to pick up the support of center-right Republican voters who are looking for someone to stop Trump and Cruz at almost any cost.

But Rubio is behind both of his top-tier rivals in national polling averages and is even further back in Iowa, home to the first-in-the-nation caucuses, where he holds fourth place, albeit behind the fast-fading Ben Carson. 
An even deeper problem for the Florida senator is that other candidates who are competing for the same voters are unlikely to drop out before the New Hampshire primary. That means votes that might otherwise go to Rubio could instead be won by contenders such as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Ohio Gov. John Kasich."
Of course, from reading the "tea leaves" above, the Hill seems to think their last best hope, (for an establishment candidate), is Senator Rubio. GOP strategist John Feehery, (who is also a columnist for the Hill), did his best to berate the two front-runners, Trump and Cruz, claiming the "reputation of the party" is at stake:
“Listen, I think both Cruz and Trump would have a similar impact on the party, neither of which would be very good. I am actually more concerned about Cruz than I am about Trump,” said GOP strategist John Feehery, a former senior leadership aide who is a columnist for The Hill. 
Feehery added, “I think Cruz has made a reputation of relentless mendacity ... I think he’s a demagogue and I think he’ll destroy the party. I think Trump is much more of a blowhard. But there’s not really a dime’s worth of difference between Trump and Cruz.”
Yes, this is the same "REC" advocate John Feehery that said "Trump won't last long after attacking a guy as popular as G.W. Bush" and penned "The Tea Party Must Be Crushed" in 2013.  If there's ever a label of an Establishment Pundit, Feehery's earned the title.

Which brings us to level of serious desperation the REC is in.  So serious, they're already talking about how to derail the whole process and prepare for contested convention:
"Republican officials and leading figures in the party’s establishment are preparing for the possibility of a brokered convention as businessman Donald Trump continues to sit atop the polls in the GOP presidential race. 
More than 20 of them convened Monday near the Capitol for a dinner held by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, and the prospect of Trump nearing next year’s nominating convention in Cleveland with a significant number of delegates dominated the discussion, according to five people familiar with the meeting. 
Weighing in on that scenario as Priebus and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) listened, several longtime Republican power brokers argued that if the controversial billionaire storms through the primaries, the party’s establishment must lay the groundwork for a floor fight in which the GOP’s mainstream wing could coalesce around an alternative, the people said."
Now if you'd ask if, or why Mr. Priebus might appear to be a bit biased and partisan on the "People's Choice" for President, the RNC’s chief strategist and spokesman, Sean Spicer can lay your worries to rest:
“The RNC is neutral in this process, and the rules are set until the convention begins next July. Our goal is to ensure a successful nomination, and that requires us thinking through every scenario, including a contested convention.”
Right!  And Vladimir Putin is "neutral" when it comes to the Ukraine's independence too---until they're not.

If I hear one more of these phony "neutral" participants argue that "it's for the good of the Party" [to derail the process and nominate one of these REC candidates], I swear, my keyboard is going to explode---when it hits the wall across the room.

I will however submit that the egregious, belligerent, and arrogant moves that this current Republican Party is about to take part in, far outweighs anything imaginable Donald Trump & Ted Cruz could say or do. You want to see a party destroyed Mr. Priebus?  Just try manipulating the will of the people---yeah, the people who may have been bought and paid for the last time around that put you jack-asses in office---but not this time around.  You want to see another 2010 Tea Party style revolt?  Just try stealing the people’s choice at this convention. You idiots can’t possibly be this stupid.  Or can you?

Friday, December 4, 2015

FBI: This Investigation is now classified as AN ACT OF TERRORISM

Finally, after the carnage left by two "radicalized" terrorist, (two days later), the FBI has upgraded the terminology of this viscous attack way too close to home.
“The investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers, and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations,” the F.B.I. director, James Comey, said at a news conference here. But, he said: “so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group, or form part of a cell. There’s no indication that they are part of a network.”
“There’s a number of pieces of evidence which has essentially pushed us off the cliff to say we are considering this an act of terrorism,” he said.  link

To find a starting description of what actually took place, Wikipedia was just as good as any, given the limited "editorializing"---it WAS a Christmas Party.
On December 2, 2015, husband and wife Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik carried out a terrorist attack, shooting and killing 14 people and injuring 21 others at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, United States. They targeted a holiday party for employees of the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, held in an auditorium with at least 100 people, before fleeing in an SUV. Farook had attended the party as an employee.
After a regional manhunt, the two perpetrators were killed by police during an exchange of gunfire approximately four hours later. The FBI took over the investigation as a counter-terrorism investigation due to the equipment used, recent travel to the Middle East, and one of the perpetrators having contacts with Islamist extremist views.  LINK

With the FBI now officially calling this a TERRORIST ATTACK, it gives the agency full control of the investigation, even though they've had the lead just hours after the initial attack.  All of the evidence taken from the home of these two scumbags is in the hands of the FBI, and perhaps the public will hear more of what they've garnered in the days to come.

Early "speculation", (mostly media-driven, but with some caveats), indicates that the wife may have played a big part in radicalizing her husband, who originally met her online before they got together on a few junkets by the male scumbag.

As you can see by now, other than finding these cowardly creeps' real names in quoted material, I refuse to refer to them as anything other than scumbags---THEY ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH---along with their perverted faith and all others who have chosen to affiliate with these poor excuses for human beings, and I will not give them the dignity of using their actual names.

Most of the Liberal Media, their pundits, (and Mr. Obama), did their best to attempt to keep this TERRORIST ACT classified as a domestic workplace violence incident, but much of the evidence was overwhelming right from the start that is was anything other than a TERRORIST ATTACK on innocent American citizens. 

While the Liberal Media still clings to the narrative that these scumbags were not "directed" by overseas scumbags, they will say "they were inspired", by the information the FBI has found, including the scumbag wife posting a Facebook allegiance to the current scumbag leader across the ocean.

Two criminal defense attorneys representing family members of the scumbags are making the case that, so far, there are no links by the scumbags to any other terrorist organizations.  They are taking offense to the media labeling the scumbags as "Muslim Terrorist", and asking the media to not draw conclusions in their publications that are not factual.  There asking that discrimination be "checked" and freedom of religion are still important factors.

(What you won't read in the liberal media is one of the attorneys making the case that a few thousand rounds of ammo is not that uncommon.  He went on to point out how the Obama administration unnecessarily stockpiles, (hoards), ammunition of many brands that make it hard for people to find for their weapons.  The lawyer also admonished Mr. Obama for his immediate gun grabbing rhetoric just moments after these killings.  Claiming he was an avid gun owner himself, he said it's not uncommon for him to maintain an inventory of 3-4 thousand rounds at a time for this very reason---the Federal Government controlling the availability of ammunition.  His Second Amendment Rights were invoked, but as I said, the liberal left will go out of their way to ignore this part of the interview.)

At this point it should be noted that CNN is covering this interview with the two lawyers for over 40 + minutes now, nonstop and commercial free.  Draw your own conclusions.........

Special Note to our dear President of the United States---this TERRORIST ATTACK, (whether concocted by only these two sumbags, or inspired, or directed by the scumbags overseas), is being carried out by Fundamental Radical Islamist Extremist---a continuation of the Islamic State, you choose to call ISIL. 

Update:  Rachel Stoltzfoos at the Daily Caller points out, (correctly), the Media Hypocrisy On FULL Display In Wake Of San Bernardino Shooting.  It's a good short read and highly recommended.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bill O'Reilly: Is President Obama Delusional?

On Monday night, Bill O'Reilly issued a scathing Talking Points Memo, (TPM), on the "actions" or "non-actions" of President Obama.  O'Reilly even injected the "D" word in asking the question many Americans may also wonder---is the President DELUSIONAL?   During his TPM, O'Reilly also pointed out how the top two Democratic presidential candidates are both clueless and deceptively inept on how they would tackle ISIS and their latest brazen attacks on the West.*

Later into the TPM, O'Reilly played a clip of Mr. Obama challenging those who believe "his strategy" is not working, and, if there's someone smarter than his advisers in the White House that have any better ideas, he'd like to hear from them.  O'Reilly's reply was simple, resolute, and practical in calling for NATO Nations to declare war on ISIS.

Watch the video, and decide for yourself if Mr. Obama and the Democrats don't seem to be lost, or have a solid answer or strategy for dealing with ISIS and their growing threats throughout the world:


* If you missed Hillary Clinton's response in her feeble attempt to both describe ISIS, or how to deal with them, go back to 3:22 of the video where Mrs. Clinton clearly has a problem with defining "Radical Islam" as she dances around the subject.  Mr. O'Reilly called it gobbly-gook, while also stating "a five-year old could have understood the question", [from the moderator], yet Hillary must think her audience is in a similar age bracket.  Not to be outdone by Hillary's dance routine, our resident socialist/communist/Marxist Bernie Sanders tops the lunacy of the Democratic left: "In fact climate change is directly related to the growth in terrorism".

Thanks to Bernie, Mr. Obama doesn't have the inside track on being the most delusional brick in the pile, but he's definitely in the top three.

Addendum:  It should also be pointed out that in Mr. Obama's news conference at the G-20 summit, he became irritated when reporters made it abundantly clear that ISIS has not been contained.  Senator Feinstein blows this contention right out of the water.   Calling the terrorist attack in Paris "a setback" probably didn't help.   Which is why your's truly had to take to twitter to remind our dear leader that "not breaking 100 on the golf course is a setback".  

Monday, November 16, 2015

Chilling: Movie Trailer Shows the Reality of Our Enemies and Their Strategy

After watching the trailer on Morning Joe this morning, (11/16), I hunted down the Youtube video to post here at COTR.  

Even though this a only a movie trailer, (produced and released by Showtime and the series "Homeland", the fictitious person, (Rupert Friend as CIA operative Peter Quinn), explains to his fellow Homeland "leadership" the reality of the strategy of the Radical Islamist, (ISIS), in plain and simple terms.

Watch the trailer first, and then ask yourself; how far off from reality is the statements Quinn poses to this panel?

"To Die For The Caliphate, and Usher in a World Without Infidels---that's their strategy".  (and it hasn't changed since the 7th Century)

Conservative talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh said that this short segment "put the war on terror against militant Islam in the best perspective it has ever been stated."   Limbaugh speaks about how much they, [the radical Islamist] are committed and how little this nation seems to be anything but committed to taking them seriously or combating an enemy that may very well come to our shores----OUR HOMELAND.  

I fear what transpired in France is only the beginning of these Jihadists' objectives bread for generations in their resolve to destroy the West and our way of life.  Make no mistake, they are far more dedicated to seeing their Caliphate come to fruition than "we" are in any attempt to stop them---that IS their strategy.  And, as the original trailer points out here, this nation, and its leadership, simply doesn't have one. 

(note: I hope to find a little better version of this video to replace this one, but for now, this is it.)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Terror in Paris

BREAKING!! PARIS UNDER TERRORIST ATTACK!! Multiple explosions; 60 DEAD; Yelled ‘Allah Akbar!!’

AWFUL NEWS. There has been a shooting at a Paris restaurant where two have died, and there are reports of an explosion at a soccer stadium where France was playing against Germany.
6:12 PM EST: An interview with someone who was at the theater when the attack commenced is posted here. 
6:06PM EST: Hostage at Bataclan Hall has updated his situation, saying: “still alive, just cuts.. carnage.. bodies everywhere”
More at the link above........

Anne Bayefsky
CNN: Hostages texting that they are being killed 1-by-1. Begging for police raid.

Anne Bayefsky ‏@AnneBayefsky  7m7 minutes ago
CNN:  Reporter inside concert hall escapes. Says it's a blood bath.  People hiding inside are texting, but are no police inside.

Update: Police finally stormed the concert hall---14 reportedly rescued---two terrorist inside killed.

Sad Update:  Just this very morning:

"Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” President Barack Obama seemingly downplayed the threat of ISIS in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that aired on Friday’s broadcast of “Good Morning America.”

Stephanopoulos asked Obama if ISIS was gaining in strength, to which Obama denied they were.

“I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” Obama responded. “What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq, and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave, but you don’t see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain.”

Sadder Update:  News service now reporting 100 dead inside concert hall.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


National Review's David French posted a story (Nov. 6th) about Politico's latest attempted hit-piece on GOP front-runner Ben Carson.  French makes the piece a little amusing with the headline---"Politico Is More Dishonest Than Ben Carson", but the crux of the story is about how "it appears it [Politico's story],engaged in its own spin campaign, hyping the story beyond all reason" according to French.

But, of course, this didn't stop Politico from going forward with their own "fabrication"/spin:

"Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Friday conceded that he never applied nor was granted admission to West Point and attempted to recast his previous claims of a full scholarship to the military academy — despite numerous public and written statements to the contrary over the last few decades."

While French calls this "a clever bit of wordsmithing", the fact that Politico had to edit out the word fabrication in their headline, leaves most political junkies to see just what Politico was up to, and how they failed miserably.  My guess is this is only the beginning of the liberal press's all-out assault on Republican candidates.

What I want to know is, how is Politico going to handle a New York Times' story about Ben Carson's newly created "love-child"?   Surely we can see this coming down the line if Carson remains at the head of the GOP field.  And, all the Times will have to say is, "we have reliable unnamed sources"*, and that will be enough for the drive-by media to run with it.

What I find fascinating is how the drive-by liberal media no longer carries the muscle they had just two election cycles ago, where a carefully calculated/fabricated hit piece automatically spelled doom for the candidate. NBC, CNN, Politico, and the other liberal maggot infested conglomerates are no longer carrying the invincible hammer of destroying a political candidate with the strokes of a keyboard, as evidenced by Politico’s attempted hit piece on Carson.  We can certainly thank the nationally recognized “fabricators” such as Dan Rather and Brian Williams for their “contributions” that have diluted the power they once wielded.

* (Speaking of unsourced stories, two days ago, Politico’s Josh Gerstein posted a “story”/”SCOOP”, (basically absolving Hillary Clinton of her handling of classified emails), using a single unnamed source throughout most of the story---”Source: Key Clinton emails did not contain highly classified secrets”.  Gerstein also states “A senior intelligence official told Politico that the [classification] process is “ongoing”, BUT, this official also asked not to be named.  Several online publications ran with this story, (including the Hill and DailyKos), yet, a quick google search reveals NOT ONE MAJOR NETWORK OR NEWS PUBLICATION has linked this “story”.  Twitchy is reporting that the story has been edited to include, “However, after an initial version of this story Friday, a spokesman for Clapper indicated the issue has not been fully resolved”.  See how this works?

Strike Two Politico!  One more, and, as SF Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow likes to say, “Grab some pine, meat”!!!  The meaning is simple---the batter is relegated to the bench made of pine.  Whoever the drive-by media sends up to the plate lately, seems to be enjoying having splinters up their derrières. 

Hilarious Update: Ignatius Hits GOP: No One Wants President Who 'Whines About Media Coverage'

Friday, October 30, 2015

Backfire---How the Liberal Media’s Futile Attempt to Sabotage a Debate Turned Into Boon of Wealth for Republicans, While Leaving Egg on the Progressive’s Faces.

Why did the liberals get unhinged after this last Republican debate?  I posted all but a few twitter comments complementing how these candidates reacted to an obvious plot by NBC, (and their puppets at CNBC), to make the candidates look inferior to their Democratic counterparts, and I got a barrage of liberal tripe that went far beyond the usual retorts.

Did the Republicans, (specifically, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie), get under their thin skins?  Has the culmination of the unity liberals observed these past few days, (through the “unification” of the House---albeit questionable---with the youngest Speaker ever to take the gavel, prefaced by the rousing performance of a unified Republican field of candidates turning the Liberal media on their heads), caused the Liberal contingency to go on a full throttle defensive?

Let’s make no mistake, the “performance” of the moderators at CNBC to denigrate, divide, and belittle Republican candidates was deliberate.  Period.  It only took moments into the debate to realize the questioning format was designed to put the Republicans into a “circus of clowns” before a national audience.   But, what transpired was a full on, (and unified), assault by Republican candidates who had heard enough of the childish denigration from the moderating panel.

The first question of the night, (to still perceived front-runner Donald Trump), by John Harwood set the tone for the evening:

"Mr. Trump, you've done very well in this campaign so far by promising to build a wall and make another country pay for it, send 11 million people out of the country, cut taxes $10 trillion without increasing the deficit, and make Americans better off because your greatness would replace the stupidity and incompetence of others," Harwood said. "Let's be honest," he added. "Is this a comic-book version of a presidential campaign?"
Let's be honest Mr. Harwood, if you, or any moderator had taken this deplorable tact of questioning to Hillary Clinton in the last Democratic Debate, they would have been castigated by the audience and the national liberal media.  Harwood not only asked Trump a condescending and insolent question, he also arrogantly debated with Trump while Trump was attempting to answer the question.

The other two moderators, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla followed suit by interrupting several of the candidates in mid-stream of their answers, as if they had some kind of right to inter into the debate rather than listen to the what the candidate had to say---the Candy Crowley Syndrome, who set the bar in the Obama/Romney debate by incorrectly correcting Romney on what is a terrorist attack.

Ted Cruz took the “leadership position” in the retaliation by ripping the panel apart by recapping the montage of questions/attacks already asked, (see inserted video below).  And the reaction from the Bolder, Colorado audience was instantaneous as they approved overwhelmingly of Cruz’s measured reprisal.

Marco Rubio then got into the fray, (by taking a question about political PACS), and turned it right back onto liberal media

“Sen. Marco Rubio hammered away at the “mainstream media” in the third GOP presidential debate, casting it as a propaganda machine for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party.

"…….The Democrats have the ultimate super PAC, it is called the mainstream media,” Mr. Rubio said, before panning the way the mainstream media has handled Mrs. Clinton."

To complete the trifecta, Chris Christie had heard enough of the panel’s ridiculous “questions”, when one of the moderators asked Jeb Bush about how he felt about fantasy football and possible federal intervention:

“Are we really talking about getting government involved in fantasy football? Wait a second, we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work, we have ISIS and Al Qaeda attacking us and we’re talking about fantasy football? Can we stop? Can we stop? Seriously?”

No one, (not even the mainstream liberal media), expected the backfire they would receive that night and the following morning after this debate.  The level of arrogance and disdain from the CNBC panel of moderators reverberated throughout both the conservative and liberal press, leaving the taste of bias even on the lips of the liberal left.  What CNBC, and by extension NBC, did was inexcusable, and, it certainly backfired.  While their attempt intended to put Republicans in a disfavorable light, what transpired was an inevitable avalanche of criticism that put the moderators in the center circle of big tent clowns.  In the words of the great orator in the White House, “they acted stupidly”.

Cruz and Rubio reportedly raked in over two million in donations after the MSM gaffe.  Many of the other Republican candidates got tons of extra air-time the following morning on almost all of the news networks, and the narrative of the day was, “who put these arrogant asses in charge of running a debate?”----a question that should also be asked of Reince Priebus and the RNC, but that’s another story.

For now, there’s a ton of egg on the faces of the liberal media contingency in this farce of an attempt to moderate a debate.  They flat-out embarrassed themselves with an obvious biased intent, and thought they could get away with the ploy.  Liberal Journalist and Journalism took a huge step backwards. Actually, they climbed into the gutter-side of politics and drug their liberal comrades along with them.

Perhaps this is why I received the barrage of tweets from liberals, (uninvited and unsolicited), spewing their talking points in such a defensive manner, you’d have thought Hillary Clinton had been indicted, or, someone took their favorite toy away.

There’s no doubt that Conservative Republicans won this round, and won the night convincingly.  Every one of the candidates firmly united against this blatant assault.  Watching the liberals become unhinged was an unexpected and sheer delight---proof positive they’re getting more and more desperate. 

Mainstream America won’t tolerate another despicable “performance” they saw on Wednesday night.  The outrage was swift and concise---the liberal media got taken DESERVEDLY to the woodshed---and the RNC had better not let this crap happen again. EVER.

Update: RNC pulls out of NBC debate in February

"The Republican National Committee has pulled out of a planned Feb. 26 debate with NBC News after widespread criticism of this week's CNBC debate from both the party and campaigns. 
"We are suspending the partnership with NBC News for the Republican primary debate at the University of Houston on February 26, 2016," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus wrote in a letter to NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack.  
"CNBC network is one of your media properties, and its handling of the debate was conducted in bad faith," Priebus wrote. 
"I have tremendous respect for the First Amendment and freedom of the press. However, I also expect the media to host a substantive debate on consequential issues important to Americans. CNBC did not."

Nothing like closing the barn door long after the horse has exited.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why We Should Never Forget........

A beautiful tribute to why we should never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice----better late than never.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Protecting the Status Quo Washington D.C. Cartel---At All Cost

In a recent article from Politico, (titled: “When Donald Trump Quits”), the author “surmises” that Donald Trump might “bail out” on his quest to be the next President of the United States, based on his past business practices.  The author, (Ben Schreckinger) makes the assumption the Trump might quit because the risk will outweigh the rewards.

“Throughout his career, Trump has demonstrated wild enthusiasm at the start of big projects, and ruthlessly pursued a profit agenda that, in many cases, has led him to ditch the deal when the risks, whether financial or reputational*, start to outweigh the prospective reward.”

Would that our federal government operate under these same parameters---weighing the cost vs. a profitable, (or, at least a neutral), outcome in making the proper decision, that the cost, (to the taxpayers), far outweighs the benefits, then perhaps this nation wouldn’t be on such a debt collision.   This nation recently took in record tax revenues, yet our government still outspends the income.  This nonsense has to stop. 

The problem with the Federal Government and our legislators, (on both sides of the isle), is that they have carelessly wielded the power of the purse, while at the same time inserting written legislation that guarantees they are not held responsible for the outcomes, including that they are all exempted from the very LAWS AND LEGISLATION they create.  It’s all good for us peons, but not good enough for these elite-minded politicians.  This, [procedure of exemption], also has to stop, along with the “blank-check” mentality of unlimited funds.

Could Donald Trump rein in these reckless spending procedures that has been the status quo for our government?  Would he?  When was the last time ANY PRESIDENT seriously went through the books--- decades of laws and spending legislation---and said, “this program is worthless, is not benefiting the taxpayers, and needs to be eliminated”?  The short answer is NEVER, because every bill (real money yearly extracted from the federal coffers), is some legislator’s pet project that’s bringing home the bacon for their district.  Cost, or effectiveness is never a consideration.

I would submit that this, [actually examining, and cutting wasteful and out of date federal programs] may be a primary concern for the Establishment Cartel in Washington, who fear Donald Trump would upset their status quo of uncontrollable spending practices, again, by both Democrats and Republicans.

Would running our federal government like a business, (who are answerable to their investors and shareholders), that CAN NOT spend beyond their means/incomes, really be bad for this nation?  Ask YOUR LEGISLATORS, “when was the last time you considered to ditch the deal when the risks, whether financial or reputational, start to outweigh the prospective reward.  Again, the answer is NEVER.

Put Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush in charge, and I’ll guarantee we will get more of the same status quo spending practices that have gone on for far too long. And, you can bet the power-brokers in Washington will do everything loaded into their arsenals to guarantee one of these candidates owns the White House to maintain this corruptive status.

Maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump plans on changing this, and the power the Washington Cartel has wielded relentlessly for decades.  It's no wonder the folks at Politico hopes he quits.  

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Democrats, Mainstream Liberal Media Got Taken to the Woodshed on Who's Running GOP Debates

The DNC, NBC, and the Liberal Media Pundits have to be furious at Trump's disruption of their "best laid plans" to define the Republican debates and how they are formatted.

And, the Mainstream Media, (CNBC/NBC), got a rude reality check about who’s running the Republican debates this time around.  Hint: It’s not the Media or their corruptive attempt to derail the process.

Not long after CNBC announced that the next GOP debate would be extended to three hours, (and both opening and closing statements would be eliminated), both Donald Trump and fellow front-runner Ben Carson reminded the network giant who was operating the party's debates: 

“Donald Trump and Ben Carson are threatening to skip the next Republican presidential debate unless the format is changed.
The campaigns sent a joint letter Thursday afternoon to CNBC's Washington bureau warning they wouldn't participate in the network’s debate on Oct. 28 in Boulder, Colo., unless it lasts no longer than two hours and includes both opening and closing statements by the candidates.”

John Nolte at Breitbart was quick to point out how DC/New York media thought they could manipulate the process:

“Our corrupt Washington DC/New York media again tried to mess with the Republican presidential field. 
While every other Republican remained publicly silent, frontrunner Donald Trump got his closest rival, Dr. Ben Carson, to join with him and together they stood up and said, “No.” 
This kept Trump in the headlines and at the top of the news cycle throughout yesterday afternoon and this morning. And now we’ve learned that Trump and Carson won. The DC/NY media agreed to the frontrunners’ demands. 
Does anyone in the weak-kneed Republican Establishment, or among the bubbled-morons in the Punditocracy, have any more questions about why The Donald appears to be coasting to the Republican nomination for President of the United States?  Anyone? “ (emphasis mine)

Mr. Nolte has long been an ardent opponent of the GOPe and the Republican Establishment cronies who, (by their silence), appear to be complicit with the Democrat Party in their attempt at controlling this Presidential race.  It has to be a shock to them to find out Mr. Trump has "played this game" too.   

Now, if only the GOPe establishment would, (at least), get out of the way of blocking the political process---Constitutionally afforded to all citizens of this nation---instead of participating in the corruption, perhaps then the rest of the media would understand they’re not running the show this time around.  There’s a new sheriff in town.  And, between him and his deputy, (for now), are calling the shots---not the Liberal Mainstream Media who chooses to bootstrap with the Democrat Party*.

* (I will not call them the "Democratic Party", because they no longer deserve the term)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Charlie Dent Doesn't "Get It"----But He Will Soon.

From Real Clear Politics:

Republican Rep. Charlie Dent Calls For "Bipartisan Coalition" To Select New Speaker

“If we can't get 218 Republican votes for a Speaker, then we'll have to try other options. I don't know what those options are, but I certainly don't want to put somebody in the Speaker's job who is going to appease those who are making unreasonable demands.” ~ Charlie Dent, a Pennsylvania Republican.

If you read Dent's entire post, (at the link above), you'll notice Mr. Dent, (R - PA), using the term “unreasonable demands” three times during his interview with CNN.

It would have been nice if Mr. Dent had cited at least one of these unreasonable demands, but these cowards in the Establishment Republican Party, (ERP’s)---people who are more concerned about keeping their positions in Washington rather than doing the will of the people---don’t even dare mention what these  unreasonable demands are, fearing they won’t look so unreasonable.

Check the national polling data Mr. Dent!  For the entire summer and now going into the fall, the top three leading Republican candidates for President are UNREASONABLE outsiders and not professional politicians----Trump, Carson, and Fiorina.

Do you think, (Mr. Dent), it’s a fluke that these three “unreasonable” people have the eyes and ears of the Republican electorate?

But let’s digress to what Mr. Dent, (and the Republican Establishment in the House), considers unreasonable:  1) Stopping President Obama from subverting the Constitution? 2) Passing a balanced budget amendment, forcing the Federal Government to live within their means, (what they take in from taxpayers vs. what they spend), instead of raising the debt ceiling EVERY TIME?  3) Forcing the Federal Government to stop using taxpayer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood---who are unethically harvesting baby parts for profit? 4) Stopping President Obama from subverting immigration laws already on the books?

Are ANY of these “demands” considered UNREASONABLE to a majority of the electorate? 

“In my view it's come time to marginalize those members who doesn't want to be part of the governing majority.”

Perhaps it’s time that Mr. Dent, and his gang of RINO ERPs realize it’s the “governing majority” that is out of touch with mainstream America, and seriously needs to be admonished and marginalized---NOT THE CONSERVATIVES who were elected and sent to Washington to complete the goals of their constituents, (see the above objectives).

I would submit it is not an UNREASONABLE request that the Republican Party recall that it is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE they are committed to represent.  Not the wishes of these status quo Washington Establishment Cronies---like Mr. Dent--- a permanent political class and structure that makes up their diminishing “governing majority”.

A Political Revolution is taking place within the Republican Party, and the “permanent political class” is crumbling right before their eyes, yet they're still blind to these changing times.  Hello?  Perhaps Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and now Kevin McCarthy can explain it better to Mr. Dent---your days are numbered.  Sooner or later, you’ll get it.     

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Walker confused about "positive" and "conservative"

I wonder what George Custer would have said…if on that fateful day, he received a message that said “Help is on the way!  We’ll stop Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse in their tracks.” 

Would he have said, “Can’t I get any positive, optimistic messages?”

Almost two-thirds of Americans think this country is on the wrong track.  And they are being told by one candidate that he will really do what both Democrats and Republicans have not done. 

But Scott Walker doesn’t think it’s optimistic or positive to tell voters “Help is on the way.” Scott Walker doesn’t think it’s positive or optimistic to tell them, “If  we lose this election, we might lose America; but we can make America great again.”

Scott Walker doesn’t think it’s positive or optimistic for Americans to be told “We can stop this runaway train that liberal extremists have engineered.”

Scott Walker doesn’t think that it positive or optimistic to tell voters that great nations secure their borders and expect those who come here from other nations to respect our laws.

Scott Walker thinks we need a “conservative alternative” to Donald Trump.  And who has he endorsed?  Marco Rubio. 

The first time Marco Rubio had to choose between being a “conservative alternative” and the extremism of the White House, Rubio chose to be a Schumer Republican.  And then he lied – repeatedly – to Americans about what was and wasn’t in that Gang of 8 bill of lies.

Yet Scott Walker prefers this Schumer Republican as the conservative alternative to someone who began his campaign by promising to secure our southern border once and for all, and stop the drowning of fundamental and historic American values in a tsunami that will “transform” America into a mediocre, even third world nation.

But Walker isn’t just wrong about Rubio.  While gearing up for his second term reelection, Scott Walker said he thought Chris Christie was“conservative enough” to be the Republican nominee.

Read Andrew McCarthy in the pages of National Review about Christie’s “conservative enough” credential – appointing Muslim judges soft on terrorism.  And this “conservative enough” would-be Republican nominee raised property taxes, has liberal views on climate change, on the illegal alien invasion….and has permanently secured his role as the Charlie Crist of New Jersey and the 2012 election. Only Candy Crowley rivals him on that score.

Scott Walker doesn’t recognize the danger facing our nation.  Scott Walker doesn’t recognize the positive and optimistic message so many of us hear in Trump:  we can pull this country back from the brink and make America great again!  Scott Walker thinks the man who couldn’t wait to be a Schumer Republican should carry the conservative banner.

It’s good that Scott Walker is going back Wisconsin.  It will be even better if he stops trying to tell the rest of us what is positive and optimistic and who the conservatives are. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Donald Trump Phenomenon---Confusing and Confounding Every Political Pundit & The Media

As the “official” campaign season kicked off after Labor Day, the single most perplexing question coming from most political junkies, pundits, and “professional” writers is HOW IS DONALD TRUMP WINNING?

The most recent polling numbers has Mr. Trump surging upward---now at 32%---and picking up support from unfamiliar, (and unheard of), territories with an “R” behind the name:

In a USASurvey poll, Trump received 31% of the Hispanic vote, and 25% of the black vote. To put that into perspective, a Republican candidate hasn’t posted these kinds of numbers since Ronald Reagan. Clearly, Trump’s message is resonating with Americans from all walks of life.”

And Trumps gains are also coming, (unexpectedly), from a cross-section of both women and students:

"Trump's gains come most notably among two groups that had proven challenging for him in the early stages of his campaign -- women and those with college degrees. While he gained just 4 points among men in the last month (from 27% in August to 31% now), he's up 13 points among women, rising from 20% in August to 33% now. Trump has also boosted his share of the vote among college graduates, increasing his support among those with degrees from 16% in August to 28% now. Among those without degrees, he stands at 33%, just slightly higher than the 28% support he had in August."

One thing is for certain, the political pundits, (both on the left and the right), who have labeled Mr. Trump "a clown", are the one's who have found themselves under the Big Top---in the center ring of their own circus.

On the right, (most notably the Washington Establishment, aka, the GOPe) Republicans have found themselves in a precarious position---how to deal with an outsider who refuses to conform to their status quo composition of a Presidential campaign.  Their obvious "favorite son", Jeb Bush, (despite his early funding from the corporate and special interest PACS), is far back, behind Ben Carson, (16%), and less than one third of Trump's lead, at only 8.3%, according to the latest RCP polling results. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Bush, and many of the GOPe crowd still "don't get it":

"Look, I don't get it. I don't see how over the long haul that you can insult your way to the nomination or the president -- certainly not the presidency -- and not the nomination either," Bush told CNN's Jake Tapper on "The Lead." (emphasis mine)

Bush is referring to Trump's latest "insult" about Carly Fiorina's face, which, despite the media's non-stop coverage, (and the liberal media's hysterical indignation of his comments), nothing seems to move The Donald anywhere but further up in the polls.  What Bush, (and most of the Establishment Pundits), don't understand---or refuse to admit to themselves---is "the insult" has been coming directly from the status quo political class of the RNC that has produced the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney---both Republican Presidential candidates who were clearly forced down the throats of an electorate---and could not garner "a conservative turnout".

What is crystal clear, (yet still oblivious to the GOPe folks), is this national movement by Conservatives, Independents, and even Reagan Democrats, who have had enough of the insulting status quo machine---and the Washington DC Cartel---that have promised real change, and delivered nothing.  (Yes, Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell, we are all speaking of you).

Enter, Donald Trump

The "outsider" and businessman, (who is not a career politician, and most importantly, will not be in need of the special interest corporate powers, or their money, who have corrupted this system), is indeed leading this country from an impending abyss.  The most unconventional candidate in the race has turned the entire election process upside down, while the rhetoric of the establishment Republicans have thrown the proverbial book at him, resulting in utter futility.

Those who have labeled Mr. Trump a clown and a fool should take a serious look in the mirror---perhaps "The Fool on the Hill" is in their own reflections.

As for Mr. Jeb Bush, you had us all at......."Look, I don't get it"

Update:  Mark Levin's take on the Trump Phenomenon: (audio)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rothman on "accomplished and electable" Republicans

Esconced at Commentary, Noah Rothman continues his infatuation with establishment Republicans who love to hate the conservative grassroots voters.  

In his most recent attempt to tell us that the base voters are no less clownish than Donald Trump, Rothman says this:

"Americans’ disregard for the value of the governing institutions that serve as the country’s foundational structures is evident in how the voting public has approached the coming presidential election. Thus far, the process has been a joke, and the public has treated it like one.
On the Republican side of the ledger, the most accomplished and electable field of presidential candidates in living memory has been overshadowed by the all-consuming umbra that is Donald Trump.”

His lack of respect for voters is evident.  We disregard the “value of governing institutions.”  On the contrary, it is because of our regard that our current sentiments run a particular direction.  Like the rest of the D.C. elitists, Rothman has never excelled at understanding voters.

But he insists this is the “most accomplished and electable field.”  Ah, yes…electability; and now we add “accomplished.”  A quick look at but a few in this field is in order. 

Let’s start with Sen. Marco Rubio.  His accomplishment?  He lied to his Florida constituents – “earned pathway to citizenship is amnesty” – and all the conservatives who supported him.  In the first major decision of his Senate career, he chose to become a Schumer Republican rather than keep his promise to the Tea Party conservatives that put him in the Senate.  He lied from the moment he was first interviewed by Rush.  His excuse?  It was the best deal he could get.  So, the Iran deal is ok, Marco?  Electable?  Not when three million conservatives stay home rather than vote for a Schumer Republican.

Chris Christie?  His accomplishments?  Well, he certainly aided and abetted the current occupant of the White House in his reelection bid.  But you know that.  He has appointed a Muslim judge with ties to Hamas, and he has raised property taxes in New Jersey.  Polls show him losing to Clinton in New Jersey.  Accomplishments and electability, Noah.  wow.

And the accomplished John Kasich.  If you like your New Testament a la Pelosi, this is the candidate for you.  His explanation for accepting the Medicaid expansion: what will you say when you get to the Pearly Gates?  Huh?  He claims he did it for the people of Ohio, but which ones?  Those Ohio voters who lost their health insurance? Ot those that will eventually pay millions in state funds for the expansion?  Electable?  Only if you also think….

....Jeb “Wannabe 45” Bush is electable.  Surrogates point to his lowering taxes in Florida, yet he refuses to take the “no new taxes” pledge.  Why?  Because he plans to follow in Daddy’s footsteps?  Where was he during the 2009 stimulus bill fiasco?  Where was he during the Roberts-0-care debates?  Well, we know: he was off working with Bill Gates to foist the liberal-driven Common Core onto our educational system.  There’s an accomplishment: adding yet another opportunity for liberal propaganda to overwhelm curriculum. 

Of course, his greatest accomplishment is being very clear that (1) crimes by illegal aliens are to be excused; (2) children of illegal aliens should benefit from the crimes of their parents; (3) that he is willing to watch our southern border and core American values disappear in a sea of those who are not coming here because they love and respect American values…and he calls this an “act of love.” Last but not least – conservatives:  I don’t need you, and I don’t like you.  

Electable?  A Jeb Bush candidacy will fracture the Republican party, resulting in another Alinsky-ite in the White House.  It will drive conservative grassroots voters forever from the fold.  Which of course is exactly what Bush retread hacks and the establishment elitists want. 

The principal accomplishment of most of this field?  The same as Rothman's: they refuse to listen to conservative voters and their concerns.    

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Small State of Israel

The "fear/threat" has always been the Jewish belief in a loving God, who, (they believe), established a covenant with the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, where God revealed His Commandments to Moses, (mentioned many times in the Book of Exodus). According to the Islamic faith, this was not Moses, but the prophet Mohammad, (where Allah spoke to Musa). Herein lies the conflict where the two religions collide in the interpretation, hence the persecution and genocidal inhalation of both Jews and Christians, who have placed their beliefs in the former translation of events. Sadly, a certain sect of the Islamic "faith" has perverted its "religion of peace" with the conviction that all peoples of the earth either convert to teachings of Allah and the Prophet Mohammad, OR, face death---a righteous undertaking according to those currently living/practicing this perversion. The "threat" is not the small piece of real estate called Israel. It is the powerful faith of the Jewish people.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Summertime Feel-Good Story: Talent and Class---That’s How the Giants Bring Them Up

Newly called up infielder Kelby Tomlinson was one hit away from tying Willie McCovey’s record of four consecutive hits from the start of their major league careers.  He hit a fly ball out to left field in the top of the sixth inning during last night’s 6-1 win over the Atlanta Braves, but his first three plate appearances were nothing short of impressive.

Two nights earlier, Tomlinson made his big league debut in the top of the 12th inning and calmly slapped a single to center field.  He later scored on a Buster Posey single that temporarily put the Giants up 8-7, but the Giants would lose this game in the bottom of the 12th on a two-run walk-off homer by Adonis Garcia.

After a night off, (where the Giants beat the Braves 8-3), Tomlinson received his first big league career start and in the top of the 2nd inning, (with two outs), the kid slapped an outside pitch to right field, collecting his second consecutive hit and his first two RBI’s, putting the Giants up 2-0.

Two innings later, (the top of the 4th), Tomlinson singled up the middle to drive in another run, putting the Giants up 3-0-----still hitting .1000 for his major league career.  After his next two plate appearances were unproductive outs, Tomlinson’s major league stats still look impressive---5 AB’s, 3-hits, 1-run scored, 3 RBIs, and a .600 average.

Drafted by the Giants in the 12th round of a June 2011 Amateur draft out of Texas Tech, Tomlinson finally got called up from AAA Sacramento after sporting a .316 batting average with 42 hits, 15 RBIs, and scoring 21 times in 33 games.  Defensively, his fielding percentage, (playing 2nd, 3rd, and SS over five seasons), is .964 in 462 games.

With Joe Panik out for a few more weeks, the utility infielder might just pile up some stats Willie McCovey would be proud of.  So far, the rest of his team-mates are happy to see the kid hitting a big-league stride while no one’s seen his speed on the base paths…..yet---rumors are he’s cat-like quick.  

To top off this story, Tomlinson dedicated his first MLB hit to Kaiser Carlile, the 9 year-old bat boy who died while getting struck in the head by a bat last week.  Tomlinson left a video message to Kaiser and the Carlile Family.  Tomlinson had previously played for the minor-league team where the accident occurred.   Now that’s class.

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