Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words-----Part Two

Missing in action is the lady who would be coronated, Hillary Clinton, who couldn't make it back from a commercial break in time for the live coverage. The official excuse from the Clinton campaign was there was only one bathroom for the ladies, and some one had beaten her to the room, (despite her political operatives foreseeing the potential debacle and saving her place in line).  An "over-caffeinated" staffer of Presidential candidate Martin O'Malley had some how jumped ahead of line.

Also during this "debate", Mrs. Clinton made up another "video whopper story", claiming ISIS is showing Donald Trump videos for recruiting purposes.  Fact-checkers the following day searched in vain for the video, (even the Liberal News Network CNN disputed Clinton's contention), but all they could find is an old Mohammad video blamed for the "spontaneous demonstration" that caused the death of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.  Factcheckers were not necessary in Mrs. Clinton's Benghazi whopper---a non-terrorist attack---because her President, and then National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, both backed her story up claiming there was no pre-planned terrorist attack on the consulate.

As many will remember, Mr. Obama was working on his re-election bid, and the campaign was claiming "al Qaeda was on the run, and Bin Laden was dead". 

Patching this narrative together with Obama's complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq, (to stake the claim that he'd ended a war), an actual terrorist attack murdering an American Ambassador would have destroyed the President's claim that his foreign policy leadership was working perfectly.  With just two weeks before the election, and Susan Rice's blitz of lies, (and both Obama and Clinton blaming the attack on a video-maker) an ever complicit liberal media rubber-stamped this false narrative, and Obama went on to win his second term.

It should also be mentioned that this "debate" took place on a Saturday evening the same time as the much of the national audience were viewing a Jets/Cowboys football game.  The next Democratic Debate is scheduled for a Sunday, when not one, but two NFL playoff games are to be nationally televised.  It's obvious to almost everyone that the DNC intends to keep Mrs. Clinton from as little exposure as possible in this pre-determined Coronation.

One could guess keeping Mrs. Clinton off the stage might have been a little over-kill.  But then, Mr. Obama's tardiness to the podium, (during most of his press conferences), keeps Mrs. Clinton joined at the hip---in both policies and appearances---with the current occupant in the White House.  Coupling this with the whoppers both seem to tell on a regular basis, an American electorate can look forward to what the weatherman* says, "there will be no change".

* (I threw in this politically incorrect term purposely to point out we should all remain gender-neutral during this campaign period---a reminder Mrs. Clinton should remember---on her way to the lady's room.)   


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