Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Trump Loss in Wisconsin---A Perfect Storm, (with a "little" Establishment help)

Congratulations has to go out to Ted Cruz and the well-orchestrated Anti-Trump campaign that led to a resounding victory in Wisconsin.  Yes Ted, "you" did it!

Now, explain to all of your supporters how you're going to pick up 88% of the remaining delegates.  I'll wait.

In the meantime, let's take a quick peek into how this victory came about:

For starters, $7-million in SuperPac attack ads sure helped.

Two solid weeks of "conservative talk radio" (covering the entire state) with blistering anti-Trump screeds worked too.

And, for the record, Cruz's ground organization was stellar and commendable.

Add in an all-out national Media "stop-Trump-at-all-cost" campaign, (along with the forced and unforced errors the previous week), and presto, there's your "perfect storm".  Whether Ted Cruz will admit it, or not, the GOP ESTABLISHMENT was all-in with their support to slow down Trump's insurmountable lead in the race to the 1,237 delegate count.

But, how's this [Cruz's campaign] going to play out in the weeks ahead?  1), there's no Cruz +10 polling as the race heads into the northeast.  Current RCP Polling averages have Trump up by 13.4% in Pennsylvania, up by 32% in New York,  and up by 8 points in California.  2), is the Establishment prepared to spend millions in these three races as they did in Wisconsin?  With these kind of Trump leads, I doubt it.

Ted Cruz now has thirteen days left to explain again about what "New York Values" means to the voters in that state.  Or, he may just realize, (along with his anti-Trump backers), the effort and cost is not worth it in the Big Apple.

Pull the calculator out and figure out where that 88% figure goes when he loses New York.  Oh wait!  He can't win the nomination?  He's then mathematically eliminated?  Ted Cruz has been calling for John Kasich to get out of the race for weeks now, because Kasich was mathematically done.

We'll all wait with baited breath if he takes his own advice for the exact same reason on the morning of April 20th.

Seriously, I don't think Ted Cruz has quite figured out that he's being used as a pawn in the GOPe game.  Or, maybe he has?

Interesting times ahead.

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