Friday, June 16, 2017


For over seven months, the Russians have been coming.  Today, only one fact is certain, the Russians, (figuratively), climbed inside the Democrat's heads, and they got a ton of help from our own American Media, or, more specifically, the Liberal Progressive anti-Trump Opposition Media.

Already fully armed with the half-baked theory that the Russians had infiltrated the 2016 U.S. Election process, on November 9th, (the morning after Donald J. Trump had handily defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton), the devastated Democrats and their complicit media began their attempted coup d'√©·tat, aka, the removal of a sitting President and, his acting government.

What has transpired over the past seven months, (from Nov. 9th to present), has become a national historical embarrassment never before witnessed in a Democratic Republic---where the ultimate power rests in its citizens, equally entitled to vote and elect their representative government---where a duly-elected President's rights of his office is being challenged, no, threatened by outside forces to nefariously and illegally overthrow/overturn the will of an electorate.

But, let me digress........

The Democrats and their complicit Media are playing a dangerous and dirty game---and the people know it.  The Russians are not our greatest danger to our Democratic Republic---the real danger is within our own Establishment who have yet to accept the results of a legitimate election.  Whether they like it or not, Donald Trump is moving forward with his agenda as the President of the United States.  Big things, and big changes are coming ahead for a great Nation and this great leadership.

What's not the Russians.

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