Sunday, May 8, 2016

Why Most Republicans Don't Care What Mitt Romney Has to Say

In response to the "Weakly" Standard's Bill Kristol insisting the Republican Party mount a third-party campaign against Mr. Trump, I'd like to remind the voters of a few interesting historical facts.

Tweeted out (by your's truly) a few days ago:

Mitt Romney lost FL, OH, PA, & VA = 80 electoral votes that would have given him the WH. 332-206 (-/+ 80) = 252-286 Get it Kristol?

The tweet I sent out received 38 retweets and 37 likes, huge responses given my small amount of followers, but, I believe the point was received---Romney LOST four states that Donald Trump can certainly win.

Mitt Romney couldn't even win a debate against Candy Crowley, and we're supposed to think this man carries any weight in this election cycle?

As for Bill Kristol, (and the pompous ass's at the Standard), their phony quest for "a more conservative candidate" rings fairly hollow, considering they're at the heart of the D.C. Cartel that would prefer Hillary Clinton over Mr. Trump.

Sidenote: Not surprising, the idiots over at DeadAir---the anti-Trump society that purged 90% of their once dedicated followers "to achieve a more diverse audience", couldn't wait to run with this story.  The theory, (posted by the faux-liberal Allahpundit), is that some how a third party candidate can get into the race and collect enough electoral votes to keep both Clinton and Trump from the 270 count, sending the election to the House of Representatives.

Also note that this writer will never link back to this site. The post garnered a whopping 42 comments---you reap what you sow.

Update: Also included in the "We Don't Care What You Have to Say" department, it appears Mr. Ryan's reluctance to support Mr. Trump is backfiring, as a recent poll indicates he's loosing his own race to hold his seat in Congress.

People like Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, and Mitt Romney are about to get run over by the Trump Train.  They tied themselves to the establishment tracks, and, judging from the polling of the remaining primary races, the Train's not slowing down.  In fact, it's speeding up as Trump has hit 50% in California.

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