Sunday, November 8, 2015


National Review's David French posted a story (Nov. 6th) about Politico's latest attempted hit-piece on GOP front-runner Ben Carson.  French makes the piece a little amusing with the headline---"Politico Is More Dishonest Than Ben Carson", but the crux of the story is about how "it appears it [Politico's story],engaged in its own spin campaign, hyping the story beyond all reason" according to French.

But, of course, this didn't stop Politico from going forward with their own "fabrication"/spin:

"Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Friday conceded that he never applied nor was granted admission to West Point and attempted to recast his previous claims of a full scholarship to the military academy — despite numerous public and written statements to the contrary over the last few decades."

While French calls this "a clever bit of wordsmithing", the fact that Politico had to edit out the word fabrication in their headline, leaves most political junkies to see just what Politico was up to, and how they failed miserably.  My guess is this is only the beginning of the liberal press's all-out assault on Republican candidates.

What I want to know is, how is Politico going to handle a New York Times' story about Ben Carson's newly created "love-child"?   Surely we can see this coming down the line if Carson remains at the head of the GOP field.  And, all the Times will have to say is, "we have reliable unnamed sources"*, and that will be enough for the drive-by media to run with it.

What I find fascinating is how the drive-by liberal media no longer carries the muscle they had just two election cycles ago, where a carefully calculated/fabricated hit piece automatically spelled doom for the candidate. NBC, CNN, Politico, and the other liberal maggot infested conglomerates are no longer carrying the invincible hammer of destroying a political candidate with the strokes of a keyboard, as evidenced by Politico’s attempted hit piece on Carson.  We can certainly thank the nationally recognized “fabricators” such as Dan Rather and Brian Williams for their “contributions” that have diluted the power they once wielded.

* (Speaking of unsourced stories, two days ago, Politico’s Josh Gerstein posted a “story”/”SCOOP”, (basically absolving Hillary Clinton of her handling of classified emails), using a single unnamed source throughout most of the story---”Source: Key Clinton emails did not contain highly classified secrets”.  Gerstein also states “A senior intelligence official told Politico that the [classification] process is “ongoing”, BUT, this official also asked not to be named.  Several online publications ran with this story, (including the Hill and DailyKos), yet, a quick google search reveals NOT ONE MAJOR NETWORK OR NEWS PUBLICATION has linked this “story”.  Twitchy is reporting that the story has been edited to include, “However, after an initial version of this story Friday, a spokesman for Clapper indicated the issue has not been fully resolved”.  See how this works?

Strike Two Politico!  One more, and, as SF Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow likes to say, “Grab some pine, meat”!!!  The meaning is simple---the batter is relegated to the bench made of pine.  Whoever the drive-by media sends up to the plate lately, seems to be enjoying having splinters up their derri√®res. 

Hilarious Update: Ignatius Hits GOP: No One Wants President Who 'Whines About Media Coverage'

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