Thursday, June 15, 2017


A few things stood out substantially after the near massacre of Republicans at the park, preparing for a charity baseball game.

On this day, (June 14th, 2017), the Liberal Media, (and many Democrats), obfuscated from their responsibilities to recognize a serious illness of the extreme left, who have abandoned the reality of human decency, or the respect for human life during the course of political debate.  

From Madonna-let’s blow up the White House, to Kathy Griffin’s Trump beheading, to the New York Times’-approved Shakespeare in the Park depicting the murder of our president, the violent left has crossed the boundaries of a civilized society, while becoming a third world oligarchy, absent of a moral conscience.

While we realize this nation is deeply divided ideologically, the rhetoric from the left has escalated beyond the civil boundaries of political discourse, to a point of actually acting out their disagreements by employing physical violence.

The ultra violent left is perilously devolving into a quasi-terrorist organization with the sole purpose of changing ideologies with the brutality witnessed in third-world countries where bloodshed is the norm.  

The Liberal Media will tell you this issue is about mental illness and the availability of guns, completely void of the level of hatred from the left, condoned by the Media, the arts, and the far left wing of the liberal progressive party, still unable to accept the results of a Presidential Election.

Much like the calling for moderate Muslims to speak up and out against the radical sector of Islamist, (who teach and preach the extermination of any society that does not adhere to their literal interpretations), moderate Democrats---and their complicit Liberal Media---MUST do a reality-check, and self-examination on their own radical wing of their party.

Political ideological discourse is expected in today’s atmosphere, but it must be met with civil debate and/or agreements to disagree.  But, a civilized society must not condone any form of violence in the course of these debates. These actions of the far left radical progressives must not be tolerated or condoned in any form, and it IS the responsibility of the Democratic Party to condemn these actions with impunity.  Making up excuses about the mentally ill, or gun control is a cowardly disingenuous choice in resolving the left’s unstable and unhinged radical wing bent on hatred to the point of violence.

Please, don’t insult us with this disdainful and despicable tactic. 

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