Tuesday, May 31, 2016


If you listen to the lamestream media long enough, they'll come up with something to get under Donald's skin.  After a writer for the Washington Post accused Trump of not distributing money he raised for the Veterans, the "story" began to "get legs", and Trump had had enough of the bullshit.  One has to wonder if Mr. Trump doesn't just let these "controversies" build up just enough steam, before he calls a press conference and lets the press have it----right between the eyes.

What Trump did this, [Tuesday], morning was what Trump fans, and much of the general public absolutely adored---a good ol' fashioned butt-whipping, basically telling the press what most of them are---a bunch of self-aggrandizing blowhards that think they're running this man and his election.

The video here below is the full 57-plus minutes, but you can skip to about the 21-minute mark to start watching "the show".

The bottom line, Trump produced a full list of fundraiser money he'd collected for the Vets, to the tune of 5-1/2 million dollars, (one million out of his own pocket), and explained to the morons that a vetting procedure takes time, more money was still coming in, and, he not only put the press in their place, he got a healthy stab at Hillary, asking the press to find out how much she had raised for the Vets.

The rest of the press conference, Trump took a ton of questions, called one reporter from ABC "a sleaze", put the idiot Bill Kristol in his place, and throughout reminded the press, including the "political press" that they were all a bunch of idiots if they think they're going to get away with writing fabrications about him.

The whole morning was a good time had by all..........except the press.

Even Rush Limbaugh loved it!

"The Press Conference Republican Voters Have Wanted to See for Years"

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