Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Winning, Winning, Winning" --- Donald Trump Takes Third in a Row

Donald Trump won the GOP Nevada Caucus last night, cracking the 40% barrier and leaving his next two competitors wondering what they'll do next.  Trump picked up 12 more delegates finishing with 45.9% of the Caucus vote.  Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz came in a distant second with 23.9% and 21.4% respectively.

With another record turnout in the Silver State, Trump struck gold, as he also bested his opponents among both Latinos and Evangelicals, as entrance polling again indicated the electorate prefers an outsider:

"A new high in desire for an outsider candidate vaulted Donald Trump to a sweeping victory in the Nevada Republican caucuses, completing a three-contest hat trick for the New York billionaire – first New Hampshire, then South Carolina, now Nevada. 
Six in 10 caucus-goers in entrance poll results said they were looking for someone from outside the political establishment, compared with about half in previous contests. And a smashing 71 percent of them voted for Trump, a record for his populist campaign among outsider voters. 
Six in 10 also described themselves as angry at the way the federal government is working, compared with four in 10 in the previous three states to hold nominating contests this year. Trump won half of these angry voters in Nevada, slightly more than previously. That said, he also easily won voters who were dissatisfied rather than angry – a sign of his broad strength in the state."  link
With the SEC Primaries, (aka, Super Tuesday) coming in just 6-days, (March 1st), and over a thousand delegates up for grabs, Trump's momentum could very well sweep the southern states, leaving him well on his way to the GOP Nomination.


UPDATE:  This post can't be complete without a photo of the "disgruntled elite" pundits thrown in:

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