Monday, March 7, 2016

Megyn Kelly's Dirty Little Fabrication & The "Graphics"

(Via the Gateway Pundit)

During the Thursday night Republican debate, Fox's moderator Megyn Kelly had to frame a question to Donald Trump about Trump University.  She began by quoting how the private university had received a "D" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and worked in other terms such as "con man" and Bernie Maydoff, before finally asking Mr. Trump to respond.

During the "Kelly setup", Trump mentioned that in fact the university had later received an "A" rating, and her information was not completely correct.  Kelly would have nothing of that, insisting "there was no public evidence available" to support Trump's assertion of the revised rating.

During a break in the debate, Kelly was handed a fax that indeed showed the university had been upgraded to an "A" rating.  (For the record, there is other information that the upgrade was elevated to a "B" rating).  Despite having  the "public document" now in her hands, Kelly chose not to (at the very least), pass this information onto the audience and millions of viewers.

The voters can decide whether this was another anti-Trump hit job by Fox and Kelly.

Also overheard in an interview between Howard Kurtz and Chris Wallace, Kurtz asked about the graphics Fox put up during their interrogation of Trump.  Note that no other candidate on the stage received a graph to dispute, rebut, or attack a candidate, only Donald Trump.  Kurtz asked Wallace what would have happened if Trump had not acknowledge the graph or excepted the graph to be factual.  

Wallace said, "well, then, we would have been screwed, Howey".

I would truly like to hear what Mr. Wallace means about "we" getting screwed. Does this mean their, [Fox's] agenda to "get Trump" might have foiled if Trump didn't take the bait?   Kelly and Wallace need to answer some questions about their motives.  Were the questions posed to Mr. Trump---with fabricated "Ds" and exclusive graphics for Trump ONLY---"fair and balanced" among all of the candidates?

Since it's so obvious that Fox has an agenda "to screw" a front-running candidate, perhaps it's time for Mr. Trump to say a final goodbye to the folks at Fox and the rest of the Media ending his participation in debates until the general election.  It make no sense for Mr. Trump to step onto a stage when the moderators are predisposed to destroy his candidacy.


Speaking of "stepping on a stage",  it probably didn't take much consideration by Donald Trump and His Campaign Advisers to forgo the scheduled CPAC appearance:

Hummmmm, what to do........

Walk out onto a CPAC stage and watch a third, (or more), of the audience WALK OUT IN A PRE-PLANNED PROTEST, (which the Media & the Democrats will make certain it’s a lasting image to playback over and over again to the American Voter) snubbing the Republican FRONT-RUNNER…….


Politely say, thank you, but I’ve already had plenty of negative press this past week, from every spectrum of the ANTI-TRUMP FACTIONS---including Mitt Romney and the Establishment Power-Brokers in Washington & a Fox News Debate where two desperate candidates hurled unlimited insults---and I think it’s in the best interest of this Campaign to move on to KANSAS, (where there’s an election going on by the way), and then on to Florida to help in solidifying ending the campaign of ONE of these desperate candidates (Rubio).

Was it really that hard of a choice to make? 

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