Saturday, February 6, 2016

Splashed Across the Drudge Report Headlines

The link leads you to this WND Exclusive:

Conservative icon calls media favorite 'lackey for the establishment'

In the story, Schlafly doesn't make any bones about how disappointed she is with Rubio:

“When Marco Rubio ran for the Senate in Florida, I think I was the first one to endorse him,” said Phyllis Schlafly. “I made a trip down to Florida in 2009 just for the purpose of helping him.” 
But Schlafly, a legendary conservative activist, author and WND columnist, now says she is bitterly disappointed by Rubio’s record. 
“Once he got elected, he betrayed us all,” she told WND. “He said he was against amnesty and against the establishment. And once he got in, right away, he became an agent of the establishment. And now, of course, he’s big for amnesty and letting all the illegal immigrants in. He betrayed us a number of times on that issue.”
One thing is clear, Rubio won't change.  Which means we, the people must do the "changing".  The full-throated push for Rubio became apparent when he finished third in Iowa and the Establishment Media treated him as if he'd won the Caucus, bypassing the story of an historic Hispanic Ted Cruz victory.  

But once again, the Media believes they alone are the gate-keepers of the White House, and we, the sheep, must follow them blindly into the den of wolves---by voting for their hand-picked candidate.  

There's really only two choices left on this ticket---Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Any other choice, (especially Rubio), leaves us right back where we were in 2008 & 2012 with a McCain/Romney ticket.  Read the Schlafly story in its entirety if you have any doubts that Rubio is anything other than the Establishment's pick.

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