Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Election day, 2016.  A day that may change the direction of a country on the cusp of moving far to the left.  Or, a nation ready for real serious change.  The two choices couldn't be more defined---a third term of an Obama administration, (only far worse), or a real outsider, running against an entire machinery of a Washington D.C. Establishment, highly invested power-brokers, and a clearly corrupted Media.

Donald J. Trump is that outsider.  

And, despite all the liberal rhetoric---every card played in the democrat's book---it's time to lay the cards down on the table, and let the people decide who's won this grand prize.  Donald Trump has sat at the final table in this general election against the jackals of progressive liberalism, and a stacked deck of jokers, otherwise known as the Mainstream Media.  

For a businessman who has built an empire on his own volition, became an accomplished entertainer promoting pageants and a successful reality show, (the Apprentice), self-funded much of his own campaign, and took on 16 other formidable Republican candidates, starting with a 2% chance of winning the primaries, Donald Trump is still standing.

And make no mistake, Donald Trump will be beholding to only the American People, not the special interest who've corrupted this system.

With your help, and your vote today, he could be standing at the doorway of OUR WHITE HOUSE, ready to take on the rigors of guiding, and uniting, this severely divided nation.  

The Democrats have (by their own underground and underhanded teams of unscrupulous characters---see the WikiLeaks files---and a complicit media), created vicious attacks against Mr. Trump.  Despite his popularity and admiration going into this race, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have blatantly, (and falsely), portrayed Mr. Trump as a dangerous and "dark" candidate.  The pathetic Clinton Campaign have played every card in the deck of division---the race card, the gender card, the hate card, you name it---and only one party went LOW, the Liberal Democrat Progressive Party, the Cartel in Washington D.C., and a most dishonest Media we've ever seen in our lifetimes.

And, congratulations goes out to the Democrat Party, who nominated the first Presidential candidate to be under criminal investigation for corruption, pay for play, and laundering millions in foreign donations though a clandestine Foundation.

But, enough with the accolades of a party in decay.

Tonight, this nation, and its Patriotic God-faring citizens will, (hopefully), choose another direction.  A direction of change.  A direction of hope, prosperity, safety, the protection of individual Liberties, and, most importantly, the protection of our precious Constitution.

Donald Trump wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.  Every one of us must turn out in mass, and vote for the man who shares our dreams of a prosperous working nation, independent of foreign interest, and united in a common cause of healing a divided nation.


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