Wednesday, March 1, 2017

President Trump Addresses the Nation----Democrats Sit

Democrats Don’t Rise in Applause to defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism, Iranian Nuclear Missiles, or Supporting Israel.  Don’t rise for making health insurance policies accessible across state lines----reforming the disaster of ObamaCare.  Democrats don’t rise for school choice, or eliminating violence in our inner cities.  Democrats reluctantly rise in supporting our law enforcement agencies.  Democrats don’t rise on preventing illegal criminal aliens who murdered American citizens, or our police forces who protect all Americans.  Democrats reluctantly rise in increasing military spending and supporting our Armed Forces.  Despite a tribute to a fallen hero, (that got the longest ovation of the evening), Democrats had a hard time standing and applauding Ryan, a man who died in defense of our nation.  Democrats could not rise to hope for a better life, a better future for our children, and a stronger safer America.  They couldn’t wait to exit the chamber in haste.  And they do not represent the spirit of this great nation.

United, they sat.

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