Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Walker confused about "positive" and "conservative"

I wonder what George Custer would have said…if on that fateful day, he received a message that said “Help is on the way!  We’ll stop Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse in their tracks.” 

Would he have said, “Can’t I get any positive, optimistic messages?”

Almost two-thirds of Americans think this country is on the wrong track.  And they are being told by one candidate that he will really do what both Democrats and Republicans have not done. 

But Scott Walker doesn’t think it’s optimistic or positive to tell voters “Help is on the way.” Scott Walker doesn’t think it’s positive or optimistic to tell them, “If  we lose this election, we might lose America; but we can make America great again.”

Scott Walker doesn’t think it’s positive or optimistic for Americans to be told “We can stop this runaway train that liberal extremists have engineered.”

Scott Walker doesn’t think that it positive or optimistic to tell voters that great nations secure their borders and expect those who come here from other nations to respect our laws.

Scott Walker thinks we need a “conservative alternative” to Donald Trump.  And who has he endorsed?  Marco Rubio. 

The first time Marco Rubio had to choose between being a “conservative alternative” and the extremism of the White House, Rubio chose to be a Schumer Republican.  And then he lied – repeatedly – to Americans about what was and wasn’t in that Gang of 8 bill of lies.

Yet Scott Walker prefers this Schumer Republican as the conservative alternative to someone who began his campaign by promising to secure our southern border once and for all, and stop the drowning of fundamental and historic American values in a tsunami that will “transform” America into a mediocre, even third world nation.

But Walker isn’t just wrong about Rubio.  While gearing up for his second term reelection, Scott Walker said he thought Chris Christie was“conservative enough” to be the Republican nominee.

Read Andrew McCarthy in the pages of National Review about Christie’s “conservative enough” credential – appointing Muslim judges soft on terrorism.  And this “conservative enough” would-be Republican nominee raised property taxes, has liberal views on climate change, on the illegal alien invasion….and has permanently secured his role as the Charlie Crist of New Jersey and the 2012 election. Only Candy Crowley rivals him on that score.

Scott Walker doesn’t recognize the danger facing our nation.  Scott Walker doesn’t recognize the positive and optimistic message so many of us hear in Trump:  we can pull this country back from the brink and make America great again!  Scott Walker thinks the man who couldn’t wait to be a Schumer Republican should carry the conservative banner.

It’s good that Scott Walker is going back Wisconsin.  It will be even better if he stops trying to tell the rest of us what is positive and optimistic and who the conservatives are. 

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