Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Walker confused about "positive" and "conservative"

I wonder what George Custer would have said…if on that fateful day, he received a message that said “Help is on the way!  We’ll stop Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse in their tracks.” 

Would he have said, “Can’t I get any positive, optimistic messages?”

Almost two-thirds of Americans think this country is on the wrong track.  And they are being told by one candidate that he will really do what both Democrats and Republicans have not done. 

But Scott Walker doesn’t think it’s optimistic or positive to tell voters “Help is on the way.” Scott Walker doesn’t think it’s positive or optimistic to tell them, “If  we lose this election, we might lose America; but we can make America great again.”

Scott Walker doesn’t think it’s positive or optimistic for Americans to be told “We can stop this runaway train that liberal extremists have engineered.”

Scott Walker doesn’t think that it positive or optimistic to tell voters that great nations secure their borders and expect those who come here from other nations to respect our laws.

Scott Walker thinks we need a “conservative alternative” to Donald Trump.  And who has he endorsed?  Marco Rubio. 

The first time Marco Rubio had to choose between being a “conservative alternative” and the extremism of the White House, Rubio chose to be a Schumer Republican.  And then he lied – repeatedly – to Americans about what was and wasn’t in that Gang of 8 bill of lies.

Yet Scott Walker prefers this Schumer Republican as the conservative alternative to someone who began his campaign by promising to secure our southern border once and for all, and stop the drowning of fundamental and historic American values in a tsunami that will “transform” America into a mediocre, even third world nation.

But Walker isn’t just wrong about Rubio.  While gearing up for his second term reelection, Scott Walker said he thought Chris Christie was“conservative enough” to be the Republican nominee.

Read Andrew McCarthy in the pages of National Review about Christie’s “conservative enough” credential – appointing Muslim judges soft on terrorism.  And this “conservative enough” would-be Republican nominee raised property taxes, has liberal views on climate change, on the illegal alien invasion….and has permanently secured his role as the Charlie Crist of New Jersey and the 2012 election. Only Candy Crowley rivals him on that score.

Scott Walker doesn’t recognize the danger facing our nation.  Scott Walker doesn’t recognize the positive and optimistic message so many of us hear in Trump:  we can pull this country back from the brink and make America great again!  Scott Walker thinks the man who couldn’t wait to be a Schumer Republican should carry the conservative banner.

It’s good that Scott Walker is going back Wisconsin.  It will be even better if he stops trying to tell the rest of us what is positive and optimistic and who the conservatives are. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Donald Trump Phenomenon---Confusing and Confounding Every Political Pundit & The Media

As the “official” campaign season kicked off after Labor Day, the single most perplexing question coming from most political junkies, pundits, and “professional” writers is HOW IS DONALD TRUMP WINNING?

The most recent polling numbers has Mr. Trump surging upward---now at 32%---and picking up support from unfamiliar, (and unheard of), territories with an “R” behind the name:

In a USASurvey poll, Trump received 31% of the Hispanic vote, and 25% of the black vote. To put that into perspective, a Republican candidate hasn’t posted these kinds of numbers since Ronald Reagan. Clearly, Trump’s message is resonating with Americans from all walks of life.”

And Trumps gains are also coming, (unexpectedly), from a cross-section of both women and students:

"Trump's gains come most notably among two groups that had proven challenging for him in the early stages of his campaign -- women and those with college degrees. While he gained just 4 points among men in the last month (from 27% in August to 31% now), he's up 13 points among women, rising from 20% in August to 33% now. Trump has also boosted his share of the vote among college graduates, increasing his support among those with degrees from 16% in August to 28% now. Among those without degrees, he stands at 33%, just slightly higher than the 28% support he had in August."

One thing is for certain, the political pundits, (both on the left and the right), who have labeled Mr. Trump "a clown", are the one's who have found themselves under the Big Top---in the center ring of their own circus.

On the right, (most notably the Washington Establishment, aka, the GOPe) Republicans have found themselves in a precarious position---how to deal with an outsider who refuses to conform to their status quo composition of a Presidential campaign.  Their obvious "favorite son", Jeb Bush, (despite his early funding from the corporate and special interest PACS), is far back, behind Ben Carson, (16%), and less than one third of Trump's lead, at only 8.3%, according to the latest RCP polling results. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Bush, and many of the GOPe crowd still "don't get it":

"Look, I don't get it. I don't see how over the long haul that you can insult your way to the nomination or the president -- certainly not the presidency -- and not the nomination either," Bush told CNN's Jake Tapper on "The Lead." (emphasis mine)

Bush is referring to Trump's latest "insult" about Carly Fiorina's face, which, despite the media's non-stop coverage, (and the liberal media's hysterical indignation of his comments), nothing seems to move The Donald anywhere but further up in the polls.  What Bush, (and most of the Establishment Pundits), don't understand---or refuse to admit to themselves---is "the insult" has been coming directly from the status quo political class of the RNC that has produced the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney---both Republican Presidential candidates who were clearly forced down the throats of an electorate---and could not garner "a conservative turnout".

What is crystal clear, (yet still oblivious to the GOPe folks), is this national movement by Conservatives, Independents, and even Reagan Democrats, who have had enough of the insulting status quo machine---and the Washington DC Cartel---that have promised real change, and delivered nothing.  (Yes, Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell, we are all speaking of you).

Enter, Donald Trump

The "outsider" and businessman, (who is not a career politician, and most importantly, will not be in need of the special interest corporate powers, or their money, who have corrupted this system), is indeed leading this country from an impending abyss.  The most unconventional candidate in the race has turned the entire election process upside down, while the rhetoric of the establishment Republicans have thrown the proverbial book at him, resulting in utter futility.

Those who have labeled Mr. Trump a clown and a fool should take a serious look in the mirror---perhaps "The Fool on the Hill" is in their own reflections.

As for Mr. Jeb Bush, you had us all at......."Look, I don't get it"

Update:  Mark Levin's take on the Trump Phenomenon: (audio)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rothman on "accomplished and electable" Republicans

Esconced at Commentary, Noah Rothman continues his infatuation with establishment Republicans who love to hate the conservative grassroots voters.  

In his most recent attempt to tell us that the base voters are no less clownish than Donald Trump, Rothman says this:

"Americans’ disregard for the value of the governing institutions that serve as the country’s foundational structures is evident in how the voting public has approached the coming presidential election. Thus far, the process has been a joke, and the public has treated it like one.
On the Republican side of the ledger, the most accomplished and electable field of presidential candidates in living memory has been overshadowed by the all-consuming umbra that is Donald Trump.”

His lack of respect for voters is evident.  We disregard the “value of governing institutions.”  On the contrary, it is because of our regard that our current sentiments run a particular direction.  Like the rest of the D.C. elitists, Rothman has never excelled at understanding voters.

But he insists this is the “most accomplished and electable field.”  Ah, yes…electability; and now we add “accomplished.”  A quick look at but a few in this field is in order. 

Let’s start with Sen. Marco Rubio.  His accomplishment?  He lied to his Florida constituents – “earned pathway to citizenship is amnesty” – and all the conservatives who supported him.  In the first major decision of his Senate career, he chose to become a Schumer Republican rather than keep his promise to the Tea Party conservatives that put him in the Senate.  He lied from the moment he was first interviewed by Rush.  His excuse?  It was the best deal he could get.  So, the Iran deal is ok, Marco?  Electable?  Not when three million conservatives stay home rather than vote for a Schumer Republican.

Chris Christie?  His accomplishments?  Well, he certainly aided and abetted the current occupant of the White House in his reelection bid.  But you know that.  He has appointed a Muslim judge with ties to Hamas, and he has raised property taxes in New Jersey.  Polls show him losing to Clinton in New Jersey.  Accomplishments and electability, Noah.  wow.

And the accomplished John Kasich.  If you like your New Testament a la Pelosi, this is the candidate for you.  His explanation for accepting the Medicaid expansion: what will you say when you get to the Pearly Gates?  Huh?  He claims he did it for the people of Ohio, but which ones?  Those Ohio voters who lost their health insurance? Ot those that will eventually pay millions in state funds for the expansion?  Electable?  Only if you also think….

....Jeb “Wannabe 45” Bush is electable.  Surrogates point to his lowering taxes in Florida, yet he refuses to take the “no new taxes” pledge.  Why?  Because he plans to follow in Daddy’s footsteps?  Where was he during the 2009 stimulus bill fiasco?  Where was he during the Roberts-0-care debates?  Well, we know: he was off working with Bill Gates to foist the liberal-driven Common Core onto our educational system.  There’s an accomplishment: adding yet another opportunity for liberal propaganda to overwhelm curriculum. 

Of course, his greatest accomplishment is being very clear that (1) crimes by illegal aliens are to be excused; (2) children of illegal aliens should benefit from the crimes of their parents; (3) that he is willing to watch our southern border and core American values disappear in a sea of those who are not coming here because they love and respect American values…and he calls this an “act of love.” Last but not least – conservatives:  I don’t need you, and I don’t like you.  

Electable?  A Jeb Bush candidacy will fracture the Republican party, resulting in another Alinsky-ite in the White House.  It will drive conservative grassroots voters forever from the fold.  Which of course is exactly what Bush retread hacks and the establishment elitists want. 

The principal accomplishment of most of this field?  The same as Rothman's: they refuse to listen to conservative voters and their concerns.    

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Small State of Israel

The "fear/threat" has always been the Jewish belief in a loving God, who, (they believe), established a covenant with the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, where God revealed His Commandments to Moses, (mentioned many times in the Book of Exodus). According to the Islamic faith, this was not Moses, but the prophet Mohammad, (where Allah spoke to Musa). Herein lies the conflict where the two religions collide in the interpretation, hence the persecution and genocidal inhalation of both Jews and Christians, who have placed their beliefs in the former translation of events. Sadly, a certain sect of the Islamic "faith" has perverted its "religion of peace" with the conviction that all peoples of the earth either convert to teachings of Allah and the Prophet Mohammad, OR, face death---a righteous undertaking according to those currently living/practicing this perversion. The "threat" is not the small piece of real estate called Israel. It is the powerful faith of the Jewish people.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Summertime Feel-Good Story: Talent and Class---That’s How the Giants Bring Them Up

Newly called up infielder Kelby Tomlinson was one hit away from tying Willie McCovey’s record of four consecutive hits from the start of their major league careers.  He hit a fly ball out to left field in the top of the sixth inning during last night’s 6-1 win over the Atlanta Braves, but his first three plate appearances were nothing short of impressive.

Two nights earlier, Tomlinson made his big league debut in the top of the 12th inning and calmly slapped a single to center field.  He later scored on a Buster Posey single that temporarily put the Giants up 8-7, but the Giants would lose this game in the bottom of the 12th on a two-run walk-off homer by Adonis Garcia.

After a night off, (where the Giants beat the Braves 8-3), Tomlinson received his first big league career start and in the top of the 2nd inning, (with two outs), the kid slapped an outside pitch to right field, collecting his second consecutive hit and his first two RBI’s, putting the Giants up 2-0.

Two innings later, (the top of the 4th), Tomlinson singled up the middle to drive in another run, putting the Giants up 3-0-----still hitting .1000 for his major league career.  After his next two plate appearances were unproductive outs, Tomlinson’s major league stats still look impressive---5 AB’s, 3-hits, 1-run scored, 3 RBIs, and a .600 average.

Drafted by the Giants in the 12th round of a June 2011 Amateur draft out of Texas Tech, Tomlinson finally got called up from AAA Sacramento after sporting a .316 batting average with 42 hits, 15 RBIs, and scoring 21 times in 33 games.  Defensively, his fielding percentage, (playing 2nd, 3rd, and SS over five seasons), is .964 in 462 games.

With Joe Panik out for a few more weeks, the utility infielder might just pile up some stats Willie McCovey would be proud of.  So far, the rest of his team-mates are happy to see the kid hitting a big-league stride while no one’s seen his speed on the base paths…..yet---rumors are he’s cat-like quick.  

To top off this story, Tomlinson dedicated his first MLB hit to Kaiser Carlile, the 9 year-old bat boy who died while getting struck in the head by a bat last week.  Tomlinson left a video message to Kaiser and the Carlile Family.  Tomlinson had previously played for the minor-league team where the accident occurred.   Now that’s class.

This story cross-posted at my FaceBook account.  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Blood On Their Hands----Both President Obama & The City of San Francisco

President Obama's purposely driven---executive order---immigration policies, (by reining in ICE's deportation programs), have to answer why this young woman had to die.  And, the "sanctuary city" of San Francisco are also culpable for this tragedy:

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal agency says a man suspected in the shooting death of a woman at a busy San Francisco tourist destination has seven felony convictions and has been deported five times, most recently in 2009. 
Virginia Kice, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Friday that her agency turned Francisco Sanchez over to San Francisco police in March on an outstanding drug warrant. 
Officers arrested Sanchez in the slaying of Kathryn Steinle about an hour after it occurred Thursday at Pier 14. 
Police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said Thursday that Sanchez was on probation for an unspecified conviction. 
Kice says ICE issued a detainer for Sanchez in March, requesting to be notified if he was released. Kice says the detainer was not honored. 
Police officials did not immediately return a call seeking comment Friday.

After seven felony convictions, and deported five times, Sanchez confessed that he pulled the trigger three times, (one shot that took the life of Kathryn Steinle, who was visiting the San Francisco pier with her family), but he claims that he found the gun, and when he picked it up, it just "went off"---three times!

ICE officials actually "briefly" had this man in custody last March after he finished his latest "felony re-entry" sentence, but turned him over to the San Francisco Sheriff's Department on an outstanding drug warrant. At the same time, ICE issued a detainer, "effectively asking that he be turned back over to ICE when San Francisco was finished with him", but ICE was never notified of his release from custody:

"But ICE was not notified. The incident is sure to renew criticism of San Francisco's sanctuary city policies.

"Here's a jurisdiction that's not even honoring our detainer for someone who clearly is an egregious offender," an ICE official told FoxNews.com.

ICE has since lodged another immigration detainer against the individual, though it's unclear whether San Francisco will cooperate.

An attorney for the San Francisco Sheriff's Department told the Associated Press it had no authority to honor the prior immigration hold when it released the suspect."  Link

Yes, Mr. Obama, both YOU and the CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO now officially have blood on your hands.  An innocent young woman is now dead because of the policies of your administration and this city's arrogance when it comes to ignoring immigration laws, (passed into law by Congress), to protect the people of the nation from such a tragic outcome.  Shame on both of you!

The last words Kate said as she was held in her father's arms: "Help me dad".

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

George W. Bush outpolls Barack Obama

George W. Bush outpolls Barack Obama

Of course, yours' truly is adding a little fuel to the fire:

“It is the first time in more than a decade that Americans have expressed a favorable view of Bush, at least according to a new CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday.”

If the poll had been a positive report about either Hillary or Barry, would the author have qualified the sentence with an“at least”?

How many times could a story about the current occupant in the White House be prefaced with an “at least”?

While ISIS is taking more and more territory in Iraq, at least Mr. Obama can still say “he ended a war”, and “there’s no American boots on the ground”. Oh wait!

Now that ObamaCare has been established as a federal health care program, at least Mr. Obama can say “premiums haven’t risen at the rate of the previous system”. Oh wait!

Since Hillary Clinton has announced her candidacy for President, at least she doesn’t have to rely on men to fill her campaign functions. Oh wait!

Now that Hillary has convinced the liberal media that she won’t answer ANY questions about her emails or her Foundation loaded with Foreign Donations, at least it hasn’t effected her favorable polling numbers. Oh wait!

Since the American voter has supplied the Republican Party with two major shellackings, (2010 & 2014), at least we won’t have to expect another one in 2016. Oh wait!

~ Rovin