Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why Democrats Lose, and, Will Continue to Lose

Two days after the Democrats suffered defeat in the heavily-invested Georgia-6 race, the talk from the beltway is one of self-reflection and evaluation.  The Democrats have yet to realize their “we aren’t Trump” campaign isn’t resonating with the voters.

The Hollywood left and the New York liberal elites thought they could buy an election in the deep south with their “high-school president” candidate, and once again, the pollsters and the liberal media told their constituents “this one was in the bag”, (I’m talking to YOU Nate Silver).

With the non-stop revolting reaction of Trump defeating Clinton---from the phony Russian investigations, to the rioting in the cities, to the Bernie Sanders nutcase attack/attempted murder of Republicans, to the violent rhetoric, (see Griffin, Shakespeare in the Park)---the American Voters, even the timid moderate Democrats, wants nothing to do with this ugly side of the left.

Democrat Leaders, and their complicit anti-Trump opposition media have pounded the tactics of obstruction and accusations, supplying false/unsourced stories even the non-political junkies are literally laughing at.

To make matters worse, (for Democrats), the 5-0 special election victories, (that have devastated the Left’s long awaited narrative that any victory, [by Democrats], is a referendum on Donald Trump and his agenda), puts the entire party in dire straights when looking ahead to the 2018 Congressional races.  Republicans, (if they have any intelligence), should have a plethora of material---supplied by the vile left---to produce advertising that should decimate almost any Democrat in any “unsafe” or a contested district.

Last night, our President addressed the people of Iowa, (and by extension most of the country), with an optimistic/positive rally calling for a unifying direction, while touting his agenda of tax reform, gutting and replacing O’Care, and building our nation’s infrastructure---ALL JOB-PRODUCING VENTURES.

His emphasis last night was also on protecting this nation, our men and women in blue, and our armed forces who’ve put their lives on the line for all of us.

And what does Trump do at the end? He thanks all of us, THE PEOPLE, for giving him the opportunity to make the country great again, saying: “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”  

(a statement you will never hear from the Democrats)

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