Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump Wins Big on Super Tuesday ll ---- Media Regurgitates Contested Convention

Donald Trump stormed his way to huge Super-Tuesday ll, decimating Marco Rubio in Florida, picking up wins in North Carolina and Illinois, and holding on to a slim lead in Missouri, adding to the Republican front-runner's delegate total............

......But, don't tell the Media!

Scanning the headlines of our beloved Media, readers must have the impression there's a funeral going on in the race for the White House, as the major online News outlets, (both liberal and "semi-conservative"), continued their all-out anti-Trump tirades.  For the record, this writer posted last night, (as the returns began to come in), that the Media would be moving the Trump goal post fervently by the end of the night.  They did not disappoint.

On a night where the success of any other Presidential candidate would have been touted as a monumental, definitive, and possessing a clear advantage, the mainstream media miserably stumbled and fell short of the finish line in what used to be called honest journalism.  The narrative of the night quickly evolved into the media's lust for a contested convention in Cleveland, along with the pundits providing delusional, (and unsustainable) paths for the other two remaining candidates, Ted Cruz and one-state winner John Kasich.

At least pollster Scott Rasmussen had the balls this morning to come out and tell the truth: "Everyone knows the Establishment hates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz", (paraphrased), which is the reason the Media is desperately holding on to hopes for a brokered or contested convention---money in their pockets, and, writing about the mania of the anti-Trump forces.

For the last two nights, 94% of the big three media outlets blamed Trump for the trouble in Chicago, and not the agitators/protesters.  Throughout the week, Republican anti-Trump Super-PACS spent over 10 million in negative, (and sometimes despicable), advertising against the front-runner.  Even the Elite Circus Power-Brokers were befuddled.

Yet, with all the vitriolic and disparaging efforts of the anti-Trump forces, the voters had the last word.  And, even while the once simi-conservative folks at Fox News tried to bring up the suggestion of a contested convention, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich dashed their hopes: 

Pure Gold----Gingrich schools Bret Baier on why there won't be a contested convention. "Worst case scenario : Trump and Cruz will join forces to defeat the Establishment".
Baier looks on like some one just told him his dog died.

(Note: I like Bret Baier, and consider him the most honest journalist on the Fox News team.  That said, Fox's dreams of a Rubio triumph in Florida disappeared early on the night, and left the Fox folks with one last desperate narrative---a contested convention.  Gingrich literally blew that theory out of the water, and seriously, the look on Baier's face was priceless, and, unfortunately there was no video of a Megyn Kelly look).

After last night, Donald Trump now has a clear path to an uncontested nomination.

Just don't tell the Media.

(more links and updates to follow)

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