Friday, September 30, 2016

Media Desperately Searching for a "Good Poll"


POST DEBATE POLLS: TRUMP Surges to Lead in 5 Battleground States Following Debate

Yet, the lamestream media is boasting about Clinton's four point lead in Florida

Mason-Dixon Polling 

"Here we go again. Democrat Hillary Clinton holds a slim 44%-42% lead over Donald Trump in Florida, with Libertarian Gary Johnson drawing 6%, Green Party candidate Jill Stein getting 2% and 6% still undecided. 
The race in Florida clearly divides along the traditional demographic lines. Clinton leads among Democrats (83%-7%), women (51-37%), blacks (91%-5%), Hispanics (63%-27%) and in Southeast Florida (56%-31%). 
Trump is ahead with Republicans (78%-10%), unaffiliated voters (44%-30%), men (47%-36%) and non-Hispanic whites (54%-29%). Trump has very strong support in North Florida (52%-33%) and Southwest Florida (52%-35%). 
The battleground once again is in the I-4 corridor. The race in that area is essentially tied, with Clinton leading 44%-40% in the Tampa Bay region and Trump leading 46%-42% in Central Florida.
With sharp geographic and demographic splits across the state, the outcome – at least right now – appears to hinge on turn-out."

TURNOUT INDEED!  But you'd hardly see the pollsters talk about "turnout", since it appears Republicans are prepared to turnout in force.

I could not decipher their weighting in the above poll, but if you scroll down to demographics at the link, perhaps some one can figure it out.

And, as Trump pulls ahead in Ohio, the New York Times decides to make the state no longer relevant:

More in a bit..............

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