Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bill O'Reilly: Is President Obama Delusional?

On Monday night, Bill O'Reilly issued a scathing Talking Points Memo, (TPM), on the "actions" or "non-actions" of President Obama.  O'Reilly even injected the "D" word in asking the question many Americans may also wonder---is the President DELUSIONAL?   During his TPM, O'Reilly also pointed out how the top two Democratic presidential candidates are both clueless and deceptively inept on how they would tackle ISIS and their latest brazen attacks on the West.*

Later into the TPM, O'Reilly played a clip of Mr. Obama challenging those who believe "his strategy" is not working, and, if there's someone smarter than his advisers in the White House that have any better ideas, he'd like to hear from them.  O'Reilly's reply was simple, resolute, and practical in calling for NATO Nations to declare war on ISIS.

Watch the video, and decide for yourself if Mr. Obama and the Democrats don't seem to be lost, or have a solid answer or strategy for dealing with ISIS and their growing threats throughout the world:


* If you missed Hillary Clinton's response in her feeble attempt to both describe ISIS, or how to deal with them, go back to 3:22 of the video where Mrs. Clinton clearly has a problem with defining "Radical Islam" as she dances around the subject.  Mr. O'Reilly called it gobbly-gook, while also stating "a five-year old could have understood the question", [from the moderator], yet Hillary must think her audience is in a similar age bracket.  Not to be outdone by Hillary's dance routine, our resident socialist/communist/Marxist Bernie Sanders tops the lunacy of the Democratic left: "In fact climate change is directly related to the growth in terrorism".

Thanks to Bernie, Mr. Obama doesn't have the inside track on being the most delusional brick in the pile, but he's definitely in the top three.

Addendum:  It should also be pointed out that in Mr. Obama's news conference at the G-20 summit, he became irritated when reporters made it abundantly clear that ISIS has not been contained.  Senator Feinstein blows this contention right out of the water.   Calling the terrorist attack in Paris "a setback" probably didn't help.   Which is why your's truly had to take to twitter to remind our dear leader that "not breaking 100 on the golf course is a setback".  

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