Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016 Election Night Videos

Various Election night video links and a few from the next morning.  I may try to sort them out later.

Matthews says Jesus

Megyn and Bill

Shock from the Media

Podesta and MSNBC

Morning Joe Crew in shock

Leaked Video Shows Hillary Celebrating Election Night!

Breaking News : Trump wins LIVE2016 The Choice: Election Night 2016

Breaking News : Trump wins Florida, N.C., and Ohio; Clinton takes California and Oregon
Join Katie Couric, Matt Bai and other experts for instant reaction and analysis
: Election Day 2016 - LIVE2016 The Choice: Election Night 2016

CNN in shock, stunned, crying

Emotional: Clinton Supporters Breaks Down in Tears as Trump wins election

Joel Pollak destroys Don Lemon's entire CNN panel

CNN Relive the stunning election night in under 2 minutes

British Lady, Hopkins calls CNN the Clinton News Network, anchor loses it

Donald Trump Pulls Ahead In The Electoral Vote Count!
On MSNBC----Everything is “Too Close to Call”

MSNBC Realise They are Propagandists

Liberal Media Meltdown Over Donald Trump Victory - Intelligence Report

The Media's Historic Failure - Hostility To Donald Trump Continues - Media Buzz

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