Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Indiana Thread----Turn out the lights, the Party's Over?

On the eve (morning) of the Indiana Primary, this blogger must admit, it's a bit amusing at how much both the political pundits, and the anti/never Trump factions are still in denial of what's becoming inevitable.

Trump: "If we win Indiana, it's over."

Current RCP Polling has Trump up over Mr. Cruz by as much as 15-17 points despite the all-out effort by the #StopTrump folks---to the tune of millions in anti-Trump advertising.  Yet, the "Trump can't win" narratives keep falling by the wayside, specifically, he won't get to the 1,237, and he can't beat Hillary.

1), Not counting tonight's results in Indy, Mr. Trump is on a path to exceed the 1,237, and 2), just as important, a most recent Rassmussen Poll put Trump over Clinton by two points.

(Note: A simple google inquirery by typing in "Trump on path to exceed 1237" nets a 90+ % of results that provides all the reasons why he can't do it.  In a virtual reversal of "explanations", google-ing "Clinton's path to nomination, results in an overwhelming majority of positive stories how Clinton achieves the nomination, including "Bernie has no chance".  How the hell GOOGLE determines what stories make the first page MUST BE configured to enjoy their biased narratives with a "built-in excuse" formatting.) 

But, back to the 1,237.  It took a "little searching", but the website FiveThirtyEight provided a story, (written by political guru Nate Silver) which was the most comprehensive, (and honest), explanation of Mr. Trump's path to an outright majority on April 27th, (just after Trump's NorthEast victories/shellackings over his competitors):

It’s Trump’s Nomination To Lose*

Clarification: It is this writer's opinion that even while Mr. Silver provides some pertinent information on Trump's path, he still spends much of the article on the preconceived road blocks Mr. Trump may still incur on his road to Cleveland. Given the current polling just six days later, much of Silver's "projections" would be in serious need of editing.

So, in the spirit of this "Silver-esk"-like narration, I will make my own bold projections:

#1) Donald Trump will hit 50%, (again), in Indiana tonight and receives all 57 delegates.

#2) Given the speed/momentum of this run-away TrumpTrain, (and the correct results of #1), Trump may not even need California on June 7th.

#3) After tonight, only the die-hard #NeverTrumpers will remain on the social networks, and I expect, (from this group), the vitriolic disdain for Mr. Trump to reach its crescendo---to the point of absurdity.  Remember, to this contingent, we are all stupid Republicans.

#4) The poorly misguided folks in #3 (like hundreds of political & Establishment Pundits), STILL DON'T GET IT because of #5.   


Let #5 sink in folks, then feel free to express your (controlled and civil) opinions in the comments below this post.

#6) Be sure to catch all the great highlights of the day over at HotGas.net, the fastest growing conservative site on the internet. 

#7 Last one out, turn out the lights..........

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