Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rothman on "accomplished and electable" Republicans

Esconced at Commentary, Noah Rothman continues his infatuation with establishment Republicans who love to hate the conservative grassroots voters.  

In his most recent attempt to tell us that the base voters are no less clownish than Donald Trump, Rothman says this:

"Americans’ disregard for the value of the governing institutions that serve as the country’s foundational structures is evident in how the voting public has approached the coming presidential election. Thus far, the process has been a joke, and the public has treated it like one.
On the Republican side of the ledger, the most accomplished and electable field of presidential candidates in living memory has been overshadowed by the all-consuming umbra that is Donald Trump.”

His lack of respect for voters is evident.  We disregard the “value of governing institutions.”  On the contrary, it is because of our regard that our current sentiments run a particular direction.  Like the rest of the D.C. elitists, Rothman has never excelled at understanding voters.

But he insists this is the “most accomplished and electable field.”  Ah, yes…electability; and now we add “accomplished.”  A quick look at but a few in this field is in order. 

Let’s start with Sen. Marco Rubio.  His accomplishment?  He lied to his Florida constituents – “earned pathway to citizenship is amnesty” – and all the conservatives who supported him.  In the first major decision of his Senate career, he chose to become a Schumer Republican rather than keep his promise to the Tea Party conservatives that put him in the Senate.  He lied from the moment he was first interviewed by Rush.  His excuse?  It was the best deal he could get.  So, the Iran deal is ok, Marco?  Electable?  Not when three million conservatives stay home rather than vote for a Schumer Republican.

Chris Christie?  His accomplishments?  Well, he certainly aided and abetted the current occupant of the White House in his reelection bid.  But you know that.  He has appointed a Muslim judge with ties to Hamas, and he has raised property taxes in New Jersey.  Polls show him losing to Clinton in New Jersey.  Accomplishments and electability, Noah.  wow.

And the accomplished John Kasich.  If you like your New Testament a la Pelosi, this is the candidate for you.  His explanation for accepting the Medicaid expansion: what will you say when you get to the Pearly Gates?  Huh?  He claims he did it for the people of Ohio, but which ones?  Those Ohio voters who lost their health insurance? Ot those that will eventually pay millions in state funds for the expansion?  Electable?  Only if you also think….

....Jeb “Wannabe 45” Bush is electable.  Surrogates point to his lowering taxes in Florida, yet he refuses to take the “no new taxes” pledge.  Why?  Because he plans to follow in Daddy’s footsteps?  Where was he during the 2009 stimulus bill fiasco?  Where was he during the Roberts-0-care debates?  Well, we know: he was off working with Bill Gates to foist the liberal-driven Common Core onto our educational system.  There’s an accomplishment: adding yet another opportunity for liberal propaganda to overwhelm curriculum. 

Of course, his greatest accomplishment is being very clear that (1) crimes by illegal aliens are to be excused; (2) children of illegal aliens should benefit from the crimes of their parents; (3) that he is willing to watch our southern border and core American values disappear in a sea of those who are not coming here because they love and respect American values…and he calls this an “act of love.” Last but not least – conservatives:  I don’t need you, and I don’t like you.  

Electable?  A Jeb Bush candidacy will fracture the Republican party, resulting in another Alinsky-ite in the White House.  It will drive conservative grassroots voters forever from the fold.  Which of course is exactly what Bush retread hacks and the establishment elitists want. 

The principal accomplishment of most of this field?  The same as Rothman's: they refuse to listen to conservative voters and their concerns.    

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  1. Not only do they "refuse to listen", they purposely ignore a massive amount of the electorate who despise both the political pundits and the Washington DC Establishment crooks who think they've already set the table for all of us. Nothing could be further away from reality----but they will find this out soon enough.