Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Name Game---Why Does Our President Refuse to Identify Our Enemy?

Mr. President: For the Love of God, and this Nation, please stop the rhetoric, and call our current enemies who and what they are---RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORIST.

Why is it that President Obama can’t/won’t identify our enemies CORRECTLY, by calling them what and who they are---RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORIST???  If President Obama's purpose is to not sound offensive to a particular sector of the Muslim community, the time for "sensitivity" is over.

The responsibility of a doctor who suspects his patient has cancer is to 1) identify and locate the cancer, 2) isolate it, and 3) cut it out, kill it, and remove it from the patient’s body.  The sooner these procedures are done, the better chance the patient has for survival.  The patient should expect, no demand, that the doctor works aggressively, and in a timely manner to assure the cancer does not spread to the point where there is no hope for recovery.

Mr. President, by your own choosing, you are not identifying our enemies/cancer.  Call this faction what it is, and who they are---ISLAMIST TERRORIST.  There is no possible way to eradicate this enemy/cancer if we do not specifically identify them, isolate them, and finally, cut them out of the body of humanity.  No civilized society can endure or tolerate a cancer so brutally barbarous as ISIS, an Islamist Terrorist Organization, who have stated their mission with absolute certainty---to exact genocide on all humans who do not adhere to their prophet Allah, and submit in whole to the teachings of Islam, forsaking all other Gods. 

While you, (Mr. President), and the liberal media won’t report the whole truth---ISIS is exterminating Christians by the thousands---the entire world is waiting for action against these Islamist Terrorist, a cancer that must be eradicated from this planet.  And they MUST be identified for what they are, NOW, not when you get around to building a coalition of the willing, (who might be too sensitive to the reality that a certain sector of Radical Muslims are evil and must be eliminated).  

Drop the Rhetoric and the Dithering!  Act now.  The entire world is watching and impatiently waiting for leadership---from you Mr. President---to properly identify our enemies, and destroy them.  Period.

Note: The author of this post reserves the right to revise and extend any and all portions of this post---it's my blog.  If any corrections, links, or wording needs attention or change, I will note the changes in an update. 

~ Rov

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How To Lose Three Wars----Without Ever Starting One

Just think: Barack Obama may very well go down in American history as the first President to lose three American wars---all after they were victories.

With many accolades under Ronald Reagan’s policies, we won the cold war against Russia, (formally the Soviet Union) and their tyrannical communist regime---all without firing a shot.

The war in Iraq was over in two weeks and Saddam and his thugs were defeated militarily, but it took a few more years and the blood of our heroes to finally secure the peace, and drive out outside interest, including al Qaeda.

In Afghanistan, George W. Bush kept his promise that those who attacked us on 9/11, (and any parties that protected them), would pay dearly.  Both al Qaeda and the Taliban were driven out of the country, along with Osama Bin Laden taking up cave-dwelling.

Both Iraq and Afghanistan required a surge of our military to finally claim a strategic and demographic military victory over these two nations.  Credit to Barack Obama for the one in Afghanistan and finally locating Bin Laden in the Pakistani suburbs and disposing of the vermin.

But, this is where Barack Obama’s experience in foreign policy and leadership comes to a pathetically sad ending.

Without insisting on leaving a status force in Iraq, Obama misjudged, (in his hurry to score political points), the level of strength in the Iraqi forces to maintain stability in the nation---a fatal mistake that may very well prove over 4000 of our finest might have died in vain.  Even with the warnings that a power-vacuum was occurring from Syria all the way through northern Iraq, Obama did nothing.  Politically, he had little choice, since a war-weary America would never allow “real forces” to re-deploy to the region.  Today, ISIS forces are on the city limits of Bagdad, and the entire nation is about to fall into total chaos.  The ISIS Jihadist have even declared in a fatwa that all women between the ages of 14 and 46 undergo Female Genital Mutilation in the town of Mosul: 

Isis orders all women and girls in Mosul to undergo FGM
UN says 'fatwa' issued by militant group in and around Iraqi city could affect 4 million
The militant group Islamic State (Isis) has ordered all girls and women in and around Iraq's northern city of Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation, the United Nations says.
The "fatwa" issued by the Sunni Muslim fighters would potentially affect 4 million women and girls, the UN resident and humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, Jacqueline Badcock, told reporters in Geneva by videolink from Irbil.

The UN Human Rights Council is too busy siding with the Palestinians over the Israel’s rights to protect their citizenry. 

And I doubt there will be an official statement from this organization before these barbaric brutalization begins in Iraq.  And, of course when Obama abandons Afghanistan with no status force agreement, the Taliban will march right back in and demand a similar fatwa for those low-life women who thought they might finally enter a 21st century society.

So, there you have it.  Vlady Putin is strutting his bare chest with an expansion tour/re-taking his lost territory, while rebuilding a former Soviet Union.  Iraq is about to become a full-fledged terrorist haven.  And Afghanistan will only be an “Obama executive order” away from becoming the same.

Three wars……and they’re all lost because of Barack Obama.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Joke of Immigration Reform is on All of Us

The most recent Gallup polling shows the American Public is concerned and well aware of the immigration debacle on our southern borders:

One in Six Say Immigration Most Important U.S. Problem
          Immigration concerns surged in July, while economic mentions ebbed
This is not the first time that immigration has spiked in the public's consciousness. Most recently, Gallup found the issue increasing to 10% in 2010, at a time when a new immigration law in Arizona was making news. And prior to that, it increased twice in 2006 to 15% or higher, amid congressional debate over immigration reform.
Signaling that public mentions of immigration today could be stemming more from concern about illegal immigration than from support for immigration reform, mentions of the issue are significantly higher among Republicans (23%) than Democrats (11%). Gallup polling earlier this year showed Republicans with a preference for focusing on sealing the border, while Democrats prioritized addressing the status of illegal immigrants already here.  (link)  (emphasis mine)

Translation:  The Democrats agenda is not to stem the tide of illegal immigration, but to continue their primary objective of providing a path to citizenship of an entire class of people who are wholly or in a large part dependent on government services.  Big business, (and specifically the National Chamber of Commerce), have hardly gone out of their way to hide the fact that they are in dire need of millions who are willing to accept low wage jobs, as long as their remaining source of income is subsidized by government benefits.

It’s a win-win situation for Democrats and Big Business.  One’s looking only for a voter who’s totally dependent on government servitude and will thereby vote to maintain their status quo.  The other is depending on a cheap labor pool who, (as long as the government supplies the balance of their incomes), will not seek higher wages or benefits which would take a bite out of their bottom line profits.

In most businesses, (both small and large), labor is still a major expense that can be controlled/manipulated as opposed to uncontrolled expenses, such as rent, utilities, and, for the most part taxes on profits.  Both state and federal governments understand the concept of a higher gross income = a larger amount of taxable income that is collected by these governments.

The Democratic Party*, in collaboration with Big Business, (and a wink and a nod by our government), would prefer that the average voter not know or even understand their private little enterprise that keeps/maintains an entire class of people dependent on a system---designed and perfected to guarantee both money and votes flow into the Democratic coffers.

* The Democratic Party is not exclusively invested in this unjust system.  There are also Republicans who are and do participate in this travesty that feeds on this current immigration system like parasites, feeding on this potential cash cow.  However, the pre-planned and well rehearsed rhetoric by the Democratic Party who, (under the guise and deception of a “compassionate” party looking out for the downtrodden and disadvantaged immigrant), point directly to the Republican Party as the threat to this long perverse system no one in government seriously chooses to address.  Herein lies the conundrum.

Instead, they, (both parties), will continue to play the political games that might advance their own personal statures in this pathetic hierarchy of power and control.  Until the American Public calls these politicians on the carpet, and demands this “profitable system” be changed, there will be little progress in the immigration debate.  But remember, there are powerful interest in play here.  They have no intention of relenting their heavily invested interest.  And the big money feeding these parasites trumps all who would seek a change in this cycle.  Can these “American Politicians”, (or the businesses that are in complete collaboration with these politicians), claim they are not just a more sophisticated entity of the Mexican Mules transporting and enslaving immigrants for profit?  I doubt it.

(photo credit---Courtesy of Congressman Henry Cuellar)

Editor's note:  While there are numerous suppositions and accusations throughout this post, I fully intend to add names, provide quotes and documentation to corroborate this story.  All writing here is exclusively the opinion of the author and no one else.  All edits, revisions, and additions to this post will be distinctly identified at the discretion of the author.

Update: It should be noted that the mainstream media appears to be complicit in only reporting, (or not reporting), stories that does no damage to the Democratic Party, President Obama, or the special interest.

Jeffery Dickens at Newsbusters chronicles the media's blatant omissions:

The Border Crisis Stories the Networks Aren't Telling You About

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Obama's Iraq

U.S. Watches As Iraq Speeds Toward Disaster

Fighters for the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) took Mosul today, giving the militant group control of Iraq’s second largest city and setting the country on a path toward chaos.ISIS militants already control Fallujah, a city that American Marines took in 2004 in what was the bloodiest battle of the Iraq War. Now, with both Mosul and Fallujah under their control, nearly half of Iraq is in the grips of a group that is a formal affiliate of a terrorist group.
 Equally troubling are the circumstances under which the city fell. Iraqi security personnel simply abandoned their posts, according to reports.This is problematic for a host of reasons. First, it shows that the American-trained Iraqi military is not adequate. Second, Iraqi soldiers left their weapons behind – giving ISIS a huge cache of equipment.
But the most disturbing aspect of the desertion is what Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki proposed to replace the missing troops. In an address to the nation Tuesday, he called on Iraqi citizens to take up arms against ISIS in an attempt to retake the city.
“We will not allow for the remainder of the ... province and the city to fall," he said, adding that he would arm them. “This requires all efforts, both civilian and official, to confront this ferocious attack that harms all Iraqis, from a deteriorating security situation to a humanitarian crisis.”  More at the  LINK
And the comments at this post are a scathing indictment on Barack Obama:

Lee 2 hours ago 0 72
Iraq is being over run by terrorists, Iran is getting the bomb, we've traded the five most dangerous terrorists in Gitmo for a known deserter and possible collaborator, illegals are getting free unhindered taxi rides into the country courtesy of the border patrol instead of being stopped, illegal executive orders have replaced legislation and the Constitution, illegal rules put in place by the EPA will shut down the coal industry and millions more jobs, energy rates "will necessarily skyrocket", any new jobs are almost all low paying part time service jobs, obamacare is a disaster even tho he keeps "delaying" the worst effects, 17+ trillion in debt, illegal felons being released by the tens of thousands. Welcome to obama's America

Nan 1 hour ago 0 19 
This is what happens when you go into a war that your leader does not want to win but would rather have a "political settlement." This is what happens when you have a leader that is a community organizer rather than a leader and commander in chief. Thank you Barack Hussein. Your political settlements in Iraq are not working out are they? Your political settlement in Afghanistan will end the same way. All those dead and wounded Americans for your settlements? 

david 51 minutes ago 0 7
Of all the foreign policy blunders, missteps, goofs, etc. this is the most sickening. The loss of American lives was tragic, but worthwhile if it spread democracy in the region and kept the terrorists on the defensive. But to see the lives thrown away in the process of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is heartbreaking. Knowing that it was avoidable is even more sickening. Knowing that it is happening because our president at best, is incompetent and doesn't care, or at worst, wanted it to happen, is discouraging beyond words.

Moniker 37 minutes ago 0 2
When Obama visited Afghanistan two weeks ago, he did NOT pre-announce his actions. That would have been stupid.

However, Barry was VERY willing to announce our departure from Iraq and Afghanistan. Basically, he gave hope to insurgents. He was telling them, "Just hold on a bit longer and you'll win."

That was a betrayal to all of the locals who supported the USA. Al-Qa'eda et all could go to them and say, "See, your friends are leaving and we'll be here forever. You might as well support us now." The end result was MORE American casualties because of the loss of support from locals.

Never tell the enemy when you'll arrive or when you'll leave. Barry learned only half of that lesson.

Note: every one of these comments have positive "thumbs up" approval---including the 72 from the first post.


Update: Much more here from our friend Ed Morrissey:

Al-Qaeda rebels take Tikrit, force 500,000 to flee Mosul


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Potential Republican Tsunami

Larry Sabato wrote an article in Politico on Wednesday asking the question: "How Big a Wave---Will we see a GOP ripple....or a Tsunami?"

"Last week, Republican primary voters passed their first Senate test, producing a North Carolina nominee, Thom Tillis, who is merely imperfect, not catastrophic.
          After the disasters of recent years, national Republicans will happily take it.
The North Carolina result did nothing to change the expectation among most observers that the Republicans have a 50-50 or better shot at taking the Senate majority. It might even have enhanced those odds. The conventional wisdom is reasonable: We know that the president is unpopular, the president’s party typically performs poorly in midterms and the Democrats are overextended on this year’s Senate map. One of the ways the Republicans could hurt their chances is by running bad candidates in some of these races. Tillis might turn out to be that kind of candidate, but he was clearly the most credible nominee in the primary field.
So where is the Senate right now? Hypothetically, there’s still a wide range of potential outcomes – and all the likeliest ones involve at least some kind of Republican wave, perhaps delivering the magic six-seat gain that would dethrone Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid."

Sabato provides charts and graphs, and breaks down the contended Senate races coming up in November, as Harry Reid's control appears to be in jeopardy.  Here's what your's truly posted in comments at the site:

"It could be said that the far-left big government social experiment is all but over.  Look for many of the Democratic Senate candidates to "attempt" to campaign as moderates, or even "conservative-leaning".  They'll preach fiscal responsibility, respect for laws, (both morally and constitutionally), tax reform---instead of raising taxes on an over-burdened middle class---and finally, they'll talk about protecting individual rights vs. the big-government intrusions, (dictates from the ruling class in Washington DC).  Some Democrats might even stake their claims that our 1st & 2nd amendment rights are in serious jeopardy and need to be protected.  You might even hear a few speeches about how the powers of the federal government are constitutionally limited, and all other powers are specifically RESERVED to the states, and the people! (read the 10th amendment). 

Oh, wait!  Aren't these the principle tenants of the Tea Party?

Bottom line?  Most of these Senate Democrats will run, no, sprint to the center and do their best to not sound totally hypocritical to their sworn liberal ideologies of the Obama-style form of government.  And despite all the phony narratives from the White House and the liberal media, ObamaCare is NOT suddenly a popular program because 8 million people have signed up to this FEDERAL MANDATE.  The state exchanges are falling apart to the tune of millions of wasted tax-payer dollars, and will have to transition to the federal site.  Premiums are predicted, (by the same insurance companies that backed this train wreck) to go through the roof long before November, and the federal government will have to ask the people to pick up the tab in higher taxes to provide subsidies---guaranteed to the insurance companies!

How big will the wave be for Republicans?  Current polling shows a potential tidal wave of discontent with the people, (and a huge contingent of independents---the swing voters that make the difference), who have had enough of this big government social experiment and the power-brokers in Washington with their one-size fits all mentality.

Democrats know their “Titanic” form of government is sinking, and there’s not enough life-boats to save them all.  And the far-left liberal progressives can only re-arrange the deck chairs at this point, since moving to the middle of the ship is pointless."

~ Rovin 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Billionaire Tom Steyer Makes His Money the Old Fashioned Way---Investing in Fossil Fuels

John Hinderaker at Powerline explains how billionaire Tom Steyer operates his hypocritical campaign against fossil fuel production while reaping millions in overseas coal investments. Steyer has pledged $100 million to Democrats, (and their environmental lobbies) who oppose Keystone and all other fossil fuel production.  Ironically, or strategically, Steyer is playing both (profit-making) ends, against each other with “questionable motives”: 

“Billionaire hedge fund operator and “green” energy magnate Tom Steyer has pledged $100 million in the 2014 election cycle to help Democratic candidates who oppose the Keystone pipeline and who favor “green” energy over fossil fuels. Steyer claims to be a man of principle who has no financial interest in the causes he supports, but acts only for the public good. That is a ridiculous claim: Steyer is the ultimate rent-seeker who depends on government connections to produce subsidies and mandates that make his “green” energy investments profitable. He also is, or was until recently, a major investor in Kinder Morgan, which is building a competitor to the Keystone pipeline. Go here, here, here, here, here and here for more information about how Steyer uses his political donations and consequent connections to enhance his already vast fortune………
Hypocrisy is not in short supply in the political world, but Tom Steyer is in a class by himself. Now that he is enriching himself through “green” cronyism, coal is evil. Sure: like all hydrocarbons, it competes with the solar energy boondoggles on which he is making millions, with the aid of the Obama administration. But where was Steyer’s alleged social conscience when he was one of the world’s biggest investors in coal? And how substantial are his current holdings in coal projects? Is Steyer financing his anti-fossil fuel campaign on profits from past or, perhaps, ongoing investments in Asian and Australian coal? Inquiring minds want to know! Tom Steyer appears to have elevated political hypocrisy to an entirely new level.”  (read Hinderaker's entire post here)

Of course, obtaining federal subsidies, (most likely tax-free income investments), to promote green energy programs, (that are a few decades away from becoming feasibly practical or self-sustaining---not relying on Federal tax-payer dollars), has Mr. Steyer in an enviable position, and it’s all perfectly legal.  Investing massive campaign dollars against any and all fossil fuel production leads to driving those production prices higher, which, in the end, the cost is picked up by the consumer.  It’s a win-win for Farallon and Kinder Morgan, (corporations Steyer was or is heavily invested in).

In Mr. Steyer’s case, his company/conglomerates don’t have to take their coal industry profits and expend them.  Instead, the tax-payer funded subsidies roll into one account and go out another in the form of get this---campaign donations that are/can be written off by donating to a IRC 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that supplies non-biased information and opinions to their intended voters:  

“How can an organization express that opinion?  IRC 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations are legally prohibited from directly or indirectly campaigning for or against any candidate for political office.  This includes financial campaign contributions and verbal or written statements made on behalf of the organization.  If an organization does so, it puts its tax-exempt status at risk.  That said, there are certain things that tax-exempt organizations can legally do that most people would consider “political.” For example, organizations can hold events or publish documents to educate voters (provided that the materials show no sign of bias).  Voter drives or registration efforts, as long as they are conducted in a bipartisan manner, are not prohibited.”  (LINK)

Of course, all of Mr. Steyer's motives are to educate the masses, and no one should suspect any ulterior motives, such as maintaining his personal wealth.  That would be considered capitalistic and an insult to the liberal progressives who are emotionally invested in saving the planet.  Perhaps this is another case where the ends justify the means........hypocritically speaking, of course.

Billionaire Tom Steyer---making money the old fashioned way.