Saturday, February 20, 2016

The 2016 Republican South Carolina Primary---Trump Wins

As others have said, this is the day where Republican campaigns will be "defined"...........or come to an end.

Final RCP polling averages before this crucial contest leaves Donald Trump in a comfortable lead at 31.8%, with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in a virtual tie for second place, (Rubio--18.8% & Cruz---18.6%).  In the "race" for third place, Jeb Bush is at 10.7%, followed by Kasich, 9.0% and Carson, 6.8%.

I will keep this thread open through out the day to add updates on this primary, along with any breaking news stories that develop.

Links to Primary Results:

Live Results Coming In Here and Here

Update:  Media calls Trump Winner shortly after polls close.

Update:  Breaking News: Bush Suspends Campaign! Karl Rove on suicide watch.

Final Results, (via NYT's Link)

 Donald J. Trump
 Marco Rubio
 Ted Cruz
 Jeb Bush
 John Kasich
 Ben Carson

Meanwhile, over at Hot Air:

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Breaking News! Hot Gas out-performing polling expectations----Hot Air: Open Thread--41 comments, Allahpundit Elite Thread--20 comments
HotGas: 717 Comments and counting!  (now over 1300)

Update 2:  ANALYSIS: Donald Trump Takes Ownership of Republican Party

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