Friday, May 13, 2016

Trump and Ryan Meeting: Uniting for One Common Goal---Defeating Hillary

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan had only met one time before yesterday's 45 minute sit-down.  This time, however, the entire world's press corps were on hand to find out if the two leaders can find common ground to build on.  Make no mistake, the Liberal Media would prefer an all out fight to keep the Party divided, (and they were quick to report that Ryan did not endorse Mr. Trump, and I've got a theory on why, that makes perfect sense*), but what you probably won't see from the media is the joint statement put out by the two---so, I'll post it here:

(Note: you can left-click on the small print to enlarge)

Note to the doubters and NeverTrumpers: Read the first line---carefully---and be sure to let us all know if there's something there that you don't/can't comprehend.  Other key words; unite, unify, common ground, few differences, and totally committed to the single goal, which is to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

Now, I'm quite certain there are many of you who are saying, who the hell does Paul Ryan think he is?  And, Mr. Ryan's certainly got his own questionably "conservative" baggage neatly packed into his agenda, several issues that Republican's have found to be "enabling" to the Obama administration, (specifically capitulating to the ridiculous Omnibus spending bill both he and Mitch McConnell graciously handed to the President).  For many of the hard right, and Tea Party conservatives, this was a tough pill to swallow, given that promises were made by House Conservatives to rein in the big government spending practices---by both parties---and the Ryan wing of the party failed miserably.

Yet, of the "common ground" issues agreed upon yesterday by the two Republican power-brokers, one stood out, (in my humble opinion), that can be the foundation going forward:  Pro-life.  Donald Trump, who was once a pro-choice advocate, is maintaining he will support the pro-life movement, including appointing Supreme Court justices who are also pro-life.  It is my belief that this single Conservative value, (held by a strong majority of the Party), can be a building block towards unifying the Party.

And, there are certainly other issues that can be agreed upon between Mr. Trump and House Republicans, specifically putting Americans back to work, and re-building a national defense that Mr. Obama has shredded to pieces. 


And, despite the Obama administration, (and his fawning liberal media), glossing over the plight of the middle class, stagnant wages, 96 million out of the work force, and the pathetic 2% annual growth, Hillary Clinton has pledged to continue Obama's policies, (including the total decimation of the fossil fuel industry---"we will put the coal miners out of work").  For the sake of this nation, this simply must not happen.

Surprisingly, Mr. Bill O'Reilly summed up the current situation America is in, in his talking points memo:

The Real Story of Donald Trump Meeting Republican Leaders Today
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 12, 2016

"In politics, what you see and hear is not always reality.

Spin dominates. That's why this program was created.  The ‘No Spin Zone’ cuts through all that.

Today, Donald Trump met with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan - the two men trying to find common ground on which to defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency in November.

It is really impossible to say what both men are truly thinking, but they do have a common interest - and that is winning.

Simply put, if President Obama's economic policies are continued for four more years under President Hillary Clinton, the country may fracture.

A Wall Street Journal column today by Daniel Henninger nails it - America cannot prosper on two percent growth a year.  It's simply impossible.

And that's what we have gotten under President Obama no matter how the Democrats spin it.

The weak economic growth has caused deep anger among Americans in both parties, which is why Trump has won and Bernie Sanders is so competitive.

American workers understand their lives are not secure, wages are stagnant, job growth paltry.

If you've got three kids, a mortgage and want to live a basic life, you have to earn substantial money.

Again, two percent growth will not provide the upward mobility that workers need.

While there are a number of issues dividing Republicans and Democrats, the economy is the biggest.

Trump has a big advantage here because he is running as a successful businessperson who will apply his acumen to improving the economy.

Hillary Clinton pretty much says she'll do what President Obama has done.

The problem for Trump is that some Republicans do not trust him.

But now there is no other alternative.  It's either gamble with Trump or live under economic policies that put government regulation and high taxes over growth.

To be fair to Hillary Clinton, she could moderate once she's the official nominee. But right now it's entitlements everywhere and big government expansion.

The classic tax-and-spend progressive platform.

Again, how has that worked over the past eight years?

So Talking Points fully expects the Republican Party to rally around Donald Trump.


Because there is no other option for them.

And that's the memo."

Bill's got it right---there's no other option.

(for the record, I asked for permission to post Mr. O'Reilly's talking points memo in its entirety, and have yet to receive any acknowledgement.  Given that permission was not granted, I may have to take this down without notice)

* Lastly, (for now), it's my belief that, (under the Trump playbook), there's no reason to hurry along a full blown endorsement from Paul Ryan and the rest of the Party.  Why would Trump let the media "off the hook" so soon, when after every announcement of another meeting, the media will again pay attention to what they're dreaming of---a full blown conflict/division.  Who needs a "divorce" when a long strung out potential hate/love affair makes for better theater?  Mr. Trump's played the media like a finely tuned fiddle, and he's not about to let them control their destructive narratives/practices they've endured in the past---with the "goats" ending up like McCain and Romney.

This IS the time to Make America Great Again.  And send Bill and Hillary into permanent retirement.

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