Friday, September 2, 2016

A Conflict of Interest: As Hillary Clinton's Poll Numbers Continue to Slide, MSM "Still" Boasting a Landslide

From Politico:

Donald Trump’s campaign is teetering, threatening to collapse under the weight of a candidate whose personality outweighs his political skill. And now, with 22 days until the start of early voting, the GOP nominee is running short on his most precious commodity: time.

Now, before you allow yourself to get depressed, let's take a look at reality, minus the liberal media's touting the race is over.

1) Mrs. Clinton's convention "bounce" has all but evaporated.  Real Clear Politics, (RCP), that provides an over-all average of credible* polls, shows Clinton's post-convention lead from 8-14 points down to 3.9---one point away from the margin of errors.  This polling average comes from RCP's 4-way race, Trump, Clinton, Johnson, and Stein.

2) In a complete reversal, according to this ABC/Washington Post Poll, Hillary Clinton is under water with both women and people with post-graduate degrees, both monumental changes among the electorate.

3) Numerous "battle ground" states, (that Clinton once dominated, and the MSM touted as over the past few weeks), are also beginning to poll well within the margin of error.  Wisconsin, (a rust belt state), is the latest example of coming into play for Trump:

Via, the Hill:  A Marquette University poll – considered the gold standard in Wisconsin politics – found Trump moving to within 3 points of Clinton after trailing by 15 points in the previous survey from early August.

Virginia, a state once considered "out of reach" for Trump is now a 2-point race:

Via, Breitbart News: "A new poll of Virginia voters released by the Hampton University Center For Public Policy found Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump separated by only two points."

Via RCP: In North Carolina, Clinton's lead is only 0.5, with an Emerson poll showing Trump up by two points as recently as three days ago.

In the crucial states of Florida and Ohio, Clinton's "huge leads" of 6-12 points have shrunken to 3.8 (Ohio) and 2.7 (Florida)

In Georgia, (where the MSM touted a Clinton lead of 7-points in early August) Trump has a 4-point lead in two major polls.

The MSM constantly touts Clinton's lead in New Hampshire, (9-points), a state that's been blue for the last three elections, as if this is a "shocking" revelation---that 4 electoral votes will mostly likely go into her column. 

Trump leads in Missouri, and is down to Clinton in Iowa by a whopping 0.2 points.  Even Nevada is in play for Trump, as Clinton's lead is now just 2.3 points.

Anyone see a trend here? Hello, Bueller!

Of the 11 "battleground states"---Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin---Mrs. Clinton ONLY has "comfortable leads" in three states, Colorado, Michigan, and Pennsylvania  (I'm not counting NH and their piddly 4 votes).

Donald Trump is either leading or within the margin of error in SEVEN STATES!!!!  Let that sink in for a moment #anti-Trumpin'Idiots.

Since the beginning of August, Hillary has gone from having this election "in the bag" to potentially getting "shellacked", a favorite term well known to Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton during the 2010 and 2014 midterms---where Republicans have gained control over both Houses of Congress and State Houses across the fruited plains.

Given Mr. Trump's successful trip to Mexico, (to explain his immigration policies to the Mexican Government/President), Trump's record breaking crowds at his rallies, the momentum factor, (watch this video), his momentum factor again, and Hillary's drip, drip, drip of her continuing email and foundation scandals, and her spiraling numbers of "favorability" even among women, this election is far from over.  All indications point to Mr. Trump favorably, and far beyond the dismal performances of McCain and Romney..........

Just don't point out these facts to the idiots at Politico, or the rest of the mainstream liberal media, who are having a comprehension meltdown, aka, fabrications and delusions of grandeur.

* (by the term "credible", much of the national pollsters are over-weighting their polls by using 2008 parameters/methodologies, where Democrats turned out 10%-14% higher than Republicans.  It, [the overweighting] helps the MSM to provide their narratives the Clinton's winning big, but given Trump's huge turnout numbers in the primaries, (up 20% while Dems were down), the turnout factor will be critical in November.  And, it could make these pollsters look like morons.)

There now, don't you feel a bit better?

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