Friday, April 15, 2016


Here we are, just five days from one of the largest Republican Primaries of the election season in the largest media market in the nation, and one could barely understand, (or conceive), that Donald Trump is about to have one of his biggest political victories in this race for the White House.

Current RCP Polling has Mr. Trump leading his last two adversaries by huge margins.  

In a NY1/Baruch College Poll, Trump is supported by 60 percent of likely Republican voters, but don't expect the national media to publish this overwhelming lead.

The online publication Politico produced this attention-getter, "Trump poised for New York landslide", but, you couldn't get past the first paragraph of their story to understand it was just another negative anti-Trump screed:
"Donald Trump is poised to win New York in a landslide on Tuesday but he could leave as many as two-dozen critical delegates on the table by failing to win an outright majority in every corner of the state, according to new congressional district-level polling provided to POLITICO." 
90% of the story is about how Donald Trump might not win the total 95 delegates available in the state.  Politico, (along with most of the anti-Trump media), sets the bar so high, anything less than a 100% victory is considered a total failure in their minds.

And don't expect Politico, or ANY OTHER MEDIA PUBLICATION to mention the fact that in five days Ted Cruz will be officially and mathematically eliminated from achieving the 1,237 delegate count required to win on the first ballot at the convention.  Or, that the goofy governor from Ohio ever had a chance, since winning only ONE STATE in the primaries.  Nope, the media is still hoping and praying there's a contested convention, along with the nation-wide narrative that some other "white knight" will win this nomination.

Donald Trump started this campaign against 17 competitors---SEVENTEEN---and will have, (on April 18th), eliminated ALL OF THEM.  In any other conventional Republican Primary, THIS would be news!  Headlines across the fruited plains should read: "Trump Wins",  "Trump Defeats the Politicians", "No Other Candidate Has a Path to the Nomination".  Period.

The Establishment and the Media had better come to grips with this reality. They've run the gauntlet of unfettered narcissism, (and the bravado of a contingency of multi-millions in wasted Super-PAC dollars), all in vain.

Trump has not only beaten his competitors, he's beaten both the Establishment Cartel in Washington, AND THE ANTI-TRUMP MEDIA. 

All that's left is for the MEDIA to report the truth---this race is over.

But, don't hold your breath.

Update:  For those who still maintain Trump isn't the best qualified Republican candidate to take on Hillary:

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