Monday, November 7, 2016


Mornin’ Gassers & American Patriots---We’re one day away from taking our country back.

1) Comey's "quick and accomplished work" to resolve one faction of the Clinton Criminal Enterprise WILL further motivate & solidify the turnout of millions of voters who have had far enough of a system they all see as corrupted.  While the liberal Media will profess this morning that the Clinton Campaign is "breathing a sigh of relief", (because of Comey's announcement on this single issue), I will submit this, ["acquittal"] does not absolve her of the drip, drip, drip, of the appearance of corruption.  In fact, the Comey announcement---at this last date---only served as a reminder of the continuing criminality of this candidate, and the possibility/appearance of an administration in collusion to protect this criminal enterprise, reinforcing Mr. Trump's DRAIN THE SWAMP mantra he has used so well in his rallies.

2) With the pollsters, (including and especially RCP), covering their “reputable asses” in the final days, (with their constant/consistent over-weighted models), the “whisperings” that “this race has tighten up” is hardly surprising since the pollsters have NEVER FACTORED IN AN ANGRY ELECTORATE hell bent on changing the status quo corruption mentioned above.  Tomorrow, I submit the pollsters will---for the first time---realize they’ve totally underestimated the massive uncounted no longer “silenced minority”.  The 2012 D+6-8 models (that have kept Hillary within the margin of error the past few weeks), are coming home to roost.  And, make no mistake, 99% of these pollsters are a part of the Liberal Media Machine driven to produce a narrative.  Reputations be damned.

3) Finally, (for now), given the explanations of 1 & 2, this election boils down to performance.  I will not use the term “if”.  When this massively (uncounted) electorate---and the highly motivated TrumpTrain of voters---march into the polling booths across this great nation and votes for CHANGE, DONALD TRUMP WILL BECOME OUR NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  The final results should be simple, we turn out-------WE WIN.  Rarely, in the history of Presidential elections, has the phrase YOUR VOTE COUNTS had such an revolutionary resolve.  


Rov out.

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