Saturday, April 2, 2016

After a contentious week of the Trump Campaign, where there's been an all-out desperate push from the GOP-E to slow down the front-runner in Wisconsin, the most likely scenario, (at worst), is that Trump will walk away with around half the delegates.  With the polling tightening up in the April 5th primary, (and negative anti-Trump ads by the SuperPacs), the narratives from the Media are everywhere from "he's slipping" to "he's spiraling out of control".  Of course, the Media has done as little as possible to point out Trump's resounding Super Tuesday and Super Tuesday-2 wins, or the fact that he's won 20 state primaries out of the first 31 races.  Trump's massive victories on March 15th, (shellacking Marco Rubio in Florida, and winning five out of the six primaries held on that day), collecting 215 total delegates, has all but faded from the Media's mindless reporting.  Any other Republican candidate who would be steam-rolling the field, (including Ted Cruz), in this primary race "should be" garnering positive headlines.  Right?


Donald Trump is not only battling, (and defeating), his competitors, he's got the entire Media, (left and right), and the GOP ESTABLISHMENT CARTEL running the most negative campaign---against a Republican candidate---we've seen in decades.  

To make matters worse, the media is publishing every poll that portrays Trump losing in Wisconsin, except one, a Washington Examiner published poll of over 6,000 likely Republican voters, that still leaves Trump in the lead ahead of Cruz by 4 points.  In this poll, the margin of error is only 1.14%.  In fact, John Kasich is in second place, ahead of Cruz.  But don't tell that to the Cruz-bots or the media.

While most of the past week has been centered on Trump's abortion "controversy", (contrived by Chris Matthews and regurgitated by the complicit media), the rest of the conversation is all about a contested convention* when Mr. Trump doesn't reach the "official qualification" of 1,237 delegates.

Oh, and Hillary's leading Trump by 10 points in general election polling, which the media, (and "conservative pundits"), believe is an insurmountable lead, despite the fact that Trump hasn't even began a general election campaign against the "Democrat's Choice", aka, the inevitable woman.  Of course, the DNC thought it would be prudent to have "some kind of primary race" to show the party is having a Democratic process, without the appearance of a coronation.  What they, [the DNC], didn't expect was a "real" competitive race against a devout socialist, who's suddenly threatening Hillary's "free ride".

* One note, (for now), about the media's drooling over a contested convention; Trump delegates are going nowhere after the first vote:

By Seth McLaughlin - The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 23, 2016 
Donald Trump’s delegates to the Republican nominating convention are proving to be exceptionally loyal, defying predictions by some analysts that they may flip their support to another candidate if Mr. Trump doesn’t win on the first ballot in Cleveland this summer.........
The outcome would then depend on the people serving as delegates — a process that has been completed in a handful of states. Interviews with The Washington Times show that those assigned to Mr. Trump say they are ready to stick with him at the Cleveland convention as long as he needs them. 
“If Mr. Trump goes into the convention with the most delegates and someone else walks out of there and he is denied the first right of refusal, I will leave the Republican Party and I will work the rest of the my life to destroy it,” said New Hampshire state Rep. Daniel Tamburello, one of a slate of 11 Trump delegates from the Granite State. “If they deny him that and somebody else walks out of there against his will against the nominee, I will leave the party.” (link)
Let this sink into the minds of the GOP-E folks who think they can discount the loyalty of the delegates---or, the American Voters.

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