Tuesday, June 13, 2017


The Mainstream Liberal Media is frightened to death that Trump might fire Bob Mueller.  Given Comey’s testimony, (and the confirmations that 1), Trump has never been under investigation, [of this Media-generated Russian Collusion joke], and 2), all testimony from both Comey and intel officials that NO ONE HAS INTERFERRED OR OBSTRUCTED these investigations), the question must be asked: Why Meuller and his team of attack dogs?

The biased statement that oozed out of Comey’s face, claiming his sole purpose for leaking his memos was to force the appointment of a special counsel, reeks of retribution and vengeance, not the resolve to expose the truth.

Seven plus months of investigations, and Comey had zero evidence of collusion.  In every Presidential transition, the incoming team immediately begins contacting and developing relationships with foreign governments. Under the guise of the “Russian Election Interference”, Democrats and their complicit media have latched onto a phony conspiracy theory that EVERY CONTACT by Trump’s people as some kind of collusion/plot vs. a legitimate election victory. General Flynn had contacts with Russians---big frikken deal!

There is NO COLLUSION.  There is NO OBSTRUCTION.  The people know it, Comey knew it, hell, even the Democrats and the Media knows it, yet, they took a weak hand and ran with it, thinking they could snare Trump in a cover-up---which never transpired.

The Liberal Media was visibly shakened and sickened yesterday to see Trump’s cabinet members praising OUR PRESIDENT for putting a coalition together that are united in transforming a seriously flawed central government, ending the “business as usual” mentality of the D.C. Establishment, and confirming his mission to return the ultimate power back to the states, and the people. 

The D.C. Establishment, the Democrats, and their complicit media have gone “all-in” with a pair of deuces, while the President is holding a full-house. He’s known all along they’ve been huffing, puffing, and bluffing, and, like the shrewd poker-player, he’s strung the hand out to capture the huge pot of chips, snaring his adversaries and political enemies in a game they thought was “fixed” in their favor.  

The Democrats played dirty.  The Media played dirty. Together, they've plotted to overthrow a sitting and duly-elected President employing every dirty trick in their book---and they still lost.......again.

It's almost not fair.  

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