Friday, June 16, 2017


You heard the weatherman, there will be NO CHANGE.

Well, that didn’t take long.  Just one day after Congress came together on a baseball field---as a UNITED PEOPLE---the Liberal Press is back to the same old vile and pure partisan politics of all things LIBERAL.

From Mika and Joe at MSNBC, to Alisyn and Chris at CNN, the Washington Compost, the New York Slimes, and the rest of the liberal progressive media are all back to the same old, (and tired), biased lies, leaks, and “HILLARY DIDN’T WIN, SO WE’RE GOING TO SPEW OUR HATE & GARBAGE” for eternity.

Twitter Accounts:

Joe ScarboroughVerified account

Mika BrzezinskiVerified account

Morning JoeVerified account

Christopher C. CuomoVerified account

Alisyn CamerotaVerified account

New DayVerified account

Tweet these people, (or find their email addresses and write to them), keep it civil, and let them know the American Public is sick of their anti-President, anti-Republican trash.  Let them all know, they are not uniting this nation in a common cause, or the common interest of all Americans, and enough is enough.

(note: I’ll be updating this post throughout the day to provide proof that this sick liberal progressive media is contributing to the division of its people.) 

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