Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The MSNBC & The Mornin’ Joe Morons---Puppets for the Liberal Ideology

Never heard such biased anti-Trump bullshit as I heard this morning on Morning Joe.

Never has a panel of people been so out of touch with reality, or mainstream America.

Special Note: Joe Scarborough blocked me on twitter over a year ago when I caught him and Chuck Todd waiting for talking points from the White House before commenting on an issue.

This morning, it's never been so obvious, the Morning Joe Panel can't/won't even prepare a balanced opinion without the Hillary Clinton Campaign talking points, before piling on with the anti-Trump rhetoric.

With the national polling closing in on a virtual tie, (and Hillary's unfavorables at an all time high), the mainstream liberal media appears to be in a panic mode, ratcheting up their liberally-regurgitated talking points that Mr. Trump can't possibly win this election, since Mrs. Clinton has such an insurmountable lead.

With only 68 days before "the people" go to the polls, we can expect the mainstream liberal media to go all-out in defeating Donald Trump.

More to come..............

Update:  Hillary under water with women for the first time!

"Notably, Clinton’s popularity among women has flipped from 54-43 percent favorable-unfavorable last month (+11 points favorable), to 45-52 percent now (+7 unfavorable); it’s the first time in a year that most women have viewed her unfavorably."

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