Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Trump Dominates Super Tuesday

In what can only be described as a blowout, GOP front-runner Donald Trump took a huge step forward in his quest for the Republican nomination.  Out of the 11 states available on Super Tuesday, Trump won 7 states, Ted Cruz picked up 3, including his home state of Texas, while Marco Rubio ended the night with only one win, in the state of Minnesota.

Exit polling indicated Rubio's all-out assault on Trump last week influenced few and may have even chased off some of the precious votes the Florida Senator will need on March 15th when Floridians go to the polls.  Current RCP Polling has Rubio down to Trump by 19.5 points in this delegate-rich state, that may lead the young Senator to an exit from the race, leaving the last two men standing---Trump and Cruz.

Trump held a press conference in a small but packed room, where he made a short victory speech, and then took question from "reporters".  In his opening statement, Trump emphasized uniting both the GOP and the country in an atmosphere that left several network media pundits claiming the billionaire businessman appeared "Presidential".

The Republican Party enjoyed another record turnout across the country, eclipsing records in some states by 50% over their 2008 primaries, as the enthusiasm level is being attributed to Donald Trump:

"Analysts said the enthusiasm this year is on the Republican side, and said Mr. Trump is driving much of it. They also said they expect that enthusiasm to carry over as the race continues."
“I think it’s a harbinger of things to come,” said David Yepsen, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University. “All those people who line up for Donald Trump rallies and also lining up at the ballot box and the caucus site. Trump’s winning and nothing succeeds like success. 
Turnout has been strong for Republicans across the board. Iowa, which kicked off the campaign season, saw a 50 percent increase for Republicans over their previous record. Indeed, turnout was so high that Mr. Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio, the second- and third-place finishers, got enough votes that they would have won in any previous year."  (link) (all emphasis's are mine)
On the Democrat* side, Hillary Clinton added to her insurmountable lead over Socialist Bernie Sanders, yet the turnout was reportedly down significantly over the 2008 primaries, where the then Senator Obama drew record breaking turnouts, primarily from the African American community and college-aged youths.  *(Note: This writer will rarely use the term Democratic when describing a Party consisting of liberal progressives, and socialist sympathizers---they may be Democrats, but they're hardly Democratic

Mrs. Clinton picked up 453 delegates last night to Sanders 284, leaving the former first lady with a total of 1001.  Sanders' total is 1/3 of Clintons, (371), as the Senator won four states to Hillary's seven.

With the two "front-runners" now being labeled as presumptive nominees, the race for the White House pits a long-term politician against a Washington D.C. Outsider, where current RCP Polling Averages shows Clinton with only a slight lead of 3.0 points.  Last June and July, the former Secretary of State lead Trump by 16-24 points, leaving this race wide-open leading up to Tuesday, November 8th.

What remains to be seen is if the Republican Party can coalesce/unite around Donald Trump to insure no Democrat/Hillary gets near the White House again. With both candidates carrying high negatives among the American voters, the choice may come down to who can change the general direction of a nation with a stagnant economy, a bloated national debt, and notably, an electorate dissatisfied with the current status quo Washington D.C. Cartel that's left the legislative branch of government in shatters.  Hillary Clinton does represent a third-term of an Obama ideology of a big central government controlling the lives of mainstream Americans.  

And, make no mistake, the "party of division", spewing racial, gender, and income equality diatribes, will be the Democrat's playbook.  How Mrs. Clinton can state she wants to "make the country whole again", while employing this playbook of divisive policies designed to further tear this nation apart, is dumbfounding. 

The Republican Party has a clear opportunity to put an end to the bitter clash of ideologies with an Outsider businessman who has promised to "get things done", while Making America Great Again.  Note that Mr. Trump does not say "Make Republicans, Christians, or any class or race Great Again"---he's including every American, in a United cause, to put this Nation back on the track of both exceptionalism and pride in who we are collectively & individually---One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.  

The Elite and Privileged Establishment Cartel in D.C. will have to deal with that. 

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