Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Donald Trump took a huge step in solidifying his nomination in the Republican Primary last night, leaving his final two competitors in the dust.  In winning 61% of the New York votes, Mr. Trump picked up 88 delegates while John Kasich garnered 3, and Ted Cruz was shut out.  Let that sink in for a moment #neverTrump fans; your so-called "conservative's conservative" received only 15% of the vote and zero delegates.

And, the victory was so lopsided, Trump beat both Kasich and Cruz, (combined), by 21 points, destroying another media/anti-Trump narrative that Trump could be defeated if one of the two dropped out of the race.

In his victory speech last night, Donald Trump said, "It is really nice to win delegates with votes", a direct implication that the recent Cruz victories have not been represented by the voters, but rather GOP State leaders hand-picking anyone but Trump.  

In a few significant exit polling questions, 68% of Republican voters said if no one wins the required delegates, (1,237), the candidate with the most votes should win the nomination.  New York Republican voters also said Donald Trump would have the best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton by a whopping 89%, to Kasich's 7% and Cruz's 5%. 

In other news, new Trump delegate manager, Paul Manafort said, "there's not going to be a second ballot". 

developing updates ahead......... 

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