Friday, February 12, 2016

Pandering to the Minorities---A Democratic Dilemma

Democrats and the Democratic Party have been pandering to Blacks and minorities for over 40 years, promising they would all have better lives---as long as they voted for the Democrat.  No one's certain how the Democrats became "the guardians of minorities", given their history of preventing Blacks from achieving even their basic civil rights, most notably the right to vote.

Some where along the line, (in the late 70's), they discovered an ever growing voting block was there for the picking.  All they had to do is promise a basket full of goodies, (every time an election came around), and presto, the votes came pouring in.  It never seemed to matter that the Black community was let down time and again by the Democrat's rhetorical pandering.  Once the votes were in, they just disappeared---until the next election came around.

But the two Democratic candidates running for the White House have a conflicting dilemma in this election cycle; both want to expand immigration and provide amnesty for more than 11 million illegal immigrants already here.  And, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have no problem with shipping in over 100,000 Syrians to become permanent residents.  All will be provided with the Federal Government safety net, (free health care, free education, and a welfare package guaranteed to keep them right where the Democrats want them---fully dependent on the government, living right around the poverty level, and a lifetime of searching for any job above the minimum wage.

Attention, Black Voters: Does this lifestyle sound familiar for a majority of your peers?

To make matter far worse for the Black Communities, the influx of foreign and illegal immigrants pouring over the southern border, have made the African-American jobs market virtually non-existent.  And, if the Democrats have their way, it, [black unemployment], will get far worse with their proposed policies of total amnesty and virtual open borders. 

But Bernie and Hillary don't care.  All they want is your vote.  They could care less if you find a better job, advance beyond the poverty level, (or heaven forbid you become self-sufficient and not dependent on some form of government assistance).  Hell, that might make you into a Republican Capitalist.  Or worse, you could run for a political office and run the government, instead of being a dependent of it.

But make no mistake, Bernie and Hillary, (just like the generations of Democrats before them), will promise you "it's your turn" for a better life.

Did anyone listening to the Debate the other night hear either of these candidates mention how they were going to improve the JOBS market for minorities and Blacks?  No, they never mention HOW.  It's always "we're going to do it better........this time----trust us".

Further, if you did find a "real job", (paying above the poverty level), do you think Bernie's across the board tax increases are going to help your paychecks?

Both Bernie and Hillary want to expand the Federal Government by over 40%, implementing MORE TAXES, while turning this country into a socialist state.  All the while, they will tell you the plan is to take more from the rich to give to the poor, making all of us "more equal".  The only problem is, they could take 70% from the "rich", and it wouldn't make a dent in the Federal Government's over-bloated bureaucracy, while "the poor" would get more of the same---very little or nothing.  That leaves only one last constituency to hit up---the working middle class, who are already being taxed beyond their means.  

But don't expect these two Democrats to admit the middle class will also have to pay their "fair share".  They will lie to you and say "we're only going after the rich".  It's the same thing they've been saying for over forty years, while the poor keep buying the "new and improved" snake-oil time and again, and the middle class gets the shaft---the rinse and repeat rhetoric of the progressive left, your Democratic Party.  

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