Sunday, November 30, 2014

"THIS.......IS CNN"

Sunday November 30th---In the CNN is still at it category, a (Ferguson) Baptist minister is on talking about the “injustice” delivered on Michael Brown, and how he’s looking forward to having Eric Holder as a guest in his church to see how the Federal investigation is going forward.  As has been the case since the shooting, CNN has gone out of their way to convict officer Wilson in the press, despite the overwhelming evidence and a grand jury decision that would not indict Wilson. CNN did a similar style of convicting George Zimmerman in a trail where Zimmerman was acquitted.

In both cases, CNN has despicably and callously ignored the facts while producing their own personal narratives and agenda, parading “witnesses”, (who provided false testimony in their interviews), onto their “news programs” and refused to challenge any of them---on the facts presented---leaving their viewers with the perception that the innocent should be guilty.

Despite a current poll that shows 78% of Americans thought the Ferguson Grand Jury made the right decision, CNN has been relentless in claiming an opposite view.

CNN is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System, a division of Time-Warner and is managed by Jeff Zucker, the current president of CNN Worldwide.

It is clear that CNN is an agenda-driven news station that is driving their credibility ratings into the gutter, where the standards of professional journalism take a back seat to Zucker’s style of providing factual news to its customers---they have no shame in their deliberate attempts to obfuscate the truth.  Sadly, there is no medium or entity, (other than the general public), that can judge or admonish a news outlet when they are blatantly spreading fabrications to accomplish their personal agendas.

“This…….is CNN”.