Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump Wins in New Hampshire---Convincingly

As the polls predicted, Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Primary last night in convincing fashion, garnering over 35% in a field of eight Republican candidates.  Second place went to Ohio governor John Kasich with 15.9%, followed by Iowa winner Ted Cruz at 11.6%, and Jeb Bush at 11.1% in fourth place.  Falling down the ladder a bit, Florida Senator Marco Rubio finished in a disappointing 5th place with 10.6%.  The remaining candidates finished in single digits: Chris Christie 7.5%, Carly Fiorina 4.2%, and bringing up the rear was Dr. Ben Carson collecting only 2.3% of the vote.

On the Democratic side, as predicted, self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders blasted Hillary Clinton out of the water with a whopping 60% of the vote to Clinton's 39%.  Terms like painful, crushing, and angry were employed in describing how far Clinton has fallen from the once "inevitable" distinction she held just six months earlier.  In a state where both Bill and Hillary won in previous primaries, the Granite State was not too kind to Mrs. Clinton, where Sanders garnered 70% of the youth vote.  In what's being called "a sharp rebuke to establishment politics that will likely set off warning bells among the Democratic elite", it should be noted that a much similar rebuke is also coming from the Republican side of the coin.

Here comes the canned establishment Media spin----

The ink wasn't even dry in publishing the results of the NH primary before the Media began spinning their deceitful web of obfuscations and prognostications, but Hillary's formidable fire-wall appears to becoming a worn-out picket fence that may not hold back the anger from an electorate overwhelmingly rejecting the status quo establishment both the Media and the pundits will battle going into South Carolina and beyond.

With 79% of Democratic women ages 18-29 supporting Sanders over Clinton in New Hampshire, Clinton's expectation of the Black and Latino vote might become a wash.

In the Republican race, even Fox News failed, (again), to provide Iowa winner Ted Cruz with any ink, but seemed to hold out hope for Bush or Rubio, the establishment Media's final pair, both who have yet to win a primary. Historically, no Republican candidate has gone on to win the Presidential nomination that didn't win in either Iowa or New Hampshire---a fact the pundits/journalist at Fox conveniently forgot to mention.  
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, though, is staying behind -- returning to his home state after a disappointing sixth-place finish with a mere 8 percent of the vote. He told supporters he planned to make a decision Wednesday on the way forward with the viability of his campaign now in serious doubt.

The rest head to the Palmetto State, each facing a unique challenge: Trump aims to hold his front-runner status after cementing it in New Hampshire on the heels of his Iowa loss. Kasich, while getting a big boost out of Tuesday’s contest, will look to demonstrate he can play beyond New Hampshire. And as Cruz and Bush look to build on their performance, Rubio is vowing to improve after a rocky debate seemingly disrupted his momentum. 
"That will never happen again," Rubio told supporters Tuesday, referring to his Saturday debate performance.
On twitter, Patrick Frey at Patterico was the first to mockingly repeat Rubio's repetitive nature.  

Patterico ‏@Patterico 7h7 hours ago

Patterico Retweeted Marco Rubio

And let me also say: listen to this, that will never happen again.

FollowMarco RubioVerified account‏@marcorubio

"Our disappointment tonight is not on you. It's on me. I did not do well on Saturday night. So listen to this, that will never happen again."

Meanwhile, earth to journalist----DONALD TRUMP WON! And he may even sweep through South Carolina with another victory in his "Make America Great Again" hat.

Updates to follow........

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