Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Amazing how that over-inflated over-weighted polling can bite you [pollsters] in the proverbial buttocks.  Since the beginning of August, (where the media and pollsters chortled about her insurmountable lead in national polling), Mrs. Clinton is now losing in numerous battleground states that were "in the bag" just 30 days ago.

With a little over 62 days left, the TrumpTrain appears to be gaining momentum, while Mrs. Post-nasal drip/allergy-prone Clinton is tanking.

For the Liberal Media Pundits, a 7-14 point lead that vanishes over a four-week period is not "a slight uptick" for Trump----it's HUGE!

Speaking of Media Excuses, can anyone explain how ten blackberries belonging to Mrs. Clinton, go missing?  Or, stepping back just a few years, how $6 Billion dollars goes missing while then Secretary of State Clinton was in charge?  Oh wait!  You mean the media didn't report this?

Or, will CNN even bother to report their new polling showing Trump winning?  Or, that Trump is leading with independents 49% to 29%?

Note to CNN: A "dead heat" is a mild understatement given how far ahead she was just a few weeks ago.

Cough cough..........Hack hack......  

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