Sunday, January 11, 2015

Missing In Action

1.5 Million, including World Leaders, march in solidarity against Radical Islamist Terrorist and neither Obama or Holder, (who was in the vicinity), were not in attendance.  

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Update:  French Interior Ministry says 3.7 M people rallied across France in march against terrorism & to remember #CharlieHebdo, supermarket victims

Update #2: 

By Josh Rogin

The lack of senior U.S. government officials at free speech, anti-terrorism rallies in Paris and Washington Sunday left many wondering why President Barack Obama's administration would miss an opportunity to outwardly display solidarity with France, a country it supports in so many other ways, during its time of crisis. 
CNN’s Jake Tapper noted that there were no senior U.S. officials at the Paris rally, which stood out due to appearances by dozens of world leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, the Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah. U.S. Ambassador Jane Hartley led the U.S. delegation. 
"I don't mean this as a criticism of the Obama administration, but as an American, I do wish that we were better represented in this beautiful procession of world leaders," Tapper said.
More Photos:

What is more than obvious is that most of the world was watching something other than football on this Sunday.  World leaders, (some who had put their differences aside), met in one of the most memorable gatherings of our time to Unite in one voice, in defiance of Islamic Terrorism and the fanatics who murder innocents in the name of their "God", Allah.  The New York Daily News had this scathing report on Monday.

The citizens of the United States of America should have been a huge part of this defiance, yet their leadership was unprepared, AWOL, or just didn't care.  What a shame.

Final Update:  My take on this issue:

The simple truth of the matter is, our current resident in the White House screwed the pooch big time on this one.  And yes, the optics do matter.  The entire world was watching three million people---and dozens of world leaders---come together in one voice to admonish a group of people, (specifically, the radical Islamist Terrorist) for their actions.  Make no mistake, “freedom of speech” and the human right to speak out, (and even make fun of others without the threat of death), were on display yesterday.

That our dear liberal friends are here in massive defense of our President’s mistake should be no surprise.  They too realize an opportunity to participate in this show of unity was an error on the part of the White House, Ms. Jarrett, and the leadership of this country.  Few envisioned the massive gathering of millions who have left a lasting impression of how a world unites against those who will murder in the name of their “God”, Allah, and their Prophet, Mohammed.

That the United States of America was not represented in this affair, to be included as one voice, with a single message, is an embarrassment to most of the citizens of this great nation.  Sadly, our President missed the boat---an opportunity to include the U.S. as a supporter in this righteous endeavor.  We can all hope that in the future, this nation would be far better represented, despite the excuses from our friends on the left.

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And, from a commenter at Newsbusters:

“Obama's first act as POTUS in 2009 was to walk into the Oval Office and tell an aide to take that bust of Winston Churchill and get it out of here. It was sent back to the British embassy from whom it was on loan. Obama's "screw you" to the British and now the French is about his perception of colonialism. He thinks the French cartoonists got exactly what they deserved. The decision to send no official from Washington was not an accident. It was thought through is Obama's way of saying to Europe you're on your own with the post-colonial problem you created.”

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Feds Want to Raise the Gas Tax

Feds Want to Raise the Gas Tax

With the price of gas finally a relief to middle income families, (for now), some people, (politicians), are calling for a higher federal tax----per gallon of gas.

The argument is that the Feds haven’t raise their tax for close to twenty years, and they need more money to build the highway trust fund* to repair our crumbling roads.

But here’s the real culprits that are gouging the customers---THE INDIVIDUAL STATES.  My question is, where’s this money going?  Shouldn’t all of these gas taxes be going toward re-building our roads.  If you examine the charts at the link, you can see THE STATES are already getting more than their fair share of a gallon of gas.  Now the FED wants another .12 cents a gallon.

*  Here’s the problem with Federal Trust Funds:  Care to guess how well our Federal Government has managed our Social Security Trust Fund?  There’s ZERO real money in the account.  Our politicians have managed to borrow/rob every dollar in the account and replace it with I.O.U’s, which will most likely NEVER be paid back.

Bottom line, again, if you look at the tax charts of what the individual states are already charging/stealing, wouldn’t it be prudent to demand that YOUR STATE provide documentation about where all this money is getting spent, before approving another rise in Federal Tax.  When the price of fuel heads back towards four dollars a gallon---and it will---does anyone think they will get tax relief from your state or the Feds?

Historically---it never happens.

Tell your Senators and Congress-people we've been hosed enough!


Senators Bob Corker and John Thune, once respected Republican Senators have taken up the establishment Republicans tactic in justifying almost doubling the Federal Gas Tax.

The incoming Republican leader of the Senate Transportation Committee said Sunday an increase is up for consideration, as “we have to look at all the options.”

“I don’t think we take anything off the table at this point,” John Thune said on “Fox News Sunday.”

This citizen is planning an all out revolt against raising the Federal Gas Tax---a tax increase of almost 67% and unlike sales tax, gas tax is a flat fee and is not based on the sale price of gasoline. No matter how low gas prices dip, the federal and state gas taxes remain the same. Therefore, the tax percentage fluctuates significantly with changing gas prices.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The De Blasio Fiasco----A Dramatic Undertaking

From the Politico article: De Blasio’s nightmare

New York’s mayor has lost the police — and maybe much more than that.

By Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush

"Bill de Blasio, like his progressive political idol Barack Obama, is finding out that you can’t do the New Politics if you don’t pay attention to the old politics. 
In Obama’s case, it was a failure to recognize the threat posed to him by Republicans who didn’t buy into his calls for a post-partisan partnership with Congress. For New York’s ambitious liberal mayor, it was an inability to keep long-simmering tensions with the city’s traditionally powerful police department from boiling over in the last few days. 
Just over a year after sailing into office with 72 percent of the vote on a message of transformational change, de Blasio found his mayoralty subsumed by a torrent of anger, unleashed by the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn Saturday by a troubled gunman who said he was killing “pigs” to avenge the deaths of two men by cops in Staten Island and Ferguson, Missouri. By Monday, de Blasio was lashing out at the press corps that covers him, trying to paper over public divisions with his own police commissioner and coping with what friends described as the emotional blow of facing public rejection by many in the nation’s biggest police force. “He’s pretty badly shaken” by the murders, one told us......." (Read complete article here)

The Gotham City Blues:  The Only Place in America where the flare for political melodramatics transitions into a “Nightmare”---An Exposition of Old School Democrats vs. the 21st Century Liberalism Run Amuck. 

Nightmare indeed.  The only other place this story would be fitting would be if it took place in, you guessed it, Hollywood.  But New York has always shoved tinsel-town to the sidelines when it comes to the real dramatics of a scandalous affair of this magnitude.  All the “players” are here, as only Haberman and Thrush can thrust onto the stage, or into the ring as it may---Obama, de Blasio, Bratton, Sharpton, (and the company of their “spokespersons”), blossoming unlike any Gotham City saga seen in decades, with the twisting plots of a transitional city where the old school Democrats with their indignant pride is overtaken by the new-age faction that inserted Mr. Obama into power.  And then, of course, there’s the “voracious media”, who find themselves conflicted on how not to consume their heroes of political liberalism, yet yearning to get into the boxing ring and throw a few punches of their own.

But let’s digress for a short moment.  As implied in this story, it was more likely that it was Mr. de Blasio who has turned his back on his once loyal forces of the NYPD long before these current dramas came to a head.  The display at the Brooklyn hospital was merely a well-deserved reciprocation.  The NYPD, along with their union reps won’t stand by and get steam-rolled/smeared by the hostilities of the Mayor’s boys who don’t have their backs.  Mr. Obama can count his blessings that our Military isn’t similarly unionized with the ability to speak out against their feckless leader who has also turned his back on them time and again over his tenure, leaving them twisting in the wind.  But, that’s another story altogether.

What seems to be indignantly washed over in this “political drama“, (and the actors participating), is the stone cold fact that two innocent New York Police Officers were assassinated in broad daylight by a madman for the whole world to see.  Just as “oddly”, the liberal media glaringly omits in their stories that both of these men who swore to protect and serve, were a representation of the very minorities who have taken control of the electorate, yet to their brothers in arms, they were all the same---men in Blue, the only color that matters---something Mr. de Blasio and his cohorts better get behind before they’re eaten alive by their own fawning media.  Finally, speaking of the MEDIA, they have also played a huge part in this.  From the first day in Ferguson, to New York City and beyond, the Jeff Zucker’s of CNN, and the blowhards at MSNBC have done everything in their sick “journalistic” power to foment racism, while driving their own personal agenda of dividing a nation, pitting one class of people against another, along with destroying what little faith our minorities had in those same community residents that put on their uniforms to protect and serve.  They too, should be held accountable, (in part), for the deaths of our fallen heroes, for it was the media who played the video OVER AND OVER AGAIN, of the crowd of protesters demanding dead cops.  Once again, the media had a choice to portray the majority of protesters who were legally asking for justice, yet the “sensational news”---”What do we want, dead cops“---sold far more viewership, ie, ad dollars than “plain old responsible reporting”.  Throw in the far left online social media, (along with the text-savvy sycophants), and the recipe for more deaths is waiting.  Oh, you bet this is a NIGHTMARE, and a sleeping giant is about to awake.  

But, The Big Apple had better watch out, some one in Hollywood is writing the screenplay for this impending nightmare, where unemployed actors are plenty hungry to get in on this political drama.  It’s been far too long since they’ve had “a glove to fit” or a Rodney King beating to feed their artistic passions.  Of course, no one saw any of this coming, except Mr. Obama, who’s always been behind the scenes as the King of Division---par for "his" course. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The GOP Power-Play---How Boehner and Company Plan on Dealing with the Tea Party

In a Breitbart post dated December 12th, 2014, Rush Limbaugh surmises that the legislation in the Cromnibus that eases campaign finance rules was inserted to basically help John Boehner neuter the Tea Party Conservatives: 

"Limbaugh continued "This is how corporate America is going to defeat the Tea Party. By allowing limitless donations from that crowd under the rubric that its campaign finance and money is speech and freedom of speech and 1st Amendment, the theory is that Main Street, Tea Party people can't come close to competing with corporate money and so it is a Republican Establishment ploy that kind of dovetails nicely with Obama siccing the IRS on the Tea Party to basically eliminate them as a viable threat by relaxing a regulation in Dodd-Frank that pretty much permits corporations to spend any kind of money they want on politics."  LINK

It would certainly make sense that Boehner would do anything to neuter the Tea Party, since they've been a political thorn in is side for/since what, when ever they started making waves?  2009?  If this is truly the case, (that the establishment beltway Republicans, (EBR's) will exist in their own separate world---and fund themselves exclusively apart from Tea Party Conservatives, (TPC's), then so be it.  

When I wrote my post at COTR about the funding bill finally passing, it was under the mindset that given the current position of Republicans, (only controlling the House), my first thought was (with more power coming in Jan), give "the people"---and the fuckin' media---the impression that Republicans "can govern" under regular order and pass legislation.  

Most of us should know that for months before this bill came to a head, that both the Senate and House committees got together and agreed to put a funding bill together that 1) would eventually pass, and 2) had enough “goodies” added in for both parties to again insure enough of both sides would eventually commit to its passage.  It’s a bit ironic that in the end, it was Nancy Pelosi that almost threw the huge monkey wrench into their plans, not a simi-powerless Tea Party.

This is where it would be understood why so many of the TPC’s saw those in the EBR’s as nothing but status quo Democrats when it came to restricting federal spending---justifiably so.  Just the sight/realization of Boehner and Obama working together in the end to gather the last votes to pass this thing had to leave a bitter taste in many of the mouths of conservatives.  As a side note, it was also a bit ironic to see Steny Hoyer going against his minority leader’s wishes.  (It’s my guess that there might be a power-play in the works and Hoyer might have been playing his small part in this whole thing).

Again, my first concern, (while perhaps misguided), was that both the Democrats and the media didn’t have another repeated narrative to run with that Republicans shut down the government and spoiled Christmas.  As it did turn out, the previous “shutdown” had no real impact on Republicans last November.  But my first thought was for this incoming power to leave the impression that the days of gridlock in Congress was over in the eyes of the voting public.  That said, I do understand the frustrations of the TPC’s who are asking “what the fuck did we win!” [in the last election] ???  

As for Rush’s “money thing”, more corporate money and resources to the EBR’s to neuter the TPC’s, this ploy “could” also backfire IF the TPC’s find a way to solicit this new money without sacrificing their principles.  Again, if “this is the game”, what’s to stop the TPC’s from sitting down at the table and get a hand dealt to them? Their attitude, going forward should be two can play this game. 

It has to be understood by the EBR’s that they will need the TPC’s block of voting to hopefully win the WH in 2016, and maintain the Senate.  If Boehner and company, the EBR’s choose to completely annihilate and eliminate their competition within their own party, you can almost bet the farm that those 4-6 million Republican voters will stay home AGAIN, and we’ll have a repeat of 2012.

I guess my point is, MONEY isn’t going to solve everything for the EBR’s.  
They still have to “fight” the ideology---a battle they might not win without paying a price they can not afford. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Finally! A Spending Resolution----Decided by Legislators and Passed by Legislators

Late last night, (December 11th, 2014), the House of Representatives, (with the help of Obama Democrats), passed a spending bill that will fund the federal government through September.  Make no mistake, no one on the far left or the far right was happy with the outcome, BUT, to the pleasure of an electorate that had become sick of watching their representatives live in gridlock and do nothing, (or worse, bring the federal government to a grinding halt---again), our Congress finally accomplished "something", despite the winners and losers.

Bottom line:  Democrats received the message loud and clear from an American public who were sick and tired of not seeing the legislative branch of their government doing anything.  After the 2010 shellacking, it was Harry Reid's Senate that refused to bring ANY House-passed legislation to the floor---even for debate.  The liberal media’s false narrative that it was the “obstructionist House” that prevented legislation from reaching Mr. Obama’s desk began to fall on deaf ears, as over 300 House bills hit Harry Reid’s desk only to collect dust.  Yes, of the 300 bills, Republicans sent the ObamaCare repeal over 50 times, but of the remaining 150 bills, much of it was either passed on a voice vote or had bi-partisan support.  Many will say that Harry Reid gambled---for two long years---by bringing little legislation passed by the House because he knew many moderate Democrats in the Senate would pass legislation destined for Obama’s desk, (that did not fit the radical liberal agenda), and would have to be vetoed by Obama, or worse, signed by the President as common sense bi-partisan legislation.  The far left wing of the liberal Democratic Party would have none of that---including the Pelosi-led liberals in the House and Harry’s obstructionism.

The results/ramifications brought about the 2014 Shellacking 2.0, in which the Democratic Party suffered losses not seen in over 100 years, as the country reminded the far left liberals they were not ready to become a socialist big-government society run by the fat cats in D.C.  As ObamaCare continued to unfold as the largest federal constrainment over the masses, (requiring over 50 unlawful waivers for unions and special interest and failing to meet the promises made to pass the unsupported legislation---specifically, “you can keep your doctor and your plan”), the massive disastrous roll-out was the least of the problems Democrats would incur.  The working middle class had been shafted again as they saw the price of this dream fall squarely on their shoulders.  Very few saw the $2,500.00 average family savings Mr. Obama promised.  They did however see the monstrous deductibles---3-7 THOUSAND DOLLARS---that would eat up any savings the legislation promised.

Fast forward to last night: After both the Senate and House committees working tirelessly for months to produce bi-partisan legislation both parties could live with, (and more importantly, prove to the American public that they could work towards passing legislation), the last of the radical left, specifically HOUSE MINORITY LEADER NANCY PELOSI and her cohorts* raised their ugly heads one last time and almost succeeded in obstructing the will of the people.  Mz. Pelosi has realized she will never retain that gavel she once coveted and abused.  Her phony complaints about two provisions in the bill---again, negotiated and approved by both parties---was her curtain call.  For a party that had added over six trillion dollars to the national debt, (primarily to satisfy a myriad of special interest, including no-bid federal contracts to the unions and corporate entities that would make the OWS crowd blush), the ever shrinking middle class said enough is enough.

The Tea Party Patriots did not like this bill because it did not realistically restrain any of the run-away federal government spending.  Their constituents sent them to Congress to rein in spending, and begin to put an end to big-government policies eating away at the individual liberties afforded to the people.  This wing of the Republican party has every right to feel betrayed by the status quo beltway Republicans that many conservatives consider just another big-spending Democrat.  Given they only had one wing of the legislative branch, (until January), their power was limited.  But, they do have the pulse of a nation tiring of an over-bearing central government.  Make no mistake, John Boehner will hear from both these Representatives and the people who sent them to Congress.  For those of you who think the Tea Party is dead, think again.

On the other side of the political spectrum, the ever-shrinking far left liberals cried that their entitlement programs did not keep up with inflation in this bill.  They wanted far more than they got, yet the moderate Democrats, (who care to keep their jobs), understood what 2014 meant---which was to move the party back toward the center or continue to get eaten alive.  BTW, the faux anger over the derivatives revision is about as phony as the UVA rape allegations and the media’s false narrative that Brown had his hands up during his assault on a police officer---THEY DIDN’T HAPPEN.  The fact that both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are currently approving loans like chewing gum---AGAIN---requiring only a 3% down payment is a recipe for madness and a sure repeat of the 2008 recession if it continues unchecked.  Make no mistake, the banking industry will line the pockets of any legislator who looks the other way.  And there appears to be plenty of takers.

Finally, the LIBERAL MEDIA is completely besides themselves because their greatest wish---ANOTHER GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN---did not happen.  Their obsession and quest to drive the racial narrative has faded into the “not the news anymore” albeit the late-to-the-party idiots in the Republic of Berkeley---the heart of Pelosi country.  The war on women narrative has also died a deserved death, along with the income inequality garbage, when the people have realized it is the far left liberals that helped to facilitate their socialist plot of income redistribution---that ended up hitting the middle class squarely in the face.  To the liberal media’s demise, their liberal progressive agenda is fading faster than a Fast and Furious, Benghazi, or an IRS investigation.  As the nation moves further to the center, they will become as relevant and extinct as an ovulating dinosaur in search of its companion---there will be no consummation.  

So there you have it.  The far right is not happy and the far left has become literally irrelevant in providing realistic legislation the people of this nation will accept, yet a spending bill passed.  Mr. Obama has become moot as the new Congress takes the reins in January.  Delightfully stuck in the middle is our liberal media, twisting in the winds of time, desperately searching for divisive story than might revive their placid desires to foment a tumultuous outcome---counter-productive to a nation hungering for sanity and a common sense of purpose.  My only hope is that they are the biggest losers as a nation passes them by.  Or, even better, purges the pathetic excuse for what they call journalism in both contemporary and social media.

Note: Much of this post is the opinion of the author, and the author reserves the right to revise and extend all material written here.  Serious corrections will be noted in the form of an update, if necessary. Any and all constructive comments are welcome, but I will delete any comments that are found to be offensive or threatening to the reader.  Spamming, personal attacks, or any comment found libelous will not be tolerated.  

Sunday, November 30, 2014

"THIS.......IS CNN"

Sunday November 30th---In the CNN is still at it category, a (Ferguson) Baptist minister is on talking about the “injustice” delivered on Michael Brown, and how he’s looking forward to having Eric Holder as a guest in his church to see how the Federal investigation is going forward.  As has been the case since the shooting, CNN has gone out of their way to convict officer Wilson in the press, despite the overwhelming evidence and a grand jury decision that would not indict Wilson. CNN did a similar style of convicting George Zimmerman in a trail where Zimmerman was acquitted.

In both cases, CNN has despicably and callously ignored the facts while producing their own personal narratives and agenda, parading “witnesses”, (who provided false testimony in their interviews), onto their “news programs” and refused to challenge any of them---on the facts presented---leaving their viewers with the perception that the innocent should be guilty.

Despite a current poll that shows 78% of Americans thought the Ferguson Grand Jury made the right decision, CNN has been relentless in claiming an opposite view.

CNN is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System, a division of Time-Warner and is managed by Jeff Zucker, the current president of CNN Worldwide.

It is clear that CNN is an agenda-driven news station that is driving their credibility ratings into the gutter, where the standards of professional journalism take a back seat to Zucker’s style of providing factual news to its customers---they have no shame in their deliberate attempts to obfuscate the truth.  Sadly, there is no medium or entity, (other than the general public), that can judge or admonish a news outlet when they are blatantly spreading fabrications to accomplish their personal agendas.

“This…….is CNN”.