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March 1st 2016----SUPER TUESDAY

SUPER TUESDAY.  This is where the 2016 Presidential Campaigns are defined with 11 States holding Republican Primaries: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Alaska and Minnesota.  Quoting a paragraph from Jonathan Adams website Heavy.Com, here's how the delegates are dispersed:

"The majority of the Super Tuesday states use the proportional method to award the delegates. Delegates are rewarded to multiple candidates based on the results. A candidate may not win a state but still has an opportunity to win some of the state’s delegates. The Colorado, North Dakota and Wyoming caucuses use the unbounded method of awarding delegates. The primaries on March 15 mark the beginning of the winner-take-all method that constitutes the majority of the remaining primaries."

You can find the results of tonight's primaries here, and here.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has all the momentum winning the first three out of four early primaries, but an all out assault by the Washington Establishment may have "slightly blunted" the businessman's surge.  I say may have, because no one knows what the real impact will be until late tonight.

With the Media and the Political Pundits, (both on the left and the right), caught with their proverbial journalistic pants down, Trump has gone from "the joke" to the serious contending nominee to take on Hillary Clinton in November.  As all the Governors, (except John Kasich), falling by the wayside---most notably former governor, and presumptive GOP Establishment choice Jeb Bush---Trump's only possible "momentum stoppers" are two Senators, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  In his home state of Texas, with 155 delegates up for grabs, Cruz is leading in the Average RCP polling by 8.9%, but two recent polls by Emerson and ARG, (see the RCP link), had him leading by +1 and +3, certainly within the margin of error.  A loss by Cruz in his home state would be nothing less than devastating.  Even a narrow win by the Texas Senator would split the delegate prize between himself, Trump, and Rubio, depending on how the voters decide.

I've purposely bolded the last sentence above because there's a concerted effort by the Washington Establishment Cartel, (a body politic consisting of politicians and big money special interest), who may be literally "shi!!ing their pants tonight if their stop Trump at all cost effort becomes fruitless.  What the Cartel has yet to understand/contemplate is the strength of the grass-roots anti-establishment voters who are fed up with the status quo mentality of their current government.  In "the good ol' days", (between the influences of the Media and the special interest), the general election would have already been decided for Jeb Bush to face off against Hillary Clinton.  But, the million dollar war chest belonging to Bush---supplied primarily by the PACS---never got off the ground, and Hillary Clinton's once "inevitable coronation" has her campaign scurrying to the left, thanks to admitted socialist Bernie Sanders.  Sander's template mirrors the campaign of Barack Obama's phony hope & change plethora of "free stuff for the poor and disadvantaged" without the Media's deception that Obama was not a socialist.  But the Democratic Party had already implemented "the fix" long before Sanders even got into the race with hundreds of "uncommitted" Super Delegates trying to figure out how to coronate Hillary without causing a major revolt within the Party, which may still become inevitable.

So, as you can see, Hillary has her problems going into Super Tuesday, much like the Republican Establishment Cartel has theirs---and, the biggest obstruction is, shock, the American Voters, split again by distinctively different ideologies, yet both yearning for something different from the status quo politicians.  Super Tuesday "may" sort a little out on how the nation moves forward..........but, I wouldn't bet on it.

Stay tuned.....more to come.  Or, as Matt Drudge puts it, developing.

Early Results in (5:34 pm pacific)
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What a rousing speech Rubio gave to accept his participation trophy!

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