Monday, May 2, 2016

North Dakota State Convention Delegates Wavering.....Back Towards Trump

From the anti-Trump site, The National Review, (of all places), comes a story of unbound delegates who are actually listening to the will of the people, and considering keeping with the Republican Party's main goal---to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

With Trump's resounding victories in the Northeast last Tuesday, (where he broke the 50% barrier in all five states), North Dakota delegates are having second thoughts:
"Until Donald Trump’s romp through the Northeast last Tuesday abruptly changed the subject, the political world was captivated — and Trump supporters were infuriated — by the Cruz campaign’s successful effort to elect large blocs of friendly delegates at a series of state-party conventions...... 
.......Those delegates are vital to Cruz’s quest to deny his rival the 1,237 delegates he’ll need on the first ballot in Cleveland. But as they’ve watched Cruz struggle to tread water in a primary increasingly dominated by Trump, many of them, wary of a bitter convention battle that could rend the party at its seams, are rethinking their commitment to the Texas senator."
Terms like, "firmly uncommitted" and "reconsidering options" jump out in the article, as the state's delegates begin to realize they might be playing a part in tearing the Republican Party apart on the convention floor's first ballot in July, (18th-21st), when they'd rather play a part in uniting the Party's real fight, which is sending Bill & Hillary into permanent retirement.
"Right now, many unbound delegates would rather present a united front against the Democrats in November than work to stop Trump in July. “No matter what happens in Cleveland, I am in the ‘anybody-but-Hillary’ camp,” says [Jim] Poolman. “The most important objective is to get a nominee and unite the party.”
With the most recent RCP polling in Indiana showing Trump's numbers rising to +9 and +15 points, the Trump-Train momentum just might be the "last straw" that breaks the backs of the NeverTrumpers this Tuesday, as the Party begins to heal itself and refocus on the prime directive---uniting to defeat the Clintons. 

George Will, (and the National Review Editorial Board) were purposely not reached for a comment.

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