Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cruzin' to a Victory in Iowa UPDATE: Mainstream Media Glosses Over Historic Latino Win

Ted Cruz pulled out a simi-surprising victory in Iowa last night, upsetting Donald Trump's plans to sweep the first two primaries in the Republican nomination process.  With a record turnout of reportedly 180,000 Republicans, (that the media claimed would favor Trump), Cruz simply "out-organized" the rest of the field as Iowans embraced an anti-establishment outsider.  With several cards stacked against him, (Iowa Republican Governor Branstad calling for his defeat, the media and his fellow candidates questioning his eligibility, and telling Iowans they could live without government subsidies), the man who un-apologetically thanks God for his accomplishments, promises to restore the Constitution and defend the religious liberties afforded to all Americans, the Cruz-Crew defied all of these odds.
"Iowa has sent notice that the Republican nominee and the next president of the United States will not be chosen by the media, will not be chosen by the Washington establishment, will not be chosen by the lobbyists, but will be chosen by the most incredible, powerful force — where all sovereignty resides in our nation — by we the people, the American people," Cruz declared.
The rejection of the Republican Establishment candidates left a clear message that Americans are indeed sick and tired of a status quo Washington Cartel deciding who will represent them in the White House.  60% of the total vote went to non-establishment candidates.

(Sidenote:  A quick scan of google with "Cruz Wins Iowa" shows much of the media emphasizing a Trump's loss)

Ted Cruz finished ahead of Trump 28% to 24%, while Marco Rubio came in just one point behind Trump at 23%.  Official results can be found here.

On the other side of the isle, Hillary Clinton found herself in a dog-fight against self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders.  As of midnight, (Iowa time), neither state officials or the media could make the call for a winner.

Although CNN forced themselves to report Clinton claimed the victory, it's hard to understand how a 30 point lead over Sanders just 90 days ago, justifies a "victorious" claim.  Cruz took a stab at the two Democratic contenders during his victory speech, stating "one candidate who is a socialist, and the other who pretends she's not".

With the momentum clearly in Ted Cruz's corner, (and reportedly $19 million still in his war-chest), the race for the White House finds the Establishment Media---and the power-brokers in Washington---scratching their collective heads as the race moves to New Hampshire, where the latest RCP polling has Trump up on Cruz by 18-25 points, and Sanders has a commanding lead over Clinton by 21-30 points.

(Sidenote 2: Two candidates called it quits last night.  Former Governor Mike Huckabee on the Republican side, and former Governor Martin O’Malley on the Democrat's side.  Overall, the "governors" did not fair well last night where Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich – all finished below 3 percent.)

Update:  Since the American Media can't/won't report what happened last night, I guess we'll have to depend on an over-seas publication:
“Do not think that just because the high profile rebels didn’t win that Iowa wasn’t the scene of a rebellion. Last night, tectonic plates shifted in American politics: quietly, subtly. But the ground still moved. 
On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton was taken to a “virtual tie” by a 74-year old socialist. On the Republican side, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz – two halves of the same anti-establishment revolt – polled over 50 per cent in a Republican caucus with a historic turnout. And even Marco Rubio, whose name will dominate media coverage the days to come, represents a rebellion of his own. The squares are fighting back against the whacko-birds.”
Three cheers for the squares.

Update: Terry Schilling at the Daily Caller pointed out how the Mainstream Media basically passed over what should have been the Headline of the night, the fact that a Hispanic-American had won a primary for the first time in American history.
"Ted Cruz is the first Hispanic-American to ever win the Iowa Caucus. And not only that, he is the first Hispanic-American to win any presidential primary – for any party – ever. And it was the religious right that pushed him to victory. 
51 percent of Iowa caucus-goers – some of the whitest voters in the country – voted for Latino candidates. Cruz received 28 percent of the vote, while Marco Rubio placed third with 23 percent."
Throw in Ben Carson's 9% and that means Republican minority candidates received 60% of the Iowa vote.  So much for the pathetic narrative that Republicans are racist.  Instead, the media focused most of their attention on three white people---Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary.

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