Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Picture Worth a Thousand Words.....

"When all of this is over -- I mean, the argument's over, when all the points have been made -- there's still a picture. It's Chuck Schumer and the Gang of Eight with Marco Rubio in the picture, and nowhere is Ted Cruz ."  ~ Rush Limbaugh 

Make no mistake, Rubio's Gang of Eight bill was a fast-track path to citizenship for millions who chose not to wait in the line of legal immigration.  Donald Trump is a threat to those profiteers seeking only cheap labor, (subsidized by the federal government and the welfare programs), and designed to line the pockets of all who will support a perpetual class of dependents.  

"Democrats want unlimited illegal immigration because they believe it will help permanently cement them in power. On the other hand, many Republican politicians also want unlimited illegal immigration because they're getting huge campaign contributions from businesses that want to profit from illegals while passing the costs on to the American people."  ~ John Hawkins 

Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are a threat to these status quo politicians who depend on the money flowing into their campaign accounts, feeding the beast of illegal immigration and, by extension, wage control for all Americans. 

It's a racket.  And Marco Rubio got in bed with the racketeers.  All the political spin in the world won't change this fact.

Update: If there's any confusion that Ted Cruz was attempting to kill the Schumer/Rubio gang of eight bill, let's go to one of the horse's mouth:

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