Wednesday, April 27, 2016


In a more than impressive fashion, Donald Trump swept all five Northeastern Primaries last night by huge margins over his final two competitors.  By the overwhelming victories, Ted Cruz was officially eliminated from winning the necessary delegates, (1,237), leaving him with no path to a first ballot nomination. "I consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely," Trump said during his victory celebration.  Exit polling indicated exactly what Trump has said for several weeks:
"Exit polls on Tuesday told a similar story: 70 percent of Pennsylvania Republican respondents said the candidate "with the most votes in the primaries" should be the nominee if no one secures a delegate majority, rather than the candidate delegates think would be "the best nominee." In Connecticut, the number was 67 percent, and in Maryland it was 65 percent."
It will be interesting to see if Reince Priebus and the rest of the RNC are paying attention to the voters.  After Trumps monstrous win in New York the previous Tuesday, and now this dominating display, any other plot by the Establishment wing of the Republican Party would be certain disaster.

RCP average polling has Trump up by a small margin in the last state, (Indiana), that could prevent Trump from reaching the 1,237 delegate count to lock up the nomination outright.  But, after last night, those polls could change quickly in the winner-take-all contest, as Trump heads to the Hoosier State.

more to come...............

Update:  The Indiana Fight is ON, and it looks like Cruz and Kasich are losing:
"John Kasich may have agreed to cede Indiana to Ted Cruz as part of a coordinated strategy to stop Donald Trump, but Kasich’s top backers in the state say they’re frustrated and confused by the tactical maneuvering – and they have no plans to play along."
"Best laid plans of mice and men"?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Donald Trump took a huge step in solidifying his nomination in the Republican Primary last night, leaving his final two competitors in the dust.  In winning 61% of the New York votes, Mr. Trump picked up 88 delegates while John Kasich garnered 3, and Ted Cruz was shut out.  Let that sink in for a moment #neverTrump fans; your so-called "conservative's conservative" received only 15% of the vote and zero delegates.

And, the victory was so lopsided, Trump beat both Kasich and Cruz, (combined), by 21 points, destroying another media/anti-Trump narrative that Trump could be defeated if one of the two dropped out of the race.

In his victory speech last night, Donald Trump said, "It is really nice to win delegates with votes", a direct implication that the recent Cruz victories have not been represented by the voters, but rather GOP State leaders hand-picking anyone but Trump.  

In a few significant exit polling questions, 68% of Republican voters said if no one wins the required delegates, (1,237), the candidate with the most votes should win the nomination.  New York Republican voters also said Donald Trump would have the best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton by a whopping 89%, to Kasich's 7% and Cruz's 5%. 

In other news, new Trump delegate manager, Paul Manafort said, "there's not going to be a second ballot". 

developing updates ahead......... 

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Friday, April 15, 2016


Here we are, just five days from one of the largest Republican Primaries of the election season in the largest media market in the nation, and one could barely understand, (or conceive), that Donald Trump is about to have one of his biggest political victories in this race for the White House.

Current RCP Polling has Mr. Trump leading his last two adversaries by huge margins.  

In a NY1/Baruch College Poll, Trump is supported by 60 percent of likely Republican voters, but don't expect the national media to publish this overwhelming lead.

The online publication Politico produced this attention-getter, "Trump poised for New York landslide", but, you couldn't get past the first paragraph of their story to understand it was just another negative anti-Trump screed:
"Donald Trump is poised to win New York in a landslide on Tuesday but he could leave as many as two-dozen critical delegates on the table by failing to win an outright majority in every corner of the state, according to new congressional district-level polling provided to POLITICO." 
90% of the story is about how Donald Trump might not win the total 95 delegates available in the state.  Politico, (along with most of the anti-Trump media), sets the bar so high, anything less than a 100% victory is considered a total failure in their minds.

And don't expect Politico, or ANY OTHER MEDIA PUBLICATION to mention the fact that in five days Ted Cruz will be officially and mathematically eliminated from achieving the 1,237 delegate count required to win on the first ballot at the convention.  Or, that the goofy governor from Ohio ever had a chance, since winning only ONE STATE in the primaries.  Nope, the media is still hoping and praying there's a contested convention, along with the nation-wide narrative that some other "white knight" will win this nomination.

Donald Trump started this campaign against 17 competitors---SEVENTEEN---and will have, (on April 18th), eliminated ALL OF THEM.  In any other conventional Republican Primary, THIS would be news!  Headlines across the fruited plains should read: "Trump Wins",  "Trump Defeats the Politicians", "No Other Candidate Has a Path to the Nomination".  Period.

The Establishment and the Media had better come to grips with this reality. They've run the gauntlet of unfettered narcissism, (and the bravado of a contingency of multi-millions in wasted Super-PAC dollars), all in vain.

Trump has not only beaten his competitors, he's beaten both the Establishment Cartel in Washington, AND THE ANTI-TRUMP MEDIA. 

All that's left is for the MEDIA to report the truth---this race is over.

But, don't hold your breath.

Update:  For those who still maintain Trump isn't the best qualified Republican candidate to take on Hillary:

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Trump Loss in Wisconsin---A Perfect Storm, (with a "little" Establishment help)

Congratulations has to go out to Ted Cruz and the well-orchestrated Anti-Trump campaign that led to a resounding victory in Wisconsin.  Yes Ted, "you" did it!

Now, explain to all of your supporters how you're going to pick up 88% of the remaining delegates.  I'll wait.

In the meantime, let's take a quick peek into how this victory came about:

For starters, $7-million in SuperPac attack ads sure helped.

Two solid weeks of "conservative talk radio" (covering the entire state) with blistering anti-Trump screeds worked too.

And, for the record, Cruz's ground organization was stellar and commendable.

Add in an all-out national Media "stop-Trump-at-all-cost" campaign, (along with the forced and unforced errors the previous week), and presto, there's your "perfect storm".  Whether Ted Cruz will admit it, or not, the GOP ESTABLISHMENT was all-in with their support to slow down Trump's insurmountable lead in the race to the 1,237 delegate count.

But, how's this [Cruz's campaign] going to play out in the weeks ahead?  1), there's no Cruz +10 polling as the race heads into the northeast.  Current RCP Polling averages have Trump up by 13.4% in Pennsylvania, up by 32% in New York,  and up by 8 points in California.  2), is the Establishment prepared to spend millions in these three races as they did in Wisconsin?  With these kind of Trump leads, I doubt it.

Ted Cruz now has thirteen days left to explain again about what "New York Values" means to the voters in that state.  Or, he may just realize, (along with his anti-Trump backers), the effort and cost is not worth it in the Big Apple.

Pull the calculator out and figure out where that 88% figure goes when he loses New York.  Oh wait!  He can't win the nomination?  He's then mathematically eliminated?  Ted Cruz has been calling for John Kasich to get out of the race for weeks now, because Kasich was mathematically done.

We'll all wait with baited breath if he takes his own advice for the exact same reason on the morning of April 20th.

Seriously, I don't think Ted Cruz has quite figured out that he's being used as a pawn in the GOPe game.  Or, maybe he has?

Interesting times ahead.

Monday, April 4, 2016


With just one day before the Wisconsin Primary, there seems to be a bit of "possible shenanigans" going on with the polling data.  As late as February 21st, a Marquette poll showed Trump up by 10 points over Cruz.  (Actual polling had Trump at 30%, Rubio at 20%, and Cruz at 19%).  Thirty days later, (3/24-3/28) the same polling group miraculously found Ted Cruz up over Trump by ten points, a 20-point swing.  While most of the polling has "mild samplings" of Likely Voters, (LV's), 297-768, one poll, Optimist polled 6,182 likely voters, (an extremely high number, with a margin of error at only 1.14%), on 3/22-3/24, that had Trump up by two points over Kasich and four points over Cruz.

Suddenly, Real Clear Politics Polling, aka, RCP, (which I've trusted as a good barometer over the years), finds just enough other polls to record into their averages that drops Optimist out of the calculation, elevating Cruz from +6 to +10, with the current average lead of 6.8.  Questionably, RCP inserted a poll from Loras College, (a liberal arts institution) that polled Cruz up by 7-points to "round out" their averages, again, forcing the Optimist poll out of their averages.  I'm sure RCP would say they had to use the most current polling.

And of course, with all this "Cruz surges into the lead in Wisconsin" being nationally blasted all over the networks, few seem to question how or why some of the polling data appeared to have such a huge swing.

But wait!

(Note/Disclaimer: I'm posting this video with little or no verification, but if the polling numbers are even marginally correct, (as you follow the curser around the state of Wisconsin), come Tuesday night, there might be a ton of egg on the pollster's faces):

I'll remind you that the entire anti-Trump contingent, (including the GOPe) is banking heavily on Trump losing this state.  And with Donald Trump having a terrible couple of weeks heading into this primary, it sure is funny that the 5-Day Reuters Rolling Poll still has Trump rising nationally.

How will they, [the "respected pollsters"], explain a Trump victory in Wisconsin on Wednesday morning?  Further, how will they explain a 10-point victory over Ted Cruz, when Cruz was supposed to be leading by this same margin?

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that even the once respected pollsters gambled on, and manipulated the latest polls, in a desperate attempt to push Ted Cruz over the top in Wisconsin.  I may be wrong.  But, just in case, this writer is buying a few dozen extra eggs to go along with the crow the media and the pollsters may have to eat.

Update: Today, the American Research Group, (ARG), released a new Wisconsin poll with Trump leading by 10 points over Ted Cruz---42% to 32%, with Kasich bringing up the rear at 23%.  These results have been entered into the RCP polling that now shows Cruz up by only 4.1%, yet there are still two polls in the average, (Marquette and Fox Business), that had Cruz up by +10 points.  Still warming up the crow.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


In the wake of the pro-Trump "chalkings" appearing on college campuses across the nation, (that's causing anxiety and fear among the students), there's another unsettling story in the New York Post about pro-Trump students also fearing the repercussions from their Presidential choices:

NYU’s pro-Trump students fear for their safety — and grades

"They may be flooding caucus rooms across the country, but Donald Trump supporters at NYU keep their heads down, mouths shut and their correspondence secret. 
Lying in class about their political beliefs and keeping online conversations strictly private are typical precautions taken by The Donald’s badly outnumbered followers on campus. 
“Supporters generally try to keep it hidden from the rest of the student body,” said junior Dylan Perera, 22. “They’re afraid of losing friends, being ridiculed in class, getting worse grades and are even afraid of being assaulted and physically hurt.”

Make no mistake, the "diversity" professed on our college campuses is a false expression.  There's no diversity, or allowances for an expressed opinion, unless it's 100% liberal expression.  Any other voice or opinion is met with intimidation, ridicule, or worse---your "space" is not allowed, and "mussle will be called" to extract your 1st Amendment right.

I believe it's way past time for students with a conservative opinion to begin a peaceful revolt against any student body, (or faculty), that in any way restricts the basic right to voice an opinion without the fear from these intimidating cowards of our society.

Perhaps the real fear is that liberalism is dying a slow death across the fruited plains. The pendulum is swinging---more so on college campuses---from the radical far left, back towards the middle, where conservative thought is beginning to prevail as an alternative to liberalism and the big government socialist ideals that shackles the individual to perpetual bondage.  Liberals have found solace in this form of dependency---the entitlement-minded, who've been indoctrinated through our public educational system where individual responsibility no longer exist, or is expected.  Liberals prefer to be coddled/guided, from cradle to grave, by an "official agency"/a central government, or any entity that absolves them of individual responsibility.

Maybe it’s time for the parents of these students to remind them what the definition of diversity is.  If your “child” has a problem with allowing an alternative thought, (other than liberalism), and employs cowardly tactics that suppresses the rights of others to express themselves---then perhaps YOU are part of the problem.

Media Narrative: "Trump Had a Terrible Week"

Media Narratives are just that, narratives designed to shape opinions.  But, don't ask the media to do honest reporting.  They can't help themselves.  Sad.

Here's the actual link to the poll.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

After a contentious week of the Trump Campaign, where there's been an all-out desperate push from the GOP-E to slow down the front-runner in Wisconsin, the most likely scenario, (at worst), is that Trump will walk away with around half the delegates.  With the polling tightening up in the April 5th primary, (and negative anti-Trump ads by the SuperPacs), the narratives from the Media are everywhere from "he's slipping" to "he's spiraling out of control".  Of course, the Media has done as little as possible to point out Trump's resounding Super Tuesday and Super Tuesday-2 wins, or the fact that he's won 20 state primaries out of the first 31 races.  Trump's massive victories on March 15th, (shellacking Marco Rubio in Florida, and winning five out of the six primaries held on that day), collecting 215 total delegates, has all but faded from the Media's mindless reporting.  Any other Republican candidate who would be steam-rolling the field, (including Ted Cruz), in this primary race "should be" garnering positive headlines.  Right?


Donald Trump is not only battling, (and defeating), his competitors, he's got the entire Media, (left and right), and the GOP ESTABLISHMENT CARTEL running the most negative campaign---against a Republican candidate---we've seen in decades.  

To make matters worse, the media is publishing every poll that portrays Trump losing in Wisconsin, except one, a Washington Examiner published poll of over 6,000 likely Republican voters, that still leaves Trump in the lead ahead of Cruz by 4 points.  In this poll, the margin of error is only 1.14%.  In fact, John Kasich is in second place, ahead of Cruz.  But don't tell that to the Cruz-bots or the media.

While most of the past week has been centered on Trump's abortion "controversy", (contrived by Chris Matthews and regurgitated by the complicit media), the rest of the conversation is all about a contested convention* when Mr. Trump doesn't reach the "official qualification" of 1,237 delegates.

Oh, and Hillary's leading Trump by 10 points in general election polling, which the media, (and "conservative pundits"), believe is an insurmountable lead, despite the fact that Trump hasn't even began a general election campaign against the "Democrat's Choice", aka, the inevitable woman.  Of course, the DNC thought it would be prudent to have "some kind of primary race" to show the party is having a Democratic process, without the appearance of a coronation.  What they, [the DNC], didn't expect was a "real" competitive race against a devout socialist, who's suddenly threatening Hillary's "free ride".

* One note, (for now), about the media's drooling over a contested convention; Trump delegates are going nowhere after the first vote:

By Seth McLaughlin - The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 23, 2016 
Donald Trump’s delegates to the Republican nominating convention are proving to be exceptionally loyal, defying predictions by some analysts that they may flip their support to another candidate if Mr. Trump doesn’t win on the first ballot in Cleveland this summer.........
The outcome would then depend on the people serving as delegates — a process that has been completed in a handful of states. Interviews with The Washington Times show that those assigned to Mr. Trump say they are ready to stick with him at the Cleveland convention as long as he needs them. 
“If Mr. Trump goes into the convention with the most delegates and someone else walks out of there and he is denied the first right of refusal, I will leave the Republican Party and I will work the rest of the my life to destroy it,” said New Hampshire state Rep. Daniel Tamburello, one of a slate of 11 Trump delegates from the Granite State. “If they deny him that and somebody else walks out of there against his will against the nominee, I will leave the party.” (link)
Let this sink into the minds of the GOP-E folks who think they can discount the loyalty of the delegates---or, the American Voters.