Friday, August 19, 2016


Mainstream Liberal Media----Leverage vs. Ransom 

Morning Joe just had State Department Spokesman John Kirby on and Obama’s flat out lie to the American people, (this was not a ransom payment), is a joke to this panel of “media watchdogs”……correction, Obama lapdogs.

Bottom line, a President stands there, before the DC press and flat out lies.  The hypocrites in the liberal media laugh it off, as this is just how politicians work and it’s no big deal.  (Special recognition goes out to Eugene Robinson for his impersonation of a courtroom lawyer and the laughter he garnered from the Morning Joe panel of hypocrites).

Then, a Louisiana Governor, (Democrat), comes on the air and explains how an Obama visit to the devastated region would cost the local authorities time and money providing the necessary security for the President.

“Edwards said he is "not complaining in any way about our federal partnership." 
He added that while the President can visit whenever he'd like, he'd prefer him to wait "a week or two" because such visits require local police and first responders to help block roads and provide security.”

We all remember the left-wing media showing the video of Bush flying over Katrina and the non-stop narrative was “Bush didn’t even care enough to land” bullshit---again a complete reversal of what was logical and common sense--but not to the media.

Another hypocrisy of the liberal media was while the 2010 BP oil spill was gushing out in the gulf for 87 straight days---200 million gallons of oil and NO ONE BLAMED OBAMA, yet we all know that if a Republican President had been in the White House during this ecological disaster, the media would be calling for impeachment!

Such is the state of the today's liberal media---hypocrites one, hypocrites all.   

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